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    Kraton 6s EXB . Kraton 8s EXB. Mojave EXB 8s . Talion 6s Scorsched Titanium. Limitless 1/7 and alot more

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  1. Please upload in the inbuild photo share in this Forum. I cant see these links outside this forum sorry
  2. O.M.G This is EPIC Glenn. WOOW ๐Ÿ˜ WHY DID YOU NOT INVATE ME ? no i feel sad HEHE No actually i dont live in UK. if i did, i would love to be there ๐Ÿ™‚ Please say some one or you filmed ? Links to youtube please. This is so nice after Covid19, FINALLY people can have these Meets again
  3. You may have some in real already? OR DREAMING Have In this Treadh you can dream and tell your Fantasies also you wish you own. Lets play Millionaires Who knows ? Someday we might win Lotto or something great happens and we can make it REAL ๐Ÿ™‚ My DREAM RC Collector items in a room just for RC Cars for display only. 1/12 Tamiya Lamborghini Countach 500 the newer version. Outsold everywhere ? KYOSHO USA 1 the original one , NITRO. love these classics. I have also seen the real 1/1 lucky me ๐Ÿ™‚ Arrma Infraction Ken Block , i would leave this body work to a professionail Painter TRAXXAS Tactical TRX4 i just love this one. Tamiya Sand Scorscer, iN STOCK Box color, Bone stock, original in almost new condition. and couple re release custom made with alloy wheels , 3 totally Vintage TEAM A Buggy couple of the first ones the 2 first There is about 20 more must have for me. I will do updates later, I start with these now. Share your real or dreams please, NICE To see, pictures please, own or google, no matter . Pictures is important here please
  4. Hahaha. yeah i did hate my too because Diff issues. Now i have find way to have them last , it took alot time and many tryยดยดs I was very close give up. Mojave EXB with smal wheels are great out of box, never single Diff issue. Same with the typhoons, and 1/7 speedrunners. I had many Traxxas cars that have totally fail. Just because one or two fails totally, you cant get up the other ones that are great. One thing is 100% sure. Mojave EXB Is alot better car than UDR. Alot more Durable and easy to fix with . To be honest, Mojave EXB is in the top 3 list of worlds most durable cars . If you can live with the TOY Car looks, then this is one must have rig in the collection. UDR is nice in right surface conditions, Scale looks are awsome too. Best looking 1/7 Short course. Just Go 4s and bigger pinion, drive at loose sand surface and enjoy alot , i know you will This is your best rig in snow high speed snow and ice/frost drifting , after rain, muddy speeding, sand beaches, gravelpits , sand socker fields , autumn on fallen leafs, ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Greatest distance by a remote-controlled (RC) model car in 24 hours Who DURACELL INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS What 186.24 KILOMETRE(S) / 115,7 miles Where HUNGARY (BUDAPEST) The greatest distance by a remote controlled model car in 24 hours (RC) is 186.24 km (115.72 miles) and was achieved by Duracell International Operations (Switzerland), in Budapest, Hungary, during 23-24 August 2017. The car completed 3,200 laps of the course during the attempt. Source GUINNES WORLD RECORD .................................................................................................................................................................................................... World's Longest RC Car WHO Kevin Talbot What X-MAXX custom made WHERE UK United Kingdom Video more than 3.4 million views Story: Later this car gets 4wd and more power. And it actually is great, it wins race also against normal rc cars There is more videos about al this at Kevs Youtube Next update in couple days about Official and Unofficial world record RC Car jumps , lenght and height , and more
  6. These are impossible drive at streets and hard-packed-terrain ๐Ÿ™‚ You need loose surface They are made to drive at loose sand ๐Ÿ™‚ Sand beatches, gravel pits , deserts . Autumn on leafes WOW and SNOW, in snow WOW these are awsome in snow i will tell Great winter cars frost or snow Have you change the old oils in this rig ? Shocks and diffs, important have fresh oils in shocks Right after it has rain they are pretty fun at asphalt and in muddy conditions too I have the Mojave EXB, and i love it, its insane how Tough this is. I have drive like insane with 8s and now 6s max6 combo full send. Have not broke ANYTHING in it LOL. it takes sick Mental Bashing like nothing check this video please You dont need those m2c nuts, all you need is new nuts with rough surface to the hard plastic wheels that Mojave got The only downside with Mojave EXB is that it looks not near as good like the UDR. Mojave have that TOY car looks sadly, The UDR is best real looking without Questions, real Scale Mojaves needs also extra grease in most bearings. Atleast diff bearings, wheelhub bearings, then they are fine
  7. Awsome stories, People please share all of you, this is wonderfull reading, feel good reading, memories and so that Tamiya Mini Cooper was one of my first ones, lovely little car ๐Ÿ™‚ Vanessas Lunch Box is still going strong also :) Always so fun to drive :)
  8. Looks great, I will order this self next month, Nice thing with Titanium is also the Sparks. This is a must have Item actually ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. Got these today with Postie From Left 2x 6200mah 6s to my 6s offroad rigs 2x 6200mah 4s to my new 8s Limitless 2x 9500mah 4s to my new Kraton 1/5 8s All from CNHL Racing line. 90c / 180c 8mm Bullet Connectors in all to handle 300a
  10. here is another great tip from today Have your favorite greases from big packs in smal Syringes. This Will make it easier fill Bearings and other things, and less spilled These are cheap
  11. 1 40 x 33cm BBQ Grill Pad Mat Teflon Non stick Mesh Net Barbecue Grilling With this net you will avoid 75% of the problems atleast no large stones will get in there anymore from bashing And this doesnt make the cooling worse either Just cut with scissors same size as your frame is above the cooling fan. Use 2-4mm longer screws and small washers after you remove stock screws 4 of them. Or you can have the stock screws and just glue this net with tiny hotglue spots 4-6 spots You can later remove it pretty easy if need. You can find these BBQ-nets cheap, and one is enough to atleast 10pc ESC or 10 fans at motors at least The best is Dusty Cover to the rig, fine mesh These Dusty Motors covers are cheap, they let your rig breathe in and out, no issues these saves your fans, center driveline and alot more. Highly recommend this. They are avaible made to fit many specific rigs also in Universal size M-5xl For example i have 5xl to my Kraton 1/5 8s, this is perfect fit 4xl to my Mojave 1/7 Made for Kraton 1/8 6s specific Almost every Hobby shop sell these covers. Like Modelsport, and others there are many Manufacturers they have made them to, like Traxxas, Losi and so on Good luck with your cooling fans everyone Happy bashing
  12. 5 Important things to beginners 1 Durable Tough Car , to avoid problems and then leave hobby because broken parts alltime 2 RTR 3 Nihm batteries in beginning, no lipos 4 Something that can be driven offroad and onroad 5 Read the Manual before first run. Dont mind how it looks please. You need strong tough Car to avoid problems. Tamiya is Vintage 80-90s You need something that is 2020 atleast HERE YOU HAVE The best beginner car that will handle tons of abuse with Nihm battery to start with, and you can later go 3s lipo to run very fast. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/associated-rival-mt10-3s-rtr-truck-brushless-446047 battery NIHM with deans less than 20sterling https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/overlander-3300mah-72v-sport-stick-pack-deans-383051 Good cheap Charger, you can also use this to Lipo later https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/skyrc-s65-ac-charger-65w-438918 you need this charger cable deans https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/skyrc-charging-cable-xt60-female-to-deans-male-445872 You need spend little bit more to get one quality car. The great thing is that you will not loose alot money if you want to sell it. These mt10 are wanted by many Also watch these 2 short GREAT info Videos before you run first time and listen carefully
  13. Now we are in the Middle of year 2022. So how long have you done this RC Hobby ? Mainly Cars, and what was your first RC Car ? Years go fast. I have been in this Hobby with RC Cars in 29-30years now I did buy my first RC Boat a Nitro Kyosho about 20years ago. RC Helis and Planes had bad luck with these only. Now there is Planes with beginner/SAFE mode that i will try soon. My first car was a Kyosho electric truck only 1-2 years after i have also Nitro Car . Been Active about 20years. Couple years off here and there. Now todays these cars are awsome. Brushless 6s rigs are durable and fast. I feel that i will stay on now . Because im so happy with modern Brushless rigs now. Nitro cars was too much Noice and trouble. And got me bored many times. Modern Brushless rigs are AMAZING today. Bonus info: How many RC Cars you own today and had total ? = I have own about 90-100 of them total. Today i have about 40-50 rigs. Favorite RC Car/ Cars ? Summertime = Tamiya Vanessas Lunch Box 2s Brushless, Custom Rock Crawler , Arrma Limitless 8s and Arrma TLR Tuned 1/8 roller buggy with new Hobbywing G2 160a 2500kv motor 4s . Autumn/Winter snow= Arrma Mojave EXB and Kraton 1/5 EXB 8s please share your active years and favorite rig/rigs
  14. Beautifull Pictures, amazing guys, love that rally Subaru also, looks great, scale , real
  15. AWSOME mudding ๐Ÿ™‚ NO WAY this place is too good to be true for huge 8s rigs WOW PARADISE awsome rigs both. I really love Lunch Boxes, they are so fun .
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