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  1. Got all the accessories on but am now stuck over thinking which stickers to use. Only managed to put one on so far. My camera really can’t decide what colour grey I’ve painted it either.
  2. Painting is done, not my best effort (by quite some way) but considering that this shell is going to have a fairly hard life I don’t think that matters too much. Going to stick all the accessory parts on and have a trawl through the sticker stash tonight. Then after EAST is over I’ll see about getting the light buckets printed and stuck on. May even try to wire up some LEDs once that’s done.
  3. @tomr, this isn't helping with my resolve when it comes to (not) buying a rally car. Looks very good.
  4. The MT410 is on sale at the moment too. 🤔
  5. @Jack Reacher, what is that? Looks nice; I especially like the wheels in it.
  6. @Shergar I sort of got there in the end. This was my biggest issue though: Ended up with this which was better than I thought it would be, just have to wait for the paint film to come off now to see how it looks.
  7. It’s an impressive sounding feature list but that pricing is putting into full fat TRX4 territory, surely that’s going to cause them some problems trying to get people to buy one?
  8. Finally made a start on masking up the knightrunner shell for painting. Might have something to do with needing it done to head off to EAST on Sunday. I’m having a mare of a time trying to mask the bed section of the shell. My big fat fingers are really struggling to get the tape down between the dropped bed and the outer walls. So I’m not feeling too confident that this one is going to come out looking all that good.
  9. Yes please. Will be nice to see how this compares to the XV-01 and the LC Racing PTG-2.
  10. Got a new not foam design done and printed one out. Good points are that it is definitely softer, and I’ve managed to halve the print time. Bad points are that it is still too hard and that I’ve still not managed to get things to stay solidly centred on the wheel. So under side load you can shift the whole tyre one way or the other which doesn’t seem ideal. Though to be fair these tyres have always done that on these rims, even with the stock foams installed.
  11. So I think I’ve just finished upgrading my ender 3 pro (for now) and have it printing nicely again. in addition to the modifications in my original post above I’ve added in an all metal hot end to let me print at higher temperatures, a direct drive extruded to give me the option for printing with flexible filaments, a newer 4.2.7 silent motherboard and a new touch screen interface. I’ve not quite got all my settings dialled back in for use with PETG and my favourite matte PLA but it’s pretty close to where it was before I started messing with it. I’ve also run some TPU flexible filament through it with surprisingly little fuss so quite happy with that. Also very happy with the new silent motherboard as it’s almost complete gotten rid of the noise from the stepper motors when it’s running so you only really get the noise from the various cooling fans now.
  12. Today I put a design together for a foam free tyre foam for my crawler and printed off the parts for the 1st one. Unfortunately I was in too much of a hurry after waiting 8 hours for it to print and forgot to take any pictures before I stuffed it into a wheel. So, the picture below is just one small part of it. After a quick try out of the new insert around the dining room I think it’s probably too stiff in its current form. So I’m going to have to either try and redesign to increase the flex of the part or find some softer filament to use for printing it.
  13. That does seem to be a little on the low side for the number of charge cycles you would hope to get from a decent Ni-MH battery pack (assuming you have charged it around 50 times so far) but potentially not that surprising either given the hard life these can have in an RC car. If just one of the cells that has been used to make up the pack has died that could cause the whole pack to act in the way you describe and probably means its time to recycle it and find a new one.
  14. A bunch of extra batteries for the TRX4 to make sure I don’t run out at EAST in a week or so. unfortunately they’ve all got the wrong connectors on them so I’ll be breaking out the soldering iron to sort that out before I can use them.
  15. @MrCake, looks like you need some mud flaps. https://shop.lcracing.net/products/copy-of-c7059-5-5mm-ball-end-alu4-br-br-font-size-2-for-lc10b5-font
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