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Found 4 results

  1. Okay guys, I hope you are able to help us. Our Losi LMT Grave Digger is having issues after having a rough day. We saw the issue was the original servo saver (primarily plastic) broke, so we replace the servo saver. We are new to this stuff, so we did not know the difference between a complete servo saver and just the horn. Needless to say, we ended up stripping the servo, which also caused it to overheat. Ugh...Well...We replaced the original Spektrum servo (S614S) with another Spektrum servo (S614) and also got the 23T servo saver to match, but the servo is still overheating, and the steering won't work. I don't want to send it to the shop if it is something we can do here at home. What do you guys think it could be? What can we do to fix it?
  2. Hi I am new to this Forum and new to RC, I recently bought an Arrma Typhon 550 Mega as I thought it was a good introduction vehicle for the price etc. Also my thinking was eventually I would like to upgrade the motor and ESC to a brushless system myself rather than buying the Typhon 3S BLX with all the kit already in. My first upgrade was to change the transmitter because from all reports the Spektrum STX2 gets pretty awful reviews. So I bought a Spektrum DX5C and it came with a SR6100AT receiver. When installing the receiver and binding with the DX5C I get terrible oscillation from the servo. At first I thought it was from the AVC (Vehicle control) but then reading the manual I noticed that it states the SR6100AT should be used with digital servos as AVC wont work properly with an analogue servo and can cause over heating. I am not sure how accurate this is and wondered if its just company speel to cover them if the servo breaks? All Arrma cars use analogue servos as far as I can see so I am surprised this receiver should only be used with digital servos? especially when both brands are owned bu Horizon hobbies! Anyway I just wondered if any one had any advice for this and if they would know if the SR6100AT is ok to be used with an analogue servo? If not my options to are either buy a new receiver or buy a new digital servo? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  3. Due to recently upgrading to the DX4R Pro, my trusty DX4S is now surplus to requirements. It's fully working and in a good, used condition. As expected, there are a few light marks on the outside from use. There is a light scratch on the screen which is barely noticeable during use (see pics). I'm including a SR310 3 channel receiver. (Note: I won't split the RX as i'd rather this went as a combo). Also comes with the original manual and small, medium and large handgrips (the large is currently fitted). Looking for £70 posted - buyer to cover PayPal fees please.
  4. Having upgraded to a DX5 Pro recently with the purchase of my Kraton 8S I am selling my DX4R Pro which to be fair didnt get much use at all as you can see - most protectors are still installed, manual almost untouched etc - comes boxed in near perfect condition - only had estimated 2hrs of runtime. £80 - but open to reasonable offers - can accept paypal, PAYM or BACS or cash on collection in Milton Keynes OR SWAP for Spektrum SRS4200 £80 - but open to reasonable offers - can accept paypal, PAYM or BACS or cash on collection in Milton Keynes OR SWAP for Spektrum SRS4200
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