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  1. I loved the look of the Kyosho Turbo Scorpion Re Release, so I bought one just to keep on a shelf. Well I took it out and it’s so much fun that it gets used regularly now. Still like the way it looks though!
  2. Thanks lorrylemming, quicrun 10bl120 looks to be suitable and good value to boot!
  3. It’s here!!!!! Going to watch the CompetitionX build videos a couple of times and then dive in. It looks like it works best with a low profile servo, need recommendation’s for a decent option please and a sensored esc. Is a Hobbywing XR10 Stock a good option with a 10.5 turn motor? Then it’ll be a body, it’d be Delta Integrale if it weren’t for the sticker hell. Hmm? I’ll post the odd picture as it goes along, if anybody is interested? Cheers Steve
  4. Hi For sale a set of Schumacher Honeycomb wheels/tyres for 1/10 4wd buggy, 12mm hex fitment. These have had light use but have plenty of life left. Please see images for condition. £15 posted please.
  5. I’ve just bought one off of BeyondRC and another with the Classic Mini body through the link provided by Tomley! I want to get oil dampers now, but don’t know which? Any one able to help? Looking forward to racing my son around the local car park, once they both get here.
  6. Hi Ricky First, love the channel! If still available, I’d take No7, the UDIrc Rally Car. Cheers Steve
  7. Certainly with this one, the quality is great. The drive is great fun too!
  8. Thanks! It certainly moves some. Similar performance to our EMB-T but does it in a crazy fun way. You wouldn’t want it too tame though, would you?
  9. Well I bought this following a wine fuelled watch of a Tomley video. It was a fun build and appears great quality. Fully intended to keep it as a shelf queen as it looks so good, imho, but couldn’t resist a quick try, as you do? I have to say that it drives really well. The soft trailing arm suspension takes bumps superbly and it took several quite hard bumps and tumbles with ease. Too much lifting paint in the shell (poor workmanship by me) and scratches on the roof to be a shelf queen now, so a basher it is! Running a Surpass 3600kv/Max10 combo on 2s and 3s with the high gear ratio installed. It needs a little gyro assistance on 3s but probably about perfect on 2s. I’m not sure if I need to get the Beetle version to keep it company now, haha. Maybe with higher kv but lower gearing to get some wheelie action. These are proper fun!!!
  10. Hehe, I could have written the first comment of BigGinge myself, COVID hasn’t been kind to my waistline! Trying to get fit for a trip to the Alp’s September time, not going well thus far. Spare parts are hard to find, I agree. Was looking to sell my old bike and get a new 29er hardtail, to try and increase interest, but just found “Gumtree Chancers” casing my house at 4 in the morning. Lesson learned, eh! Great riding options from home, here on the edge of the Pennines, when I can force myself out though. Good riding guys. Steve
  11. This will be the last bump, I promise!
  12. This cost over £1000 to build bump! Any offers or questions on this, I can always say no. Cheers Steve
  13. Sunny Saturday bump! Feel free to ask any questions etc.
  14. Hello *** Provisional sale agreed *** I’m looking to sell my MT410. Built a few months ago but, other than a run up and down the street for 2 minutes, has never been run. Proline Raptor bodyshell painted Tamiya Copper, the inside of which is drywall taped and glued. My first ever body painting but looks very passable, no cracks or scratches as never been bashed about. There are M2C chassis braces and shock tower/body post stiffeners fitted. There is also an M2C long rear brace, should you ever want to fit a longer chassis. The chassis has had a skin applied during the build, so there are no marks underneath. Chinese alloy steering top plate. The shocks have Tekno alloy top and bottom caps fitted. The plastic originals are included, along with unused parts from the build. There is also a Tekno steel spur gear included but not fitted, the supplied composite one being in the truck. Arrma 4s Backflip wheels/tyres. A pair of T-bone racing bumpers are included but not fitted. The truck has a used Hobbywing Max 8 2200KV combo running a 15 tooth pinion, a DS3235 35kg servo and Tekno alloy servo horn, along with Dumbo RC rx/tx. So, a Tekno MT410 with most of the “must have” upgrades fitted, in as new condition. Looking for £500 collected/local meet near Manchester, as it is. Posted for £520. All plus fees, if using PayPal. Contact me if you are interested in it without any of the electronics, so we can discuss a deal.
  15. Haha Jaytee must have been listening! Max8, 6s, 20 tooth pinion, standard motor, 66mph at 3/4 throttle, as he puts it. Corally has an upgraded 6s transmission in here, with all of their recent HD upgrades, which would cost near £100 for a Kronos V1 or V2. I know, as I fitted most of them to the Kronos I recently sold. I don’t need one of these, though had it been available 6 months ago would certainly been on any shortlist I may have been making at the time. I can’t help but hope it is as solid and reliable as it looks. Cheers Steve
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