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  • Serpent Spyder front wing

    0 comments - Yesterday, 08:31 PM

    Serpent have new option parts for the SRX2 buggy available in the form of a front wing and aluminium suspension inserts. Starting with the wing, the parts is made from clear polycarbonate and it is made to improve the front downforce on all Spyder SRX2 buggies.

  • Xray X12'15 pan car kit

    0 comments - Yesterday, 08:29 PM


    Xray introduce the X12'15 1/12th scale pan car kit, the latest evolution step of the European Championship wining platform. The car is based on a new 3mm narrower chassis for a more centralised weight distribution and it features a new centre shock mount that allows to run a short or long centre shock in order to adjust the car's damping characteristics to your liking. Also new are updated chassis cut-outs for improved steering response, less sloppy steering blocks, new bump steer and upper arm length shims as well as a new smaller pod pivot ball and a rear link plate that allows to run the standard dual tube dampers or an optional side shock.


    Included in the kit are also new composite battery stoppers, orange colour aluminium parts and several other features such as aluminium and delrin side dampers a set of front ride height shims and a heavy duty rear ball differential. The X12'15 is meant to hit the stores very soon.

    2015 All-new Specs
    – All-new orange aluminum parts
    – All-new chassis
    – All-new narrower design
    – All-new narrow rear pod
    – All-new weight balance
    – All-new center shock position adjustment
    – All-new 1-hole piston
    – All-new steering block
    – All-new bumpsteer shims
    – All-new upper arm position adjustment shims
    – All-new composite lower and upper pivot brace
    – All-new pod pivot ball
    – All-new rear link pod upper plate
    – All-new shock adaptor
    – All-new rear link brace
    – All-new composite battery backstops

  • GForce Motor Analyser

    0 comments - Yesterday, 08:28 PM

    Japanese company GForce introduce their Motor Analyser, a device to test and adjust (sensored) brushless motors. The motor tester is housed in a black anodised aluminium case and features a backlit display, LED "throttle level" indicators and a jog dial to access the various adjustment parameters such as KV rate teasing, voltage and amp measurement, motor timing adjustment as well as noise level (bearing test) and sensor test. The Motor Analyser is designed to be powered by a 2S LiPo or 7-cell NiMH battery pack and it comes with a range of wires such as a senor cable, motor connection wires and power adapters.



  • Kyosho Psycho Kruiser VE Readyset!

    0 comments - Aug 26 2014 07:56 PM

    Monster trucks have a long tradition in KYOSHO and have always been synonymous with advanced technology and bears strong performance!




    The 1/8th scale 4WD truck comes ready-to-run including a 2.4GHz radio system, Team Orion R8one brushless motor and speed controller (6s) as well as a waterproof steering servo. The chassis is equipped with a heavy-duty 3-diff 4WD drivetrain, front universal driveshafts, big bore oil-filled shock absorbers, and R/L thread turnbuckles. The whole assembly is topped off by an aerodynamically shaped pick-up truck body and high-traction micro pin tyres!





    Source: Kyosho.de :)


    Please click here for video

  • Koysho Mad Bug VE White Type 1 1/10

    2 comments - Aug 22 2014 09:10 PM

     For off-road racing fans, this machine delivers the best performance vs cost around!

    Shaft driven 4WD can handle just about any type of rough terrain with ease. Features large 100mm diameter tires on inch up wheels supported by aluminum oil shocks together with waterproof speed controller, brushless motor and servo as standard. The bathtub chassis is equipped with heavy-duty suspension, slipper clutch and metal diff gears in the high durability drive train that can take plenty of punishment from hard driving. Team Orion speed controller and brushless motor combine to deliver the power to take on any course as aggressively as you can. Adjustable toe and camber angles on front and rear upper arms and steering rod provide plenty of scope for fine-tuning your setup. For performance vs cost, this machine is a certain winner!






    Please click for source and additional information! :) 



  • Serpent Spyder SRX-2 RM 2wd RTR Buggy

    0 comments - Aug 22 2014 09:01 PM

    Serpent designer Billy Easton, former 1/10 scale 2wd World Champion, and the designer of the successful Cobra 1/8 series of cars, and the Spyder 1/10 RM, MM and SCT, has created this new masterpiece!




    Main features

    -   Ready to race
    -   Prepainted and precut buggy body
    -   Dragon-RC 2.4 GHz transmitter TX-RX  with LCD 
    -   Waterproof Electronic speedcontroller 45A
    -   Brushless, sensorless motor 9T
    -   Expert factory  assembly and set-up
    -   Dragon-RC premounted buggy tyres
    -   Hard composite chassis and  shocktowers
    -   Spring steel transmission parts
    -   Gear differential and solid slipper
    -   High performance race geometry
    -   Rear motor design
    -   Unique  steeringblock  design
    -   Big bore 12mm RCM type shocks with dual system
    -   Highly Efficient Steering ackermann
    -   Adjustable rear differential height
    -   Narrow composite chassis design
    -   Low, cab forward body


    Please view source and additional information here :)  

  • RPM Spare Tire Carrier for the Traxxas Slash 2wd & 4x4

    6 comments - Aug 22 2014 08:52 PM

    Convert your favorite short course truck into a full-on desert truck with this cool and innovative Spare Tire Carrier for the Traxxas Slash 2wd & 4x4. Our Spare Tire Carrier is a simple add-on that allows you to bolt on two real spare tires to the back of the truck, perfectly mimicking many popular full-scale off-road desert trucks running in some of the toughest desert conditions out there.


    The RPM Spare Tire Carrier consists of a frame and support structure built from the RPM blend of ultra tough and durable nylons so not only will your truck look scale, it’ll still be able to handle the toughest of conditions. We know you want a truck you can run so get out there and bash it! It’s RPM; we can take it. If you’d rather build a shelf queen, we designed our Spare Tire Carrier to mimic the appearance of 2” diameter tubing on a real roll cage so scale appearance is perfect!




    Source: RPM :)

  • Vaterra 2015 Ford Mustang coupe

    0 comments - Aug 22 2014 11:23 AM

    The 1/10-scale Vaterra® 2015 Ford Mustang coupe is a one-of-a-kind RC recreation of this landmark automobile. It comes completely assembled and ready to run with the officially licensed body in place. Beneath the gorgeous exterior is the power and poise of a Vaterra V100-S chassis. Its potent Dynamite® power system and shaft-driven 4WD provide a perfect blend of speed, traction and control that make this car a blast to drive right out of the box.

    The V100-S platform has been designed with flexibility in mind; accommodating variation in wheelbase and dimensions to ensure that our products are as faithful to the originals as possible. Multi-part body tooling produce undercuts and shapes that simple vacuum forming is incapable of achieving. Yes it's more time consuming and yes it's more expensive but to the enthusiast, the difference is startling and the end result justifies the decision.

    Simple details such as brake discs, wing mirrors and bumpers complete the look but are so often overlooked. But not with Vaterra. Authentic colour ways and realistic wheels, subtle visual cues that stand out to the enthusiast; all have been carefully thought out, designed and produced with official licensed endorsement from the design owners.

    It's a 1/10 Scale saloon platform that has been designed around a common chassis and driveline, making it possible to create many different cars without the need for expensive and extensive bespoke spares support. At the heart of the V100-S lies a four wheel driven shaft-drive transmission system, equipped with twin gear-type differentials housed within a sealed drivetrain and transmission tunnel with an inline-mounted 15T brushed motor. A proven concept that our Vaterra engineers have honed to provide a balanced, neutral handling and confidence-inspiring dynamic package that can be further augmented with a wide range of tuning and personalisation options.



    Inside the box is a Spektrum DX2E steer wheel radio that is not only ergonomically designed to be comfortable to use but also gives excellent control and interferance free running. To power the radio is four AA batteries that are sure to keep you going for many battery packs to come. There is a Dynamite Speedpack 1800mAh NiMH battery that when fully charged gives great power and duration and to charge this pack there is a mains 2A charger that is sure to get you out there in no time.
    ?Shaft-Driven transmission for excellent traction and efficiency
    ?Low Centre of Gravity, double wishbone suspension for better handling
    ?Wider rear tyres for better rear end stability
    ?15 Turn brushed motor with a LiPo ready Electronic Speed Controller
    ?The motor guard features Cooling Vnets to direct air towards the motor
    ?Waterproof Electronics
    ?Universal body mounts
    ?Sealed differentials
    ?Adjustable battery strap adapts to different battery tyres and sizes
    ?Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz Steer Wheel Transmitter
    ?Dynamite SpeedPack 1800mAh NiMH Battery Pack and mains charger
    ?Licenced and ultra scale bodyshell including details suchas wing mirrors and exhaust pipes
    ?Low profile tyres and bigger rims
    ?Break Discs and Calipers add realistic, scale details

    RRP £199



  • Team associated canopy

    18 comments - Aug 19 2014 08:26 PM

    Be the envy of your track with your very own Team Associated branded canopy.  This sturdy 10x10 canopy will keep you in the shade, while the optional back wall provides privacy as well as shelter from the wind.

    Features include telescoping legs, hooks and straps that attach the cover to the frame, and 8 stakes to keep the canopy in place: 1 for each telescoping metal leg, and 1 for each of the 4 anchor straps.  The included storage bag keeps your canopy clean while not in use!






    Source: Teamassociated :) 


  • Axial AX31047 3150KV 4-pole brushless motor

    0 comments - Aug 19 2014 08:18 PM

    This provides the perfect amount of torque and speed for this rock racing monster. The long can design provides a massive amount of power, especially when powered by 3S. Whether ripping through the fields or negotiating technical terrain, this power plant has you covered!




    • Long can design for added torque
    • 3s LiPo compatible
    • 5mm output shaft
    • Black anodized can

    • Laser etched logos




    Source: Axialracing :) 

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