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  1. Ummm no.... anything kyosho is fragile compared to mainstream basher... The og mad van had its share of issues relating to the driveline... I don't see this being any different .... besides... it'll sell in low numbers.... and become relegated to ebay in 10 years time for spares. And that's from a former kyosho collector that adores the brand..🤣
  2. Aye... she shifts for a 40 year old rig...still rocking the og motor too... She's on her way over the water now to its new owner in the USA
  3. Yeah dude.... it just floated .. apparently very bouyant. 🤣👌
  4. https://youtu.be/XDND7np3JrY
  5. Here's an old kyosho truck. Hailing from 1982, this vintage model is incredibly rare. I will soon be embarking on a little restoration to get her running once more. Here's a little video showing the hunt for information was a little fraught in itself.
  6. It was a great way to spend a few days that's for sure.... Roll on September ...biggest and best uk rc event... maybe even some of the msuk haters will turn out...🤣👍
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