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  • Tamiya TRF419 kit coming soon

    0 comments - Yesterday, 10:37 PM

    In pursuit of Tamiya's 6th IFMAR World Championship title in the Touring Car class, the Tamiya Racing Factory designers have been hard at work. Their latest creation is the TRF419. The TRF419 is the successor to the TRF418, but it has been heavily tweaked and optimized to give Tamiya's top drivers the best chance in securing the 2014 World Title.





    TRF418 VS. TRF419 differences:

    - Aside from the suspension parts, the rest of the chassis features a whole range of updates and new parts.

    - Carbon fiber upper and lower decks have been redesigned for optimum chassis balance and to maximize the potential of the new drivetrain parts.

    - Oil-filled Dampers follow a new design, and combined with new carbon fiber stays will provide excellent traction on a range of track surface conditions.

    - The new aluminum motor mount ensures that the chassis' supreme flexibility is fed back more efficiently. The motor position is altered to optimize weight distribution.

    - Features newly-designed bulkheads, motor mount, dampers and gear differential unit.


    Newly Designed parts include:

    - Carbon Lower Deck

    - Carbon Upper Deck

    - Carbon Front/Rear Damper Stays

    - Aluminum Motor Mount

    - Aluminum F/R Lower Bulkheads

    - Aluminum F/R Upper Bulkheads

    - Steel Center Pulley Shaft

    - Aluminum Servo Mount

    - Front/Rear Drive Belts

    - Gear Differential Unit Front Direct Coupling

    - Dampers

    - Aluminum Suspension Mounts


    Source: Tamiyausa :) 

  • Tamiya FF-04 EVO Chassis Kit

    0 comments - Yesterday, 10:30 PM



    More information to follow  - Source: Tamiya.com :)



  • Now RTR – Vaterra 1986 Chevrolet K-5 Blazer Ascender

    7 comments - Oct 30 2014 07:41 PM





    Additional information and source found here :) 

  • Hot Bodies R8 1/8th on-road kit

    0 comments - Oct 28 2014 10:04 PM

    Making its premiere at the 2013-2014 IFMAR World Championships in Japan, the HB R8 surprised the RC world with a well-deserved appearance in the Final, before it even had an official name. The R8 is the first car from HB to enter the extremely competitive class of 1/8th Nitro Track racing - commonly known as the "Formula One of RC" because of the speed and complexity of the cars.


    With a 5mm thick 7075-series aircraft aluminum chassis and bulkheads built for fast settings changes, a 2-piece steering knuckle design and more precision machined alloy throughout the car, the HB R8 is purpose-built from the ground up to be competitive right from the star!








    Source: Hotbodies :)



  • RC4WD Mickey Thompson 2.2/3.0 Baja MTZ SC Tires

    0 comments - Oct 25 2014 07:16 PM

    In an effort to bring out even more Scale Tires, we have teamed up with Mickey Thompson again with this 2.2/3.0" Baja MTZ for the popular short course trucks!





    • Advanced X2SS Compound (Super Soft & Super Sticky)
    • Fit 2.2 / 3.0" Wheels
    • OD: 4.09in / 104mm
    • ID: 2.00in - 3.22n / 51mm - 82mm
    • Width: 1.92in / 9mm
    • Weight: 2.46in / 70g


    Source: RC4WD :)




  • Kyosho Mad Bug VE RC Electric Brushless 4wd 1/10 RTR Baja Beetle Buggy

    2 comments - Oct 25 2014 04:45 PM

    Newly designed electric off-road racing VW Bug!

    For off-road racing fans, this machine delivers the best performance vs cost around!

    Shaft driven 4WD can handle just about any type of rough terrain with ease. Features large 100mm diameter tires on inch up wheels supported by aluminum oil shocks together with waterproof speed controller, brushless motor and servo as standard. The bathtub chassis is equipped with heavy-duty suspension, slipper clutch and metal diff gears in the high durability drive train that can take plenty of punishment from hard driving. Team Orion speed controller and brushless motor combine to deliver the power to take on any course as aggressively as you can. Adjustable toe and camber angles on front and rear upper arms and steering rod provide plenty of scope for fine-tuning your setup. For performance vs cost, this machine is a certain winner!


    Fully Assembled Chassis
    SYNCRO KT-200 2ch Radio System Installed.
    Completed pre-painted VW Bug body with decals attached.
    Features adjustable front/rear upper suspension arm.
    Equipped with adjustable steering linkage.


    ? ReadySet Contents ?

    Factory assembled chassis with pre-installed R/C unit
    Pre-painted assembled body with decals applied
    Syncro KT-200 transmitter
    Hex wrench (1.5mm)
    Cross wrench
    Team Orion 1800Mah NiMH battery
    Wall charger

    ? Required for Operation ?

    4 x AA sized alkaline batteries for transmitter

    Chassis Technical Data
    Length 395mm
    Width 287mm
    Height 152mm
    Wheelbase 272mm
    Tread (F/R) 213mm / 206mm
    Tire(F/R) ?101mm × 50mm / ?101mm × 50mm
    Gear Ratio 9.62:1
    Weight 1,764g (approx.)
    Motor Orion NEON ONE brushless motor. (KV-2400)
    R/C System Synclo KT-200






  • Axial Wraith Spawn 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD - RTR

    12 comments - Oct 23 2014 07:33 PM

  • Yokomo B-MAX2 MR V3 Buggy Kit

    0 comments - Oct 23 2014 07:24 PM





    More information to follow - Source: TeamYokomo :) 



  • New Novarossi 1/5th bike engines

    12 comments - Oct 22 2014 06:41 PM

    The BK15 (2.49cc) and BK12 (2.1cc) engines new from Novarossi are both designed specially for the RC nitro bikes!



    The specs are as follows:


    – Displacement: 2,49 cc
    – R.P.M. (max power): 43.500 RPM
    – Practical range: 6.000-43.600 R.P.M.
    – Bore x stroke: 14,90x14,25 mm
    – Sleeve: 5 ports
    – Rear ball bearings: steel
    – Front ball bearings: steel
    – Crankshaft: 11,5 mm - turbo
    – Carburetor: aluminium - 6,5mm - slide
    – Glowplug: turbo (C6TF)
    – Exhaust position: rear
    – Weight: 200 g
    – Fuel type: 16% nitro



    – Displacement: 2,1 cc
    – R.P.M. (max power): 37.000 RPM
    – Practical range: 6.000-38.800 R.P.M.
    – Bore x stroke: 13,80x14,04 mm
    – Sleeve: 3 ports
    – Rear ball bearings: steel
    – Front ball bearings: steel
    – Crankshaft: 11,5 mm
    – Carburetor: aluminium - 5,4mm - slide
    – Glowplug: Turbo (C5TF)
    – Exhaust position: rear
    – Weight: 210 g
    – Fuel type: 16% nitro


    Source: Novarossi :) 

  • ARC R10 ATS Edition Touring Car

    0 comments - Oct 22 2014 06:30 PM

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