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  • Tamiya releases 3 new RC models

    7 comments - Yesterday, 04:19 PM

    CC01 Volkswagen Amarok




    DB01RRR Chassis Kit



    TT02 Petronas Toms




    Full specfication and features to follow. Source: RCracer :)

  • Firebolt RM 1/10 2WD Offroad Buggy Kit D-05-VBC-CK15

    0 comments - Yesterday, 04:07 PM




    • Rear motor layout
    • One piece 7075 aluminum alloy chassis with front angled kick-up clearance
    • Adjustable flex graphite upper deck
    • Full carbon fiber front and rear shock towers
    • Composite / 7075 aluminum alloy hybrid motor guard
    • Accept stick, shorty(in straight and transverse configurations), square and saddle packs
    • Lightweight low friction 3 gears transmission with V2 composite gears
    • Smooth high torque ball differential
    • Lightweight slipper clutch
    • 3.5mm high strength carbon fiber shock tower
    • Ultra strong spring steel turnbuckle, CVD, Top shaft and wheel shaft
    • Ball raced steering system
    • Highly adjustable via included inserts
    • V2 ultra strong lightweight composite materials
    • Finned CNC 7075 aluminum alloy motor mount
    • Fully ball raced
    • Slim lined racing body with high down force wing
    • Complete line of options available to suit different track conditions









    Source: VBCracing :)

  • WRC STX 015 1/10th electric touring car

    0 comments - Yesterday, 04:00 PM


    Italian company WRC have announced the forthcoming release of the STX 015 1/10th electric touring car kit. The vehicle will feature several improvements such as a new servo mount, reinforced suspension holders, a DSR called rail-type steering system, a redesigned aluminium front spool, a lightweight, reinforced rear gear differential and ball-raced anti-roll bars. The chassis is designed to offer several flex characteristic settings and all carbon fibre parts are made of a new graphite material. More information and images should become available in time for the release.


    Source: Wrc-racing :) 

  • PPR Reptile radio wheel grips

    0 comments - Yesterday, 03:57 PM

    Reptile radio wheel grips now available in a softer rubber compound. Price: $8.99




    Source: pprslots :)

  • Factory Team T-Handle Ratchet Driver

    0 comments - Yesterday, 03:53 PM

    This Factory Team T-Handle Ratchet Driver makes installation and removal of screws and bolts easier than ever with its comfortable handle, long reach, and ratchet action!


    Hex head / screwdriver bit not included and is available separately


    Source: Teamassociated :) 

  • Scorpion Precision Tools - Mini Tools Pack (8 pieces)

    0 comments - Jul 02 2015 04:42 PM

    Having a new project on the table and not having the right tools for the job can make a nice little project turn into a headache in a short period of time. Have no fear because Scorpion Systems is to the rescue, with a new combo tool set specifically designed for mini and micro models. This tool set is designed for all aspects of the hobby, but can also be used with 150-200 sized helicopters as well.


    With this combo you get a nice variety of tools for smaller projects, all wrapped up in a nice little zipper case for transport to the field, or neatly stored in the comfort of your own home. These tools are made in the traditional Scorpion color scheme, use high quality aluminum and (HSS) High Speed Steel. These tools are sure to be a hit in the mini/micro market, with quality that is to be expected from Scorpion Systems.


    Included in the pack

    • Tools Hex driver: 0.89mm / 1.27mm / 1.5mm
    • Tools Phillip screwdriver: 1.8mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm
    • Nut driver: 3.5mm / 4.5mm



    Source: Scorpion systems :)

  • ProTek RC Starter Box Carrying Bag

    0 comments - Jul 02 2015 04:36 PM

    The ProTek R/C Starter Box Carrying Bag is safer and more convenient for carrying a roaring nitro vehicle to and from the pits.


    1/8 scale tires spinning at several thousand RPMs are dangerous, especially when they’re just a couple of inches from your arm while you’re balancing a vehicle atop the starter box. Not to mention, the fumes that smack you in the face with every rev of the engine. ProTek R/C’s Starter Box Carrying Bag allows you to comfortably carry a 1/8 scale nitro vehicle at your side when moving in and out of pit row. The Carrying Bag frees up your other hand while putting the weight of the 1/8-scale vehicle and starter box much lower in a more natural position - your arm will thank you! 


    The all canvas Starter Box Carrying Bag features an interior liner and two 13” handle straps that won’t interfere with the tires. The liner is fuel resistant and easily cleans up when things get messy. The carrying bag will accommodate most popular starter boxes including: ProTek R/C SureStart, OFNA 1/10 & 1/8 starter boxes, Mugen Seiki Pro Starter BIII, LRP 1/10 & 1/8 Spec 2, Hudy “Star-Box”, Team Associated Compact 1/10 & 1/8 starter boxes and Team Losi 8IGHT & 8IGHT-T starter boxes. Make it easy on your pit guy and grab a ProTek R/C Starter Box Carrying Bag. 





    • Durable, heavy-duty bag material
    • Dual handles won't interfere with tires 
    • Safe, one handed pit operation
    • No fumes in your face 
    • Compatible with boxes up to 5.5" (14cm) wide x 14.5" (36.8cm) long 
    • Price: $15.99

    Source: Amain :) 


  • Yokomo 1/12th pan car prototype spotted

    0 comments - Jul 02 2015 04:31 PM


    Awaiting full spec and information. Source: Kimihiko-yano :) 

  • Castle Creations Mamba Monster X-Extreme ESC

    7 comments - Jul 02 2015 04:27 PM



    The new Monster X provides even more extreme performance than the Monster 2. Most notable is the addition of a new, programmable Auxiliary Wire that allows users to make “on-the-go” adjustments to several settings, such as torque control and max throttle. The new Auxiliary Wire allows users to fine-tune the performance of their Monster X ESC right from the transmitter using an auxiliary channel on the receiver. The AUX wire function is disabled by default but is programmable via Castle Link. Once the user has programmed the functionality of the AUX wire, that setting can then be adjusted on-the-go from a compatible transmitter. The Monster X also features updated Audible Alerts that will notify drivers of possible issues with their calibrations and error conditions to help diagnose problems in the field.


    Sensored Motor Capable

    The new Monster X can also be configured to run sensored brushless motors with the purchase of an optional Sensor Harness from Castle Creations. This sensored-motor capability opens up a whole new segment of R/C enthusiasts who will now get to experience (or see the rooster tails) from a Castle Monster X-equipped racer, rock racer or rock crawler. One of our Monster X Beta testers summed up his experience, saying “Another race weekend in the books. Once again, in sensored mode, the ESC (Monster X) performed flawlessly. Great power and smooth transition from sensored to non-sensored.”


    Extreme Power

    The new Monster X is capable of running from 2S to a maximum of 6S LiPo power, but now features an improved heavy-duty adjustable Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) to provide plenty of power for today’s power hungry servos. The Monster X BEC voltage is adjustable from 5.5V, 6.0V, 7.5V and 8.0V while output is rated at 4.5 AMP continuous and 8 AMP peak. The Monster X also comes standard with a highly efficient, 30mm ESC cooling fan.


    Monster X Data Logging

    Also new to the Monster X is the ability to capture and record performance data from your last couple of runs, commonly referred to as data logging. This data can be downloaded via the upcoming Castle Quick Connect Duo (sold separately) that allows the user access to both wires into the single Castle Link connection. The user can then analyze this data and make adjustments to the ESC to maximize both performance and battery life.


    Telemetry Ready(Futaba T4PX Transmitters only)

    The new Monster X is telemetry ready, which means owners of Futaba T4PX Transmitters will be able to purchase the Castle Creations S.BUS Telemetry Link when it is released (available late July 2015). Real-time data such as ESC temperature, voltages and RPM can be monitored to ensure performance advantages and spare you the “unknown” parameters that all R/C enthusiasts experience at some point. Telemetry data provides another level of protection, can increase your “tuning awareness” and in turn, let you have more time doing what you love to do – burn rubber and throw dirt!


    Source and additional information can be found here :)

  • Rock Hard 4x4 Full Width Front Bumper for Axial SCX10 Jeep

    0 comments - Jul 02 2015 04:20 PM




    • Heavy Duty Steel and Aluminum Construction
    • CNC Machined Bumper
    • Black Powder-Coated Finish
    • Protective Winch Stinger Bar
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Adjustable Design for many Bodies
    • Built-in Tow Shackle Mounts
    • Built in Fairlead Mount
    • LED Pockets and Mounts
    • Accepts 5mm LED bulbs
    • Mount to Mount Width: 2.87in / 73mm
    • Mount Length: 1.97in / 50mm
    • Overall Length: 7.2in / 183mm
    • Overall Height: 1.57in / 40mm
    • Overall Width: 3.54in / 90mm
    • Weight: 5.28oz / 149.6g



    Source: RC4WD :)

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