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  1. Between these 2, I would choose hexagon screws. I find them much more useful than Philips screws because they are easier to tighten and loosen thanks to the 6 sides, and you can access them from 360 degrees, provided you have room to move your tools, while with Philips screws, the process is much harder. But the disadvantage for both is that they lose weight very quickly and have to be replaced over time. I consider that there are much better screw alternatives, such as self-tapping screws, because it has much longer durability and requires minimal preparation.
  2. Thank you for sharing the discount promo code. I will make a big purchase on eBay, and saving some money wouldn't be something bad. I want to buy some gym equipment for my home so that I could train myself at home. I don't really like going to gyms where there are many people, starring how you are doing the exercises. I thought of buying all the equipment on OnePeloton, but now I will buy it on eBay. I don't want to lose the promo code and the chance to save some money, because good gym equipment is very expensive.
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