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  • HPI Jumpshot MT

    14 comments - Yesterday, 07:21 PM

    One of the hottest new trucks being shown at the Nuremburg Toy Fair is the HPI Jumpshot MT. 1/10th scale in size, the Jumpshot is a 2wd monster truck designed for serious bashing. A 2.4GHz radio system comes standard, while a brushed power system provides affordable power. A large bottom mount battery tray has plenty of room for various styles of packs while a twin vertical plate chassis is used for strength.



  • HPI’s Baja 5R Ford Mustang

    23 comments - Yesterday, 10:11 AM

    Yes that’s right, HPI Racing has just announced their first on-road 1/5th scale. Being shown at the 2015 Nuremburg Toy Fair is HPI’s Baja 5R Ford Mustang. The Baja 5R uses a completely revised chassis but shares the transmission from the 5B. A 23cc gasoline engine provides the power and the car will initially be sold in RTR form. The 5R has a large foam front bumper to soak up impacts and sway bars are used to keep the car flat in the corners. All new suspension geometry helps to lower the car for high performance on-road driving.

    The part number for the HPI Baja 5R Mustang is #115123 and we will post more information when we receive it. Until then you can hit up This Link to visit the official HPI website.


  • RC10B5M Factory Lite

    4 comments - Jan 29 2015 11:28 PM

    Team Associated's RC10B5 and RC10B5M have been met with wild success by racers around the globe at both the club level and at major racing events. Always looking for a challenge, Team Associated's Area 51 engineers took it upon themselves to make the best RC10 to date even better! A version of the B5M that would optimize the platform to excel in classes requiring spec motors and for certain track conditions that allow the racer to take full advantage of the performance offered from reduced weight.


    Enter the RC10B5M Factory Lite Kit. Shedding over 75 grams of weight! The RC10B5M Factory Lite includes a 3-gear transmission for lower rotational mass, a lightened hard-anodized aluminum chassis, titanium turnbuckles, and aluminum front axles.

    Coming in at fighting weight, the RC10B5M Factory Lite is sure to be a winner!

    Lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum chassis with centralized mass and mid-motor position for improved handling on high-grip offroad tracks
    Chassis fits R.O.A.R.-approved 2S saddle packs and 2S short packs using optional foam insert
    V2 12mm “Big Bore” threaded aluminum shocks with 3mm shafts and updated O-rings for improved smoothness
    Aluminum rear ball stud mount for added strength
    New 3-gear transmission for lower rotating mass and extra acceleration, with lightweight V2 aluminum top shaft included
    Heavy-duty rear axle for added strength
    Lightweight aluminum front axle/hex adapter and larger front wheel bearing for added durability
    Factory Team upgraded ball bearing kit and titanium turnbuckles included
    Aluminum rear clamping hex with laser etching
    Heavy-duty ball cups and ball studs allow for maximum suspension travel while reducing binding and friction
    Rear hubs feature larger bearings and the easy-insert system to adjust camber link position and rear toe-in
    Team Associated B5M clear body and wing included.


  • LOS05002C Losi 1/5 scale petrol 5ive RTR with AVC

    21 comments - Jan 28 2015 05:17 PM

    Push the envelope of large scale driving with the 1/5-scale Losi® 5IVE-T™ Off-Road RTR. This unbeatable package comes equipped to deliver the kind of unrivaled realism, performance, and reliability that only the 5IVE-T can deliver. With an AVC enabled 2.4 GHz receiver on board and the included Spektrum DX2E transmitter, you’ll be able to push the limit of a 29CC Losi petrol engine and 1/4-scale servos even from a distance. Best of all, finding somewhere to drive will rarely be a challenge thanks to a WD drivetrain based on the award winning 8IGHT platform.


    Key features:

    • AVC Equipped 2.4GHz Receiver with DSMR™ technology
    • Powerful Losi® 2-stroke 29CC petrol engine
    • Large-bore shocks with 7mm shafts & threaded adjusters
    • 5mm chassis with CNC machining for strength and less weight
    • Two-stage air and fuel filter system
    • ¼-scale heavy-duty throttle servo for superior braking
    • Extra-large 800cc capacity fuel tank
    • Three tunable, sealed viscous differentials
    • Multi-piece beadlock off-road wheels
    • Impact-absorbing bumpers
    • Innovative sealed clutch mount with cooling fins
    • CV driveshaft used throughout
    • 7.4v 5200mAh LiPo receiver battery and charger included





    Extra Large-Bore Shocks
    These large-bore threaded, aluminium shocks feature over-sized 7mm shock shafts designed to stand up the punishment of 1/5-scale action. The threaded adjusters allow for fine-tuning while the extra high fluid volume allows for control over the roughest terrain.


    Massive 5MM Aluminium Chassis
    This is no ordinary chassis. It is based on the award winning, race-proven 8IGHT™ Platform. It has been designed to produce the best performance possible. The chassis plate is constructed of 5mm aircraft-grad aluminium and has been machined to save weight and add strength to provide extreme durability.





    AVC Enhanced Receiver

    With AVC included, you’ll be able to make the most of the Losi 29cc ci petrol engine. Using AVC, you’ll be able to maximize the precision and power of this behemoth truck and can even adjust AVC settings to match your preferred level of assistance and driving style.


    Powerful Losi® 2-Stroke 26cc Petrol Engine
    The engine comes preinstalled with a high-volume muffler and features an electronic ignition, easy adjust carburetor with a built-in choke and fuel primmer. An added bonus is the machined oval inserts that match the chassis cutouts precisely to locate the engine for proper gear mesh.


    Innovative Clutch Mount and Housing
    The finned aluminium clutch mount adds strength and durability and provides unmatched heat dissipation for increased longevity of the 8,000 RPM clutch. Since it is enclosed, it prevents dirt and debris from entering and fouling the parts. The oversized bearings handle greater loads and are more reliable.


    Spektrum™ DX2E V3 Transmitter
    The Spektrum™ DX2E V3 transmitter features extended range DSMR™ technology and superior comfort as well as AVC compatibility.


    ¼-Scale Heavy-Duty Throttle Servo
    The throttle servo performs more than just throttle duties, it is also the main source for braking power. This heavy-duty large-scale servo has the power to bring the 5IVE-T to a stop thanks to the functionality of the bias adjustable dual-disk brakes. No 1/10-scale throttle servos here.


    Multi-Piece Bedlock Off-Road Wheels
    These monster wheels are true beadlock wheels with rings on both the inner and outer bead of the tire. With the amount of power the 5IVE-T produces and the sheer size of these tyres, these wheels will provide a stable platform for the all-terrain tyres. Many popular 1/5-scale tyres will mount right on these beadlock wheels.


    4WD Power Train with All Metal Gears
    The 5IVE-T uses nothing but precision cut or formed, heat treated steel gears throughout the drive train. No plastic gears. These are the strongest and most durable type of gears available and expensive option items on other models.


    Full Roll Cage Modeled After Full-Scale Trucks
    The realistic cage provides added durability to the assembly absorbing impacts as well as a solid base for the modular body. The unique design allows the body and cage to be removed with only four screws and four body clips in seconds.


    Four-piece body
    The four-piece body individual panels to be replaced in the event that it becomes damaged so an entire body does not need to be purchased to get the vehicle back to the factory look. Clear panels and stickers are sold separately to create your own look or retain the factory schemes.






    Full specification can be found here  :)

  • VTR03013 1/10th Scale Twin Hammers 1.9 Rock Racer RTR

    5 comments - Jan 28 2015 05:09 PM

    Source and full specification can be found here :)





    Twin Hammers is a new form of R/C Off-Road All Terrain Vehicle. A hybrid that draws upon its heritage out in the wilderness and amongst the canyons and Valleys of Mohave. 


    A true Rock Racer, designed to traverse the flat open expanse of desert floor before scrambling over obstacles and clambering through rock strewn passes, blast Twin Hammers across the plains in its high range four wheel drive transmission before slamming it into low-range to execute the perfect crawl or clamber.


    The two-speed transmission can be manually shifted whilst on-the-fly via the supplied Spektrum DX4C Transmitter for true Shift and Go action. In low range, Twin Hammers has all the capability associated with a 1.9 class Rock Crawler with its solid rear axle and differential-equipped front gearbox whilst in high range, it has buggy-like performance for higher speed runs. Though dimensionally smaller than other, 2.2 wheel equipped crawlers, Twin Hammers still manages to provide over 50mm of ground clearance and its lower, purposeful stance serves to improve its side-hilling and handling characteristics thanks to its lower Centre of Gravity.


    Aggressively styled with is multi-piece lexan body panels and a polymer tuber-style exo-skeletal roll cage, Twin Hammers is contemporary amongst current class-1 off-road buggies. It’s low hood line is made possible thanks to the cantilever and push-rod front suspension which enables the coil-over oil dampers to be horizontally mounted away from the dirt and debris without sacrificing any of its essential wheel travel. Independent Front Suspension is provided via single wishbone and adjustable upper links, which endow Twin Hammers with dramatically improved handling characteristics over Rigs with a typical centrally pivoting trailing link arrangement.


    At the rear, true four-position link suspension enables incredible articulation of the solid rear axle whilst coil-over oil filled dampers provides the control to help scramble and clamber over the toughest of obstacles.


    Waterproof electronics further enhance the go-anywhere appeal of the Twin Hammers making it arguably one of the most singularly versatile R/C off Road vehicles available today and its scale looks are completed by means of the functional spare wheel and tyre and the driver / cockpit moulding!






  • Team Losi 1/8TH 4WD RTR petrol (buggy version)

    2 comments - Jan 28 2015 04:53 PM

    The Losi® 8IGHT™ Gasoline buggy puts podium proven excitement and gasoline power at your fingertips. Thanks to a Dynamite® .31 ci gasoline engine, drivers can experience all the 8IGHT buggy has to offer with unprecedented convenience. As the first gas powered buggies of its kind, the 8IGHT runs longer and requires less maintenance compared to its Nitro fuel powered competition.


    This version of the 8IGHT buggy comes with the same 2014 ROAR National Championship winning driving characteristics that sent it to the podium for a superior driving experience right out of the box. To better accompany the upgraded power and national championship driving characteristics the Losi 8IGHT buggy also comes with AVC® (Active Vehicle Control™) Technology. Using AVC, you'll be able to drive faster with more control and get the most out of the ridiculous power and precision the 8IGHT gas buggy packs.








    Also available in truggy form - please see other parts of the RC news section.


    Source and additional information can be found here   :)


  • Team Losi 1/8TH 4WD RTR petrol truggy!

    14 comments - Jan 28 2015 04:47 PM

    The Losi® 8IGHT-T™ RTR takes the podium proven driving characteristics of the TLR 8IGHT-T 3.0 and supercharges them with a Dynamite® .31 ci gasoline engine and much more. As the first gasoline truggy of its kind, the 8IGHT-T gets longer run times than its standard Nitro fuel competition, and you'll rarely need to go far for a refill. Right out of the box the 8IGHT-T is ready for competition-grade driving with the same 2014 ROAR National Championship characteristics that sent it to the podium.


    To better accompany the upgraded power and national championship driving characteristics the Losi 8IGHT-T truggy also comes with AVC® (Active Vehicle Control™) Technology. AVC Technology makes it easy to push the precision and ferocious speed of the 8IGHT-T to its absolute limits so you can get most out of the ridiculous power and precision this truggy packs!









    Source and additional information can be found here :)

  • Tamiya 58606 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI Martini

    15 comments - Jan 28 2015 08:58 AM

    Coming soon on TT-02 chassis




    Source: http://www.rc-forum.de

  • Tamiya 58611 Willy's Wheeler re-release

    20 comments - Jan 28 2015 07:08 AM
    Coming soon on the WR02 (Wild Willy 2 etc.) chassis

    Original looking wheels and everything!


    Source: http://www.rc-forum.de

  • MCD RR5 cab forward bodyshell

    0 comments - Jan 27 2015 05:21 PM

    Designed as an alternative to the existing RR5 body the new Cab-Forward features an aggressive appearance and driving dynamics on track. Compared to sportier and smoother styling of the existing RR5 the new body provides more down-force both at the front and the center of the car resulting more aggressive cornering. 

    Due to its style the engine cut-out helps better hot air evacuation for cooling. The Cab-Forward comes with spark plug protector. We expect the RR5 Cab-forward to be a reliable addition to the racers pit. We will be presenting our new body design at the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg between January 28th to February 2nd!






    Source: MCD :)

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