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  1. They look exact replicas of the Carson dampers I've fitted to the TA-02. As for fitment, you could use a 3x12 or 3x15 self tapper in the bottom holes. Did you get a little black spacer thing that sticks in the top hole to make it smaller? like a little shim. Iff so, use a bolt, it should go straight through.
  2. That is the usual when buying aftermarket alloy dampers, swap the springs over. Those red ones are Carson, the springs are pretty soft.
  3. Took a TA-01 & TA-02... Added some new parts including an FRP chassis set... And built a minter TA-02.
  4. Thanks. Took a while and an arm and a leg I rekon the Thunder Dragon will come eventually, they've done them all now so no reason why not.
  5. Here you go, as I expected cheaper than the Terra Scorcher being a lower spec buggy. Tamiya Fire Dragon (2020) 47457
  6. Thunder Dragon or Falcon? Not getting too excited on the Thundershot family re-releases as I have them already. But I am for the Falcon, my first Tamiya. I'd buy 2 for the sake of it
  7. I'm confident it will be cheaper than the Terra Scorcher. Release date Feb 2021 so pre orders may start end of this year early next.
  8. This was an easy one for Tamiya to re-release. Having already released the Terra Scorcher (4 damper model ) the Fire Dragon isn't that much different. With no bearings, CVD's, rear sway bar it should be cheaper that the TS. Here's hoping.
  9. The Dragon is back... 47457 Fire Dragon (2020) Scource: Tamiyablog & Mokei Kagaku.
  10. The Dragon is back... 47457 Fire Dragon (2020) Scource: Tamiyablog & Mokei Kagaku. View full news article
  11. Congrats @stimpy well worth the £12 a year
  12. Some parts for a very special TA-02 build. And a second set of VQS Hi Cap dampers, but still no VQS Why 2 sets of dampers for a buggy I don't own and you can't even buy yet? I don't know, this hobby makes no sense sometimes and that's just how it is
  13. Fitted a carbon fibre Top Force front damper stay to the Mantaray.
  14. Carbon fibre Top Force front damper tower for the Mantaray.
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