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  • TKR5304 – NB48.3 1/8th Competition Nitro Buggy Kit

    1 comments - Jul 21 2015 07:44 PM

    NB48.3 New Features:

    • Completely redesigned suspension geometry
    • Revised chassis
    • New front arms
    • New rear arms
    • New front and rear 7075 CNC aluminum shock towers
    • New extra long shocks for increased suspension travel
    • New tapered 4 x 1.8mm shock pistons
    • New clamping spring perches with captured shock boots
    • New rear hubs
    • New trailing front spindles and spindle carriers
    • New V2 hinge pin braces and inserts
    • Low profile wing mount
    • Revised bumper for increased ground clearance
    • New straight turnbuckle rod ends
    • New left and right hand threaded shock mount screws
    • New easily adjustable droop screws
    • Revised shock standoffs for easier droop measurement
    • New brake linkage for easier adjustments and more consistent braking
    • New revised 46t spur gear
    • New brake pads and discs for unparalleled durability and consistency
    • Longer rear sway bar for more consistent traction
    • Updated setup sheet for improved handling





    • Proven design
    • Optimized Narrow Chassis Layout with Adjustable Weight Distribution and Flex Characteristics
    • 4mm CNC 7075 aluminum hard anodized lightened chassis.
    • Class leading front and rear clearance (short chassis overhang) provides better bump handling and jump landing.
    • Integrated Radio Tray/Mud Guard for Unmatched COG, Lightness, and Durability
    • Adjustable, LCG lightweight wing mount.
    • Spacious, enclosed, easy access radio box with integrated transponder mount.
    • Adjustable chassis brace system for fine tuning flex with front, center, and rear braces.

    Differentials and Drivetrain:

    • New revised 46t spur gear
    • New brake pads and discs for unparalleled durability and consistency
    • Innovative Rear Offset Differential Provides Minimal Drive Angles and Reduced Wear.
    • Lightened Drivetrain Components Throughout – Standard.
    • 3 Fluid Filled Adjustable Lightweight Differentials.
    • Less Rotating Mass = Better Acceleration.
    • CV Driveshafts with Captured Pins on all 4 Wheels.
    • Option for Universal Driveshaft usage.


    • Super smooth 16mm big bore shocks.
    • 6mm front, 5mm rear CNC 7075 aluminum gun metal anodized shock towers are standard.
    • New tapered piston design and configuration (4 x 1.8mm)
    • Fully adjustable long travel suspension geometry maximizes stability and traction while providing superior cornering and on-power steering.
    • CNC threaded shock bodies, caps, cartridge caps, and adjustment nuts.
    • 4mm hardened steel polished shafts.
    • New clamping spring perches with captured shock boots.
    • Triple guide design for true consistent shaft action.
    • Options for vented cap, emulsion, or standard shock configurations.
    • Optional springs and sway bars are available.

    Suspension and Steering:

    • Adjustable front arm sweep and angle to make the car more aggressive (swept forward), or easier to drive (swept back).
    • ‘Narrow pivot’ steering posts provide ‘0 bump’ geometry with almost ‘0 steering slop’.
    • Adjustable CNC 7075 hinge pin braces are standard.
    • New longer rear sway bar for better consistency
    • 4mm inner, 3.5mm outer hinge pins, polished for smooth action.
    • Adjustable Ackerman and bump-steer (bump in, 0 bump, bump out).
    • CNC aluminum Ackerman plate rides on 4 precision bearings.
    • Adjustable steering stops for precise steering travel settings.

    Other Features:

    • High downforce wing included.
    • Easily adjust anti-squat, rear toe, front arm angle, front arm sweep, roll center, toe, camber, wheelbase, rear arm length, Ackerman, bump steer, suspension geometry out of the box.
    • Full set of option parts available.
    • Extremely easy to work on with minimal screw count.
    • All metric hex hardware.


    • Length:  435mm (without wing)
    • Wheelbase:  323-335mm
    • Width:  306-310mm
    • Dry Weight:  3260g* (7.17lb) (*your weight may vary depending on equipment used)
    • Diff Ratio:  F/R – 10/40t, Center – 46t
    • Clutch:  4-shoe adjustable with 7075 aluminum shoes
    • Clutch Bell:  15t w/ 5x13x4mm inner, 5x11x5mm outer bearing
    • Brakes:  Steel discs with semi-metallic pads, side mounted
    • Receiver Battery Box Dimensions 58.5mm x  36mm x 34.5mm (L x W x H)
    • Fuel Tank:  125cc, clunk

    Needed to complete:

    • 2/3 channel surface radio transmitter and receiver
    • High torque steering and brake servo (at least 300 oz/in)
    • RX battery 58.5mm x  36mm x 34.5mm (L x W x H)
    • Switch harness
    • .21 nitro engine, tuned pipe, manifold, and glow plug
    • Fuel bottle, fuel, 1/8th buggy starter box, and glow ignitor
    • 1/8th scale buggy tires, wheels & CA glue
    • Paint for body







    Source: Tecknorc :)

  • RC4WD Black V8 Engine T-shirt

    0 comments - Jul 21 2015 07:35 PM


    • 100% Cotton
    • Screen Printing
    • Color: Black
    • Aviaialbe in sizes M-XXXL
    • Price: $17.99





    Source: RC4WD :)

  • HUDY's new FlexFit cap

    3 comments - Jul 17 2015 05:54 PM

    Elegant black flex-fit system cap made from 100% cotton for great look & feel and high durability. Cool 3D embossed "HUDY" logo at front and rear.



    Source: Hudy :)




  • ECX Torment 1/18-scale crawler

    7 comments - Jul 17 2015 05:51 PM



    Conquer the terrain everywhere in-between with the ECX® Temper™ rock crawler. The Temper is a breakout release from Horizon Hobby as one of the most affordable 18-scale rock crawlers on the market. Rock crawlers add scale realism to the driving experience by mimicking the off-road rigs that dominate steep inclines and endurance trials in the most brutal of terrain. While they might not be the fastest vehicles in RC, rock crawlers have the muscle conquer the nastiest of inclines.


    The Temper rock crawler has a penchant for conquering the most unforgiving locations thanks to a 4WD drivetrain, multi-link suspension as well as the extreme durability drivers have come to expect from ECX brand vehicles.




    • Mini high-torque crawler motor
    • Completely locked front and rear differentials
    • Waterproof electronics
    • 2.4 GHz interference Free Transmitter
    • Multi-link suspension
    • Metal ring and pinion gears
    • Aluminum motor plate
    • 2mm plate aluminum chassis
    • Dynamite® 900mAh 7-cell NiMH battery included
    • Dynamite NI-Mh charger included
    • Completely ready-to-run with everything needed in one box
    • Temper 1/18 4wd Rock Crawler Brushed
    • Price: $130

    Source: Liverc :)

  • T.O.P. Rebel F1X formula kit coming soon

    0 comments - Jul 17 2015 05:48 PM



    Awaiting full specification and info. Source: Top-racing :) 

  • JConcepts New Release – Exo 1/10th Shock Stand

    1 comments - Jul 17 2015 05:46 PM

    Shock performance is critical and in the increasingly popular 1/10th off-road genre, everything matters. One of the hottest trends involves taking the necessary time to build and prepare race shocks and not rushing the process. As a shock build reaches the all important time of a fluid fill, it’s important to have an upright holder to place each shock in during the build. JConcepts introduces a simple but attractive shock stand for 1/10th off-road shock applications.

    The design is unique featuring an Exoskeleton look where ribbing and surrounding geometry forms around the cylindrical holes used to place the shocks. The stands are molded from a durable and light-weight material typically used in an application such as wheels and suspension components. The pass-through holes allow the user to use the stand from either end to suit their individual need or taste. The stand sits inside a separately functioning molded rubber cup with embossed JConcepts.net logos patterned around the surface.


    To use, simply remove the rubber cup from the stand and place the items near each other. Use the convex shape of the cup bottom to organize shock parts such as o-rings, spacers, shock pistons, screws, e-clips or inner limiters. Once the shocks are completely assembled, place them in the stand and fill each shock with the desired oil. Go back to each shock and top off the fluid level to an appropriate amount which doesn’t overflow. Allow the shocks to sit 10-15 minutes while the air escapes to the top and dissipates. Add the shock caps to each unit and bleed as directed. Available in 3 different color combinations, the JConcepts shock stand has the all important performance, function and looks the Florida based company is known for.




    Source: Jconcepts :) 

  • TLR04006 8IGHT-T E Electric Truggy Kit

    24 comments - Jul 10 2015 05:46 PM





    When developing the 8IGHT-T E 3.0, the Team set out to create an electric platform that was every bit as dominant as its nitro-powered sibling. But instead of simply converting the nitro chassis, they reexamined everything and came up with a new chassis layout and suspension setup specifically for electric power.


    Aluminium chassis designed for electric power

    Rather than adapt the existing 8IGHT-T™ 3.0 nitro chassis, the Team engineered an all-new chassis that has been widened and balanced specifically for electric power. It is milled from lightweight, 4mm 7075-T6 aluminium and has been hard anodised for maximum durability.


    Special updates and tuning options

    The chassis gives racers multiple ESC and battery mounting locations. This makes it possible to easily relocate components when tuning the vehicle’s balance for varying track conditions. Specific suspension components such as springs, shock pistons and sway bars have also been updated to better complement electric power systems.


    Large-bore 16mm shocks and tapered springs

    The large volume shocks are easier to tune and remain more consistent during temperature change. They feature tapered springs that provide greater clearance while reducing the chance of spring cup ejection during extreme impacts. Machined pistons are included for greater precision and increased performance.


    CNC Shock Towers

    The front and rear shock towers are machined from 4mm 7075-T6 aluminium and hard anodised for maximum durability.


    Adjustable Pivots

    The kit includes hard anodised adjustable front pivots and low roll centre rear pivots with adjustable bushings.


    Optional parts included

    Many of the parts included with this kit are popular upgrades that will give you everything you need to build a Team spec truggy right out of the box. This includes lightweight outdrives, adjustable hinge pin braces, an aluminium servo saver top, aluminium rear bearing inserts and more.


    Electric version body and adjustable rear wing

    The body shares many of the same lines with the nitro version body but extends the rear stabilisation fin so that it meets the rear of the cab. The adjustable rear wing includes a .250 and .500 inch spacer that lets you move the wing back for extra stability on high-speed tracks.








    Source: Horizonhobbys :)

  • Serpent Viper 977 Evo kit coming later this month

    0 comments - Jul 10 2015 05:25 PM



    Currently awaiting full details. Source: Serpent :) 

  • RC4WD Fuel Offroad Trophy 1.9 Beadlock Wheels (Black/Gray)

    4 comments - Jul 10 2015 05:20 PM




    • CNC Machined
    • Billet Aluminum
    • Amazing Detail
    • With FUEL Logo
    • Fits Standard 12mm Hex
    • Scale Wheel Nut Cover with FUEL Logo
    • Use Scale Hex Bolts for Realistic Look
    • Wheel Size: 1.9''
    • OD: 1.9in / 48.3mm
    • Width: 1.1in / 28mm
    • Center Hole OD: 0.17in / 4.2mm
    • Negative Offset: 0.4in / 10.4mm
    • Each Weight: 2.3oz / 66g

    Source: RC4WD :) 

  • Team Orion Vortex dDrive Combined Motor/ESC

    11 comments - Jul 10 2015 05:20 PM

    • 2-in-1 Motor/ESC Unit for 1/10 scale cars
    • Vortex Sensorless Brushless Technology
    • Simple compact design for easy installation
    • Improved reliability
    • Designed for LiPo and NiMH batteries
    • High performance 4-pole motor
    • Aluminum case with high efficiency cooling
    • Forward/brake, forward/brake/reverse and forward/reverse (crawler) function modes
    • User adjustable performance settings
    • Overheat protection system
    • Battery low voltage cut-off system
    • Status control by LED and audio tones
    • Plug&Play: no soldering required, easy setup
    • Fitted with Deans high current connectors
    • Splash Proof
    • Developed by Oscar Jansen
    #ORI28313 Vortex dDrive 2700kV (540, 4P, Deans)
    #ORI28314 Vortex dDrive 3000kV (540, 4P, Deans)


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