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LiPo, the big guide thread *updated March '10* *


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Guessing 2cl means 2 cell. Or 7.4V

i did think that but wasnt sure, lol :blush:

is it safe to charge the Lipo,s then keep them in the fireproof pouches until your ready to use them, ( will they lose any charge say after a week or so ),

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Hi there,

can anyone recommend a lipo battery for my stock Traxxas slash and where to get one?

Would this work?



Yup should be fine.

Could you guys tell me how you would charge a 5000mah 3s, 20c lipo? What amps etc?

Voltage set to 3 cell, 11.1v. Charge rate to 5A, and should take around an hour to charge. :good:

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Slightly longer as it charges all the cells to the highest voltage then discharges them to the lowest. As said though if the cells are only a few mv apart it wont take long

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balance charge every time then.

right they have arrived. first thing i need to do is fit the deans connectors. now this wire is flippin massive 10AWG and i struggled trying to solder 12AWG wire last night from esc to motor.

Any tips?

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First off, thanks to everyone for the information.

I`ve just got back into R/Cs a couple weeks ago so haven`t heard of LiPo`s.

I have a maverick strada XT, completely stock except a 19x2 LRP motor and would like to try LiPo, so am I right in thinking i need the following:

1) LiPos (obviously)

2) LiPo compatible balance charger

3) LiPo cutoff

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Yup thats correct. I've ran a 2S 5400mah LiPo in a Strada MT, it was a tight fit though so stick to packs lower than 5000mah 2S unless you want to create your own battery mounts/straps.

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Thanks for the info Garry, and in the other thread also :)

I had a look on HK for it all but the reviews seem to be mixed on everything!

Is there certain batts/charger you`d recommend?


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