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  1. Hello guys. I'm after a scale bike for the back of my 46 power wagon build. Anyone got anything sat doing nothing. Thanks Guys
  2. Got the tools together and did some work. Half way through the project. Tomorrow will drill and tap the holes and print the last parts needed. One ar60 size pro44 rear axle. Lovely.
  3. The only way to be 100%safe Is to pick it up in person and Test it before you leave. If it has to be posted. like others have said. Do some research first. Get prof he has the item. Use PayPal business only. And then hope you don't get messed about.
  4. Well that's not right. Think I might have to remake this one
  5. The 2 shorter links at the bottom is what I'm after. With the long rod ends. What you after for them.
  6. The losi stuff is long since discontinued. And parts can be hard to find now. More a collector item now I think. I'd avoid buying one unless you really want a losi micro build. I'd try one of the modern 18th scale cars now available. Or the mini z is really nice.
  7. It is yes. An m4 thread and about 25/30mm long. Will do dude cheers
  8. Evening guys. Any one got a couple of the 30ish mm rod ends that you don't need. I need a couple to finish off a build for a friend. Thanks guys
  9. Bit slow this week or 2. Little one on holiday so all my time is spent looking after him. And having massive fun messing around. Then I got the flu at the weekend. So that's me done for most of this week. But managed to smash the Capra herja together. Just need to make some links next and a few bits to arrive to finish it off .and got any idea in the pipe line. Ideas ideas ideas. Always to many to make them all. But slowly coming together
  10. Hero guys. Got this set of cases. No longer needed. Good condition with no damaged threads. Only used once before I changed my set up. Say £20 all in.
  11. We do indeed. Not as much as i did. But your always welcome. If your on Facebook join my group. Gloucestershire RC club and put a post up asking about meeting up. We can arrange a meeting with the bashers
  12. Pulled my Capra apart to make a second shafty based around it . Basic idea is sorted. Needs links making and some parts designed and printed. But it should be good once it's done
  13. One metre of 12mmx2mm aluminium tube. For a idea I have for my sporty project. I also have the same tube of carbon coming.
  14. Did more work to the weight hangers. Rear is definitely done now. Fits wheels with at least 45mm clearance In the wheel. Holds 4 11x11mm weights. I'm using brass. But you could make lead ones. Or make tungsten ones if you have the money.
  15. Did some more work on the larger front weight hangers. Think the hanger is finished now. Just got to finish design on the wheel part now.
  16. That's what I thought. Any hard bump or movement is going the make the weights swing around messing everything up.
  17. Got the herja ready for a day out as the wife's at the office on a Wednesday. Get car ready. Then 2 minutes before I'm heading out get 2 guys from the gas company telling me there is a problem with the gas riser. And they have to replace it. Cut to a few hours manic cleaning the kitchen so they can pull it apart to replace said item. What bloody fun lol. Car went back on its shelf for the week.
  18. I could try and make something to do that. And see if it would work. But I'm guessing that there isn't anything in the market that does this. Might mean it's not worth working on.
  19. The big downside is you lose a good chunk of the flex you get from tyres. With the wheels we use. They run tyres about 5.5 Inch. So with a 2.2 wheel we get 3 inches of flex give or take a bit. Remove an Inch or so from the hanger part of the wheel. It makes choosing foam's even more important to get right. To hard and the Tyre doesn't flex enough. To soft and it bottoms out on the tyre to easily. Get it right and jackpot. Not everyone wants to or needs to run this set up. I just wanted to build an option into my range of parts if wanted. And I want to give it a try and see how much or a difference it makes.
  20. No the hangers are fixed to the hubs. They don't spin.
  21. You can see in this pic the most extreme version of the hangers. As you can see the weights are fixed to the axle hub. And then sit right down inside the wheels. And you can see with the car picture how they work.
  22. So with the hangers. It places a set of weights below the axle hight of the car. Making its cog as low as possible and putting weight right where you want it most. The tyres. And. It having the weight high up. So picture of the full car is a single weight hanger for a stock beadlock style wheel. It drops a small amount of weights just below the axle. This helps wth cog a little. The extreme version is the picture of parts of a wheel. This version cuts out a section of the wheel and gives space to hang a bigger amount of weights right down inside the wheel. Dropping cog as low as possible. The last 2 pictures show the 2 style of wheels I have designed. The full wheel is a more standard wheel. It has 2 faces. And 6 spacers to join the 2 faces together. Giving a open space of around 44mm. The other wheel is the extram version. It has the spacers removed and pushed down inside the wheel. This gives me around 75mm of space to put a weight hanger in. Giving twice the amount of weight even lower in the wheel. Giving the best cog and tyre weight possible. We don't run any weight in the wheels. As this is the worst type of weight to have. The hangers are fixed to the axles eg the ar60 in my case.
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