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  1. Price drop, Bargain at £250 + postage. Car is fully upgraded with every hop up. Now has 3 brand new steel geared diffs.
  2. Would swap for a good condition Hyper ST Pro roller but will need to be around Leicester area and i'd want to keep the steel spiders from this. You can take out the spiders of the front or rear diff on the ST though for the centre diff on the MT. Would have to be in the evening during the week or next weekend though to meetup as just getting over Covid atm 😥
  3. £280 without the steel gears and new diff cups, will need new spider gears for at least the centre diff though
  4. Now also on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165518825795
  5. Can only link so many pictures so easier to put up the FB ad, will be on ebay later today. This is for the truck and spares only at £350. It can come with the brand new Max6 that has a high speed rocket fan, program card, new rocket 1650kv motor, near new 2x6600 3S lipos, new 46kg 9imod servo with spare gear set and gyro dumborc but it will be more around £570. So ready to run minus a charger. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1045202259460483
  6. SkyRC T100 charger just set on fire, not even a year old! 👏👏👏
    I need to get out of this hobby it's too bloody stressful


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    2. Yrkoon


      that would scare the hell out of me, really glad theres no damage to any thing cept the charger 🙂

    3. Scottyb


      I normally charge them in an ammo tin in my bedroom on the windowsill so if there's any sign of fire i can throw it out the window 😂 I've had it apart to have a look and it's melted a little chip near the pos/neg port so channel 2 is screwed now 🙄

    4. Tug


      The positives far outweigh the negatives for me, could never quit. 

  7. Anyone use these bearings in bashers? Need to replace a few and these are cheap and cheerful lol

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    2. Scottyb


      Cheers guys, need them for my Hyper MT hubs and you never know what the quality will be like getting them off ebay. Didn't realise they had a legit website! Ordered some anyway!

    3. Nitroholic


      RC Bearings are a solid stockist for all RC sized bearings. Been using them for many years with no problems

    4. JonnyUK


      I've bought many sets of bearings from the RCBearings website and have no complaints.

      Also, if you have a model which isn't listed on the site drop them a message and they can usually put a set together and add it to the website quickly.

  8. Has anyone ordered from Hobao USA since brexit? Just wondering if i'm going to get hit with any tax on $65ish


    1. Trunkle


      I recently received some bass  parts from Stewmac in the states and there were no import / customs charges at all. Order was of a similar value approx £50

    2. Scottyb


      Cool thanks 


  9. Just got a Hyper MT Plus ii, Took it out twice, no hard jumping and it's **** already, rear CVD keeps popping out and destroying the drive cup and nowhere in the UK has the +1mm ones in stock until mid June which in reality will probably be September.  Only option would be paying nearly twice the price from Germany. So ****** off right now.  🤬🤬🤬🤬

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    2. Scottyb


      These, they're not in any manuals as apparently you can't even buy them unless you contact Hobao, I've got the ones on the left in the pic but they don't provide enough support to stop the rear hubs wobbling left to right. With them both attached the hubs are now solid.



    3. Scottyb


      Got them on today, Make such a massive difference, the rear hub is completely solid now how it should be and all the slop gone. 

      Thanks again for finding them @oranjedrol

    4. oranjedrol


      You are welcome👍, glad I could help

  10. Anyone got any discount codes for Aliexpress?

    Had £20 off yesterday but they flippin stopped it last night 🤬

    OR is anyone selling a 4092 1650 or 1730ish kv motor?

    1. Darren Frosty

      Darren Frosty

      have you got Honey installed?

    2. Scottyb


      yea none of em work though 

      i've ordered now anyway, next time! 😆

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