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Found 21 results

  1. Here's an old kyosho truck. Hailing from 1982, this vintage model is incredibly rare. I will soon be embarking on a little restoration to get her running once more. Here's a little video showing the hunt for information was a little fraught in itself.
  2. I thought this would be a cool idea so I tried my best to make it on Sketchup. 1.5x2m Built it with 1:24 in mind. On top there is an off-road course. There are two drawers which can be slid out and have legs that can be put out. One drawer has a race/drift track and the other has sand for construction RC's. The drawers do have depth so you can store cars in there. There is a deep shelf on top for transmitters and 2 shelves for other stuff underneath. At the bottom there is storage space for bigger cars. Thought this would be good for optimising small spaces and a storage solution. Adding caster wheels makes it portable. Please reply if you think there is any improvements or if it is any good or if it is just a stupid idea. Thank You. 🙂
  3. My son has a new phantom xt 1/10 rc car. He super excited... me even more so. My first outing since my Tamiya FAV some 30 years ago! Sadly first day out he got a little over excited and we now have three cracked wheels, making the wheels unusable. Now I can buy replacement wheels at £18/pair, but these are also plastic and I fear we will go down the same road of rinse and repeat. Does anybody know of any compatible aluminium hubs / wheels that are suitable with this RC Car please, or anything sturdier that doesn't require a completely new car?! Appreciate the help.
  4. 😀Had some great fun yesterday with my Maverick Quantum Flux in the Snow! ❄️ Made a little video on youtube too: RC Brushless Truggy | Snow Fun (3S Lipo Battery)
  5. Here's the latest addition to how to paint an rc hardbody And here's the o.g one from a few years back
  6. Hi all don’t know where to start but back in the day I had a hpi mt2 and I loved it and the hobby but life moved on and I lost interest. fast forward to now and I’ve got the bug back! my nephew has got a nitro truck and it’s got me wanting one again the question is a lot has changed since I owned a car so I’m looking for recommendations on which model to get me back into it.I don’t want to go down the cheap route as you end up repairing them more than actually using them ha ha so my budget it between £300 to £400 so hoping to get some knowledge off you guys. Thanks jay
  7. Hey guys! I'm having a bit of an issue with my Outlaw - it is cogging when its on the ground I have checked the spur and pinion to see if they where meshing correctly and it seems to be I used the paper trick and it looks ok - While in the bench without any contact with the ground accelerates forward and back without any issue, when on the ground it makes a sound that it's slipping/cogging. I've tried to read several topics around this but theres never any answer - I have a turnigy 2s Lipo 5000MH brand new this is running a turnigy Motor/ESC 3250KV, 80A, I tried a lot of options to no solution I have ordered a new spur gear and a pinion just in case. Spur Gear 62T and Pinion 17T these are the original ones that come with the brushless motor. I've tested the motor on it's own and all the connections and theres no loss in continuity and it works fine - I'm a bit lost here on what to potentially do next to have the car fine. Thanks in advance guys!
  8. I’ve just got an absima stoke 4s lipo, took it out and within half an hour the steering servo has gone. It also kept going dead, having to turn it off and on again. Any advice and can anyone recommend me a good servo to buy, not sure if they’re different for electric I’ve only ever owned nitro
  9. Joef257


    Hi guys just a question for my cousin who has accidently placed full synthetic oil in his yama 1 5 scale petrol rc when it should be semi, (for breaking it in) will this be a big problem or be okay so long as he starts using the right oil from now.
  10. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can just give me an honest answer on which on the three rcs I have chosen too get? I'm a beginner so not looking too race or do any bashing or anything like that. #1 HIMOTO EMXT-1 PRO BRUSHLESS ELECTRIC 4WD RC TRUCK LATEST Version #2 HIMOTO RACING KATANA BRUSHLESS TRUGGY 1/10 ELECTRIC RC 4WD OFF-ROAD 2.4G LATEST VERSION #3 HIMOTO RACING BRUSHLESS TRUCK BOWIE PRO 1/10 RTR 4WD OFF-ROAD ELECTRIC 2.4G LATEST VERSION
  11. hi everyone i'm new to all this! please can you help i have a hpi car but i'm not sure what model it is? i want to do some aluminium upgrades but not sure what stuff to buy as not sure what will fit any help would be appreciated thankyou
  12. Price £50 + 12.post (24hr) edit - sold.... Radio Controlled Lipo Battery 6s 22.2v Tunrigy Heavy Duty 60-120c Lipo Battery. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 24hr Class. Good condition batteries... Ones hardly been used...Great condition - ready to go The other has seen moderate usage.... Shrink wrapping started peeling so taped it up... Also needs one connector resoldering. Both have been balanced charged to roughly storage charge...both are perfectly OK functionally. Expensive new
  13. RC car parts - What you see is what you get. Spares or repairs parts lot. Includes an intermittent fault lrp flow esc (rrp £170)... Needs looking at. Other bits and bobs.... See photos. Clearing out some stuff Now £15 + 5 post More pics added later
  14. Hi there, please forgive me as i am an amateur who is just getting in to the self built RC scene. I have had a look around and cant seem to find what i'm after. To start i thought i would make a simple Zagi. I did a bit of research and have the following equipment 1. Dx5e controller and AR600 receiver 2. two standard servos 3. 3000kv brushless motor 4. 30a ESC for aeroplanes ( according to site details ) 5. 2800mah LiPo battery My issue is this: i have plugged it all in following the instructions and although the servos respond correctly to signals sent from the controller, the motor instantly starts spinning as soon as the battery is connected. If i raise my throttle stick it will spin faster but will never stop spinning. What is it that i am doing wrong ? i would like to be able to vary the speed and have it stop completely in order to allow for slope soaring. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated
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