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  1. So there's a club near me that race 1/10th or smaller mostly buggyd inside on carpet . I've never been in this side of the hobbie but my lad wants to try it I don't fancy takeing any of my current RC of on there and covering the nice clean carpet in dirt So what's a good 1/10th or smaller buggy for raceing
  2. Spainels are bonkers they just never stop
  3. My working cocker Sabrina Wasn't planning on haveing another dog but lost my other working cocker of 13years last Xmas
  4. There is a post about it not being every month anymore just sort of as and when
  5. Yeah we've had a quick play this morning so now need to look at other crawlers and build a set haha
  6. Won a ftx ravine from hobby comps Quite happy about that see what this crawler lark is all about apparently there not half bad
  7. One of my probably my favourite pair to listen to https://youtu.be/04GVf_hOB5w
  8. All good shouts I just started drawing a blank
  9. So my little lads birthday is next month I've started putting him his own kits together Spare nuts and screws Spare A arms a priority for kits I think Electrical tape Zip ties (not in the picture) Ratchet screwdriver What other RC essentials shall I put in here for him to get him off to a good start
  10. I kind of really want one of these but the price is a bit on the high side for a 3s truck But it really does look like kyosho have gone above and beyond with trying to make a good basher Hopefully they are as strong as they look
  11. Get a mt10 I picked one up second hand for £150 quid changed the front arms out to rpm and you can send it to the moon
  12. Yeah I have one but I knocked it up out of scrap wood I had knocking about
  13. Brilliant thankyou
  14. Can anyone help ID these wheels and tyres for me They can with the truck and they perform very well where I've been useing mine But a loose nut lead to one getting cracked I've been told they may be off a hpi There 12mm nut centers
  15. These are mine they do the job well
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