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    Steel Frame Ladder

    The frame of GS02F chassis is designed to look like real cars’. It is made of high strength steel and the C-channel side rail with hex wrench bolted cross members make it resistant to twisting and warping. The steel parts are finished with powder coats to prevent rusting.

    Inner Fenders

    The inner fenders are directly fixed to the frame to reduce flex and bend of the chassis and parts. They also avoid external objects entering into the chassis during the driving.

    Extended 347mm wheelbase

    Extended wheelbase makes climbing and rough terrain driving more stable and smoother.

    Front Weight Balance

    Weight balance of the GS02F chassis is leaning forward. This increases traction of the front wheels and provides better crawling performance at high angle hills or rocks. It also minimizes rolling over backwards when climbing.

    Multiple Battery Size

    Size changing battery tray of the GS02F chassis can hold all sizes of Lipo and Ni-MH batteries.


    Overdrive system means the front and the rear wheels rotate for different speeds. The GS02F transmission is designed to rotate the front wheels faster than the rear wheels.

    Better Steering Radius

    Vehicles with overdrive front wheels turn with shorter steering radius compared with non-overdrive vehicles. The overdrive also makes the control easier when the car is driving on rough surfaces.

    2-Speed HI/LO Transmission

    The 1st gear is for hardcore rock crawling and the 2nd gear is for hill climb or high-speed driving.

    Torque Twist Reduce Transmission

    TTR(Torque Twist Reduce) transmission is designed to reduce unnecessary torque so the vehicle will drive with more stability. From the transmission, the front and rear universal shafts rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, and these opposite rotations compensate for rotational forces of action(torque) and reaction(reverse torque).

    MT-1905 1.9 Inch M/T Off-Road Tyre

    The MT 1905 off-road tires, made of super soft compound material provide much traction to the surfaces. The tread patterns are suitable for off-road driving and the large diameter of the tires enables it to run smoothly on any uneven road surfaces.

    Tyre Specifications

    • Tyre Height: 121mm
    • Tyre Width: 45mm
    • Inner Diameter: 48mm (1.9")

    The spider body is a NO TOP style body made of high quality 1.5mm lexan with high strength and details. To add realism details it includes front grille, light bucket, side mirrors, wipers, driver seat, steering wheel, shifter, overfenders, roll cage and a LED light bar so you can tune into a realistic off-road vehicle to matches the concept of off-road adventure. The accessory parts are made of high-strength plastic so they are resistant from the highly impacts, and include decals with realistic details.

    Car Specifications

    • Width: 269mm
    • Height: 255mm
    • Length: 486mm
    • Wheelbase: 347mm
    • Ground Clearance: 82mm
    • Weight (No Electronics): 2.36kg
    • Front Approach Angle: 79 degree
    • Rear Approcach Angle: 90 degree













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    Interesting new model, a nice change from the usual stuff

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    quite an influx of new decent spec crawler/trail trucks these days :good:

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