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  • RC Racer Subscription offer

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    Racer Subscription Offer - save up to 47% on the cover price of 12 issues with a year’s subscription, and get a free book worth £11.95!

    A subscription to Racer is now the best value ever, and with every 6 or 12 month order made a copy of the Beginner's Guide to RC Cars book written by Graham Creasey worth £11.95 will be included for free.
    If you have recently renewed or are an existing subscriber, simply extend your commitment to us to take advantage of this great offer:
    • UK subscribers - 12 issues for £27
    • European subscribers - 12 issues for £35
    • World subscribers - 12 issues for £45
    Telephone the ADH Publishing office on +44 (0)1525 222573 to get your order placed now. :)




    ...and don't forget our prize draw...


    Radio Control Racer Magazine Annual Subscription to be won on the 1st March, 1st April and 1st May:









    AND... we have a lot of upcoming prizes to be announced soon, including a model kit, bodyshells, tools, accessories and much more. ;) This is going to be the biggest year yet, stay tuned!


    If you are not already a Gold Member, click here to find out more about the great benefits and how to sign-up! It's just £5 and helps the community we all love to be a part of.

  • Pro-Line Fuel Stick

    7 comments - Feb 25 2015 08:52 AM



    The Pro-Line Fuel Stick is finally here! Used in Ty Tessmann's dominating performance at the 2014 IFMAR Buggy Worlds, the Fuel Stick is designed as a no expense spared successor to the original Pro-Line Fuel Gun. The Fuel Stick is the result of months of development by the Pro-Line team with input from the Tessmann and McBride families. Making the Fuel Stick stand out is the trigger orientation that makes refueling a truck or buggy more ergonomic especially when doing so over high pit walls. Also great for use with 1:8 & 1:10 Nitro On-Road Cars.

    Built for ultra-fast refueling, the nozzle tip is also designed to fill your tank completely. The diffuser screen covering the outlet prevents excess splashing and prevents large bubbles from forming during filling. When it's time to see how much fuel you used, check the easy to read gauge marked in 10cc increments for accurate measurement at a glance. Continuing the over-the-top theme, the nozzle and trigger assemblies are made of machined billet aluminum anodized Pro-Line blue.

    Each Fuel Stick is stamped with a unique serial number and certificate of authenticity verifying that it was made 100% in the USA and hand assembled in our Southern California headquarters.


    • Ergonomic trigger orientation makes refueling faster and easier
    • Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum
    • Symmetric high-flow nozzle with six vent tubes for ultra fast filling
    • Diffuser screen "normalizes" fuel stream to prevent excess bubbling and ensure a complete fill
    • Long snout for reaching past high roof lines of trucks and buggies
    • Also great with 1:8 & 1:10 Nitro On-Road Cars
    • Easy to read clear gauge numbered in 10cc increments with red warning bars at 125cc and 150cc's
    • Stainless hardware throughout


    • Length:     11"     280mm
    • Height:     3.4"     86mm
    • Width:     1.7"     43mm
    • Weight (dry):     8.8oz     250g
    • Capacity:     150cc Gauge Range (~200cc Total)     
    • Fill Time:     Less Than 1-Second*     

    *Fill time under controlled conditions. Actual fill time may vary.
    Price: $289.95






    Source: Proline Racing

  • Proline Flat Iron 1.9" XL Tyres - With Memory Foam

    1 comments - Feb 25 2015 08:46 AM


    Proline 10112-00 Flat Iron 1.9” XL G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires with Memory Foam

    This is a pair of 1.9” Flat Iron XL Tires.
    The 1.9” Flat Iron is BACK in Extra Large form to suit your scale rig!
    The hugely popular 1.9” Super Swamper XL paved the way for larger 1.9” scale tires and the new 1.9” Flat Iron XL follows the “bigger is better” mantra.
    The beloved Flat Iron tread pattern combines scale realism and all out rock climbing performance that you have come to expect from Pro-Line tires.
    The large lug pattern combined with siping allows the tire to have the perfect amount of flex under throttle acceleration.
    In fact, in our testing, the Flat Iron's response to throttle acceleration was unmatched. The Flat Iron tire is made to climb up anything that you challenge it with.

    "Simply put, they were the best slick rock tire we tested and were completely surprised by this outcome. The super aggressive tread pattern was superior on the steepest ascents that we could throw at them. Our conclusion is that the Flat Iron is a champion", says Pete Bach, self-proclaimed rock crawler extraordinaire.


    • Aggressive tread makes a perfect blend for a variety of surfaces
    • A true rock crawling look
    • Memory Rock Crawling foams included
    • Made from the legendary G8 Rock Crawling compound


    • Height:   4.76" (121mm)
    • Width:    1.83" (47mm)





    Source: Proline Racing

  • MSUK-Forum Merchandise! Hats hats hats!

    14 comments - Feb 25 2015 04:54 AM

    Another milestone for MSUK-Forum, we are launching our own range of Merchandise! :)


    We are going to start with caps, all money from these will fund the next item in our range. We need 25 preorders, once we reach the required amount of preorders, the caps will be made and dispatched immediately, with more in stock for future purchases.



    *concept images


    They are a good quality heavy cotton, with the logo embroidered. It will have a good quality buckle for adjustment.


    Click here to view the cap, or alternatively follow the Gold / Donate / Merchandise link at the top. :)

  • New pit tools from Teckno RC

    1 comments - Feb 24 2015 07:26 PM



    Driver sizes: 5mm, 5.5mm, 7mm, and 8mm nuts

    Allen wrenches: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm along with 2.0mm and 2.5mm ball wrenches


    Source: Liverc :)

  • Team Durango kits – teaser image!

    7 comments - Feb 24 2015 07:16 PM



    More to be revealed soon! Source: Durango :) 



  • WRC GTX 1/8th nitro on-road kit

    14 comments - Feb 22 2015 11:29 AM








    Full information and specification awaiting.Source: WRC-racing :good: 

  • HB D815 Ty Tessman Edition 1/8th nitro buggy

    0 comments - Feb 22 2015 11:18 AM

    The D815 is not just your standard racing buggy - it's packed full of details that can only be seen under close inspection. Its racing heritage is evident by looking over its lightweight parts, such as the diff outdrives, center inputs, spur gear, diff gears, aluminum axles, chassis braces, shock towers, wing mount, rear wing and woven carbon fiber steering arms and rear camber link points. Signature features such as the stand-up servo mounting, monocoque suspension arms, machined aluminum outer suspension pieces and woven carbon fiber steering arms and rear camber mounts have been retained not simply because they are unique features, but because they help the D815 race hard in the toughest main events without worrying if it can finish!




    HB D815 Features

    • Upgraded central drivetrain with CVD boots
    • New 43/13 diff gear ratio with lightweight gears
    • New split center bulkhead
    • New sintered brake pads & metal rotors
    • New one-piece radio tray fits most LiPo battery packs
    • New rear upright design
    • New carbon graphite rear hub carrier arms
    • New aluminum servo arm
    • New protective boots on central drivetrain
    • New one-piece lightweight wing mount
    • New aluminum caster blocks with extra hole
    • New aluminum steering blocks with carbon graphite steering arms
    • 3mm 7075 aluminum chassis
    • Stand-up servo mounting
    • Enclosed radio box
    • Composite chassis braces
    • Steel turnbuckles
    • Big bore threaded coilover shocks
    • Lightweight aluminum shock towers
    • Aluminum arm blocks
    • Hinge pin inserts
    • HB monocoque suspension arms
    • Threaded outer hinge pins
    • Adjustable sway bars front and rear
    • Lightweight spur gear
    • Lightweight diff outdrives and center inputs
    • Rubber CVD boots
    • Lightweight aluminum axles
    • One-piece engine mount
    • 125cc fuel tank with stone filter clunk
    • Steel skid plate
    • Pro-Line rear wing
    • Tuning options include: steering blocks, arm blocks, steering arms, rear hub carrier arms, sway bars, shock springs and more
    • Supplied in kit form only, assembly required
    • Requires engine, tune pipe, radio, receiver, 2 servos, receiver battery, paint, tires, CA glue, wheels

    Additional photos awaiting. Source: HPI :)

  • Team Associated Factory Team shock shaft pliers

    2 comments - Feb 22 2015 11:13 AM

    Factory Team Shock Shaft Pliers make it easy to grip shock shafts while screwing on the shock ends, leaving the shaft clear of scratches in the process. The Shock Shaft Plier's large clamping surface and long handle provide plenty of leverage for gripping shafts with minimal effort. 

    •    Works for 3.0-4.0mm shock shafts
    •    Holes in end of handle for measuring shock shaft size
    •    Compact design for easy storage
    •    Made of billet aluminum for strength and durability
    •    Blue anodized
    •    Laser-etched logo and shaft sizes



    Source: Team associated :)

  • Schelle B5 Aluminum Rear Hubs

    0 comments - Feb 22 2015 11:11 AM


    • 2-piece design with replaceable upper increases adjustment and durability.
    • Shim adjustable upper link for small "in-between" hole locations.
    • True Geometry, matches kit parts.
    • Slop-Free.  Plastic bearing inserts and hingepin set screws included.
    • Symmetric design, same hub spares left and right.
    • Reduced leverage to break ballstuds.
    • Increased shock spring clearance for rear turnbuckles.
    • 0 degree toe, Hubs available in Black or Blue Anodize.  Caps are black anodize.
    • Fits B5, B5M, B5M Factory Lite, T5M


    Source: Schelle :) 

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