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  • Kyosho Tomahawk Re-release

    15 comments - Apr 21 2015 11:17 PM
    Kyosho is one of only a few brands that can produce 80s vintage reproduction cars – it’s one of very select group that’s been in the RC car market since the very beginning. In fact, Kyosho is the most prolific, most experienced RC car manufacturers in the world, having introduced its first production RC car in 1970, a full 15 years before the “boom” that really turned up the heat in the market that produced cars like the Scorpion, Beetle and the Tomahawk and many more. The Tomahawk and other vintage releases are built for the purpose of bringing back those years for the many, many enthusiasts who were part of the groundswell back then, and also for new enthusiasts to experience the pride and the sense of satisfaction that goes along with building and completing a kit, which was a much more popular option than the RTRs of the day. Following the original Scorpion and the re-release of the early 80s of the legendary Beetle 2014, Kyosho introduces the third release in the retro line, the Tomahawk. The Tomahawk, as it was back then, is an evolution of the Scorpion design that includes subtle enhancements to increase its off-road performance.
    The Tomahawk isn’t an exact replica. Yes, of course it’s faithful to its original design, but it also has some new features that make it a stronger and more reliable car. First and foremost are the looks of this latest release. Like many of the buggies from its time, scale looks were paramount, and the Tomahawk was probably one of the sharpest looking cars on the grid. Similarly, this re-release packs on the scale features, beginning with a body from the exact same mold that was used to make the original body all those years ago. It has the more “modern” side pods, running lights, a true driver cockpit with a driver figure, stylish black insets on the brushed-aluminum looking wheels, and even imprinted tires (new feature on the new buggy). It’s unmistakably scale, which is a critical component to the popularity of any class. It’s what inspires that “reaction” when you first see it on the hobby shop shelf. The Tomahawk is loyal to the scale appearance that inspired so many enthusiasts so many years ago, and it’s certainly unique in today’s market.
    The new Tomahawk is designed based on the original Tomahawk released in the early 80s. There are some upgrades to the design to make the car better in some cases, and also to allow use of modern electronics and power systems. Like those before it, the Tomhawk has features that are compatible with the original version, which allows owners of the original cars to repair and upgrade. It’s also capable of handling the added power and performance of brushless motors and Li-Po batteries. An astute observer will notice that the Tomahawk has a unique battery mount compared to the two previous releases, which allow a full size stick pack to be mounted side-to-side. Back when these cars were original available, the popular batteries were 5-cell, 6-cell hump packs, and eventually 6-cell stick packs. In terms of modern batteries, the Tomahawk will accept a full size lipo pack in the transverse mounting location, and a “shorty” pack mounted front to back, or “inline.”
    The unique double deck design has been improved with A6061 aluminum lower plate, to which the servo is solidly mounted with screws, where the original car had the servo mounted with two-sided tape. There’s also a new FRP upper deck with molded clamp parts and new durable posts.
    The gearbox housing is now a two-piece design made of die-cast aluminum. The original kit did not have a differential, but this new release will include a gear differential, and it’s also compatible with the RB6 ball differential. A slipper clutch is now incorporated, which helps to manage the power of modified brushless motors. The gears are all 48-pitch, inside and out. Sintered alloy gears combine with nylon gears to provide more gearing options, smoother running, and increased durability. The transmission and the rest of the drivetrain are supported by a full set of precision ball bearings.
    Satin “Chrome” plated wheels feature back insets to give the Tomahawk that unique two-tone look that caught everyone’s eyes so many years ago, and today. They’re mounted with soft compound rubber tires and foam inserts, officially licensed to carry the Goodyear logo. That means you no longer have to tediously paint the white lettering on the sidewalls of the tires – now it’s done for you. Wheels and tires are attached to suspension that is now 6061T6 forged aluminum components instead of the less durable cast aluminum that was included in the original kit. The arms, chassis plates, and the rails of the main chassis feature full 6061T6 aluminum construction. Countersunk hex-head machine screws are used throughout, instead of the old self-tapping and Phillips-head machine screws of the past.
    The bright red anodized aluminum shocks are slightly larger in diameter than the original shocks, and they feature polished stainless shafts for much smoother, more durable shocks. As a last improvement, the suspension is wider than that of the original car. The more narrow suspension of the original car were driven by the dimensions of the full-scale cars of the day, but a slight increase in the width of this version of the Tomahawk improves stability and handling without visibly compromising the scale looks of this vintage machine.
    Length: 15.7 in. (398mm)
    Width: 9.3 in. (236mm)
    Height: 5.7 in (145mm)
    Wheelbase: 10.4 in. (263mm)
    Track width (F/R): 7.8/7.7 in (198mm/195mm)
    Tire Diameter (F/R): 3 in./3.3 in. (?75mm/?85mm)
    Tire width (F/R) : 0.8 in./1.6 in. (20mm/41mm)
    Gear Ratios: High-6.9:1 Low-8.3:1
    Approx. Weight: 50.5 oz. (1430g)

    Kit Contents
    Pre-assembled gear box and shocks • chassis parts • clear body • decals • hex wrench • cross wrench • shock tool • grease and silicone oil

    Required for operation
    2CH TX/RX set • standard size servo • Electronic speed controller • 540 size brushed or brushless motor (30T-27T brushed motor recommended for scale performance) • 7.2V NiMh Battery or 2S Li-Po pack (ESC needs to be compatible) • Charger that is compatible with your choice of battery.

    Expected Release Date: June 2015

    Source: Kyosho Facebook



  • Competition: Show us the best photos of your 1/10th on road car!

    6 comments - Apr 21 2015 09:09 AM

    Its another golden competition time again guys :good:


    This time were having a competition for the best 1:10 onroad car. The winner will receive a set of 1:10 on road wheels and tyres from Fastrax.




    Competition Rules: Gold Members only. Post one photo of YOUR On road 10th Scale looking awesome in reply to this topic


    Draw Ends: Friday 1st May, the winner will be picked by Staff :)


    Good luck guys (& gals?)



    If you are not already a Gold Memberclick here to find out more about the great benefits and how to sign-up! It's just £5 and helps the community we all love to be a part of.


    Huge thank-you to our friends over at CML Distribution. Checkout their website and like them on Facebook!

    Another thank-you goes to Modelsport UK for helping arrange postage for these awesome prizes!

  • Tekno EB48SL 1/8th 4WD Competition Super Light Buggy Kit

    6 comments - Apr 19 2015 09:31 AM

    The EB48SL represents a new and emerging class that is far more accessible to more people just starting out in the class.  Batteries, motors, and parts are less expensive than their full weight 1/8th cousins.  The kit itself is also an undeniable value and is backed by the best customer service in the industry.


    How does it perform on the track?  ‘Easy to drive fast’ would be the best way to describe the SL.  Full traction patch of a 1/8th scale tread with much less weight and a touch less power results in maximum traction and corner speed.  The EB48 is known for it’s steering, jumping ability, and efficiency and the SL continues this legacy.


    Lightened differentials, lightened driveline, and lightened aluminum parts are standard and used throughout.  16mm bore, aluminum threaded body, long travel shocks are standard.  Updated SCT410.3 suspension geometry is standard.  Split center diff mount and lightened chassis are standard.  This is how we say ‘thank you’ to our customers, by providing maximum performance at a reasonable price.




    EB48SL Features:


    • 4mm CNC lightened aluminum black anodized chassis.
    • Super narrow layout – widest point is only 125mm (less than 5”) mudguard-to-mudguard.
    • Class leading front and rear clearance (short chassis overhang) provides better bump handling and jump landing.
    • Lightweight aluminum pivot balls and suspension bushing are standard.
    • New lighter camber link rod ends and turnbuckles.
    • Adjustable, LCG lightweight wing mount.
    • Integrated battery tray/mud guard, battery is sunken into chassis for a super low CG.
    • Integrated electronics tray/mud guard for easy removal of electronics.
    • Spacious, enclosed, easy access radio box with integrated transponder mount.
    • Adjustable chassis brace system for fine tuning flex with front, center, and rear braces.

    Motor Mount:

    • 2-piece CNC aluminum motor mount with precision dual clamping gear mesh adjustment.
    • LCG lightened motor mount insert is standard.
    • Split center diff mount for easy maintenance.
    • Lightweight direct-to-diff mount design.
    • Uses standard MOD 1 pinion gears (TKR4171-TKR4190).

    Differentials and Drivetrain:

    • 3 fluid filled adjustable super lightweight diffs.
    • Newly redesigned precision diff gears with innovative 1-piece cross-pin design for increased durability.
    • Lightened outdrives and diff couplers used throughout.
    • Aluminum tapered aluminum center driveshaft.
    • Angled rear gearbox with large bearings reduces wear.
    • CV driveshafts with captured pins on all 4 wheels.
    • Standard 17mm wheel hex fits standard 1/8th wheels without the use of adapters.
    • Straight center driveline and less rotating mass = better acceleration and efficiency.


    • 16mm bore CNC aluminum hard anodized threaded shock bodies.
    • 4mm hardened steel polished shock shafts.
    • 4mm 7075 aluminum LCG shock towers are standard.
    • New clamping spring perches with captured shock boots.
    • Innovative conical piston design (not just tapered) provides varied compression and rebound rates.
    • Fully adjustable long travel suspension geometry maximizes stability and traction while providing superior cornering and on-power steering.
    • Triple guide design for true consistent shaft action.
    • Options for vented cap, emulsion, or standard shock configurations out of the box.
    • Optional springs and sway bars available.

    Suspension and Steering:

    • All new SCT410.3 front and rear suspension geometry.
    • New V2 hinge pin brace system for incredible adjustability.
    • Adjustable front arm sweep and angle to make the car more aggressive (swept forward), or easier to drive (swept back).
    • New longer rear sway bar for better consistency.
    • ‘Narrow pivot’ steering posts provide ‘0 bump’ geometry with almost 0 steering slop.
    • 4mm inner, 3.5mm outer hinge pins, polished for smooth action.
    • Adjustable Ackermann and bump-steer (bump in, 0 bump, bump out).
    • Steering system is fully supported on precision ball bearings.  No bushings here.


    Other Features:

    • Exceptional wear characteristics.  Leave the slop and warping to the other guys.
    • Easily adjust anti-squat, rear toe, front arm angle, front arm sweep, roll center, toe, camber, wheelbase, Ackermann, bump steer, suspension geometry out of the box..
    • Extremely easy to work on with minimal screw count.
    • Shares many parts with the SCT410/EB/NB/ET/NT48 = less parts in your toolbox.
    • Compatibility with many existing parts and options.
    • All metric hex hardware.
    • 100% Tekno RC Designed and Tested in Southern California.




    Additional information can be found here :) 

  • Teamsaxo GT-300W 1/12th scale pan car kit - first render release

    0 comments - Apr 19 2015 09:23 AM

    Based on a 2.5mm carbon fibre main chassis the car will feature a widely adjustable front end with alloy mounting brackets for the front lower A-arms, a single bellcrank steering assembly and a rear link-type suspension with dual roll dampers and a large volume centre shock. 








    Addtional information to follow. Source: Teamsaxo :)


  • Mon-Tech F15 formula bodyshell

    0 comments - Apr 19 2015 09:17 AM

    Mon-Tech introduce the F15 bodyshell for 1/10th formula pan cars. Its design is meant to produce a good amount of steering response, while allowing for good corner speed without slowing the car down too much


    The body is will fit most modern RC formula chassis on the market and is also supplied unpainted.




    Source: Mon-techracing :) 

  • JConcepts New Release – Scorpios SCT Tires

    3 comments - Apr 17 2015 09:13 PM

    JConcepts unveils an all new SCT all-terrain tire from their design department. The Scorpios, scale looking tread and tough realistic profile, jump out as the most obviously features. Starting by analyzing the tread, the design team focused on a closely knit tread arranging them in a pattern closely resembling a 1:1 scale tire. The padded arrangement of tread makes the tire ideal for transitioning from the hard road to dirt and then into rocky and uneven terrain. Once power is applied to the vehicle, the tread spacing opens up which allows for some deep digging making it a great working tire in dirt and muddy conditions!




    Source: Jconcepts :)

  • Team Associated RC8B3 Team Kit Nitro Buggy

    1 comments - Apr 17 2015 09:10 PM




    • Front suspension features pillow-ball uprights for increased adjustability and improved durability
    • Lightweight ring gears and optimized precision ball bearing sizing reduces drivetrain rotational mass for improved acceleration and fuel economy
    • Gearboxes feature a 3.38:1 internal gear ratio with fast access differentials for quick removal, tuning and maintenance
    • Six universal drive shafts for efficient drivetrain power delivery and ease of maintenance
    • Braking system features bonded pads and machined steel rotors for maximum braking force and reduced fade
    • 7075-T6 aluminum 16mm Big Bore threaded shocks with TiN coated 3.5mm shafts, larger diameter precision springs, and optimized bladders for more precise volume compensation
    • 7075-T6 aluminum shock towers front and rear feature finely tuned shock mounting and upper arm positions
    • Refined suspension geometry with lower hinge pin inserts for quick and easy roll center adjustments
    • Lightweight one-piece wing mounts feature height and forward positioning adjustment for more precise handling
    • Carbon fiber radio tray with sealed receiver box keeps dirt and debris from receiver
    • Large capacity fuel tank with floating clunk filter and optimized internal baffles keep fuel flowing in the most extreme conditions
    • Pro-Line RC8B3 clear body and Team Associated molded wing included






    Full information and specification can be found here :) 

  • Tamiya TRF211XM 1/10th 2WD buggy – Coming soon

    1 comments - Apr 17 2015 09:04 PM



    All shall be revealed soon :P 

    Source: Tamiyablog

  • RC4WD Beast II 6x6 Truck Kit

    0 comments - Apr 17 2015 09:01 PM



    The Beast II is built with engineering and design first. Packed with great products like the R3 2 speed transmission, Yota II axles, Triton transfer case, Mil-Spec ZXL tires, and 1.9 Humvee beadlock wheels. There are no better options!

    Beast II... What's in store for you?

    • Custom Designed for True to Scale Looks
    • Realistic Aluminum Ladder Frame Chassis
    • R3 Single Speed Transmission
    • Center Mounted Realistic 4x4 Transfer Case
    • Cast Metal Axles with Locked Differentials
    • 3 Link front and 8 Link rear suspension
    • Humvee 1.9 Internal Beadlock Wheel
    • MIL-SPEC ZXL 1.9 Tires
    • Chassis mounted Steering servo
    • Dual Spring 80mm Scale Black Shocks





    Hammer Transfer Case:

    Ratio - 1:1 Gearing 32P hardened steel gears, 8 bearing Design, cast casing

    All New R3 Scale 2 Speed Transmission:
    Ratios: Pinion/spur 14/64 =4.57:1 Internal 1.78:1 Gears - Wide steel 32P, Delrin spur, slipper clutch

    All New Cast Yota II Axles:
    Ratio: 15/40 = 2.67:1 Width at hex 180.5mm

    Beast II  Suspension:
    Double triangulated 8 Link rear suspension.
    3 Link front suspension with panhard bar

    Shock Absorbers:
    Dual Spring 80mm Shocks - Can be oil filled

    Type: 1.9 Scale Beadlock Wheel
    Hub: 12mm Hex  Width: 25mm         
    Back spacing: 16mm

    Machined billet aluminum, lightweight  

    Beast II Dimensions:
    Wheels base F-R: 408mm(16.1”)
    Wheels base F-M: 292mm (11.496”)
    Width: 211mm (8.3”)
    Height: 226mm (8.9”)
    Ground clearance: 60mm (2.4”)
    Final Drive Ratio: 1st - 62.1:1, 2st - 22.75:1




    Full specification and information can be found here :) 

  • GForce Multi Warming System for Mini-Z-sized cars

    0 comments - Apr 17 2015 08:53 PM

    Japanese company GForce introduce the Multi Warming System for Mini-Z-sized mini and micro cars. The system consists of a compact main unit with LC display and a dial for the menu operation and it is powered by 11 to 18VDC input. The included set of alloy cups for the tyres offers individual temperature sensors and 26.4mm reducers to adapt the system to a range of tyre diameters. The unit offers a temperature range of 20°C up to 100°C (68°F-212°F) and a 30 minute safety timer prevents the tyres from becoming cooked.




    Source: Gforce :) 

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