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  1. Built another one Needs a faster motor though.
  2. Fitted some body post extensions so that I could finally get this finished. Toyota GR Supra body on a TA08 pro chassis.
  3. Other than the slight variation in the yellow of the shocks I thought it was fine. What issues did you have?
  4. Just starting with RC and Lego: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC62SmNXR50XFQai4K88wNPA Getting the hang of filming, camera setup and editing with some small lego builds but will be posting RC builds and eventually running footage.
  5. You can mod it for long dampers to get some extra travel/droop.
  6. oodboo

    Lego fanatics

    Quick little build because I'm going to Thailand in November to ride round in tuk tuks.
  7. Still haven't bothered with the new 4wd Saint Dragon, don't think I will but I have bought a new Saint Dragon body and I have the choice of the original red decals or the new blue ones when I paint it.
  8. oodboo

    Lego fanatics

    Made a little video of the time machine: Might have to redo it because the focus is off.
  9. First photo, looks pretty good to me.
  10. oodboo

    Lego fanatics

    Completed it this morning. Really enjoyable build. I chose to go with the BTTF 3 version.
  11. oodboo

    Lego fanatics

    Bag 5/11 complete and it's taking shape.
  12. oodboo

    Lego fanatics

    Time to make a start on this before my next RC builds.
  13. Just finished the body for this one today. Chassis is XV01.
  14. I like the look of that, would've been nice to see it on the TC01 chassis but I guess the TT02 is a bigger seller as it's a lot cheaper.
  15. Had some time today so got some more building done. Happy I've got a couple of tricky loops set up but as soon as I'm ready and the table is cleaned up of the mess, my battery dies.
  16. No price listed but I bet it makes Tamiya trucks look like good value. Does look good though.
  17. These are my three sprocker spaniels. The older two are great but the puppy is mental.
  18. oodboo

    Lego fanatics

    I enjoyed that build, nice big model when it's done as well.
  19. The last few nights I've taken my tools and a beer down the bottom of the garden and put this together. It's not finished yet and there are something I'll probably change but it's a good way to waste an hour or so before it gets dark.
  20. Dried it out over night and it flies! That's after hitting a tree and nearly losing it to the river. Then my dog snatched it out the air and dumped it in the river. Fortunately it's not a very deep river. Drone death.mp4
  21. Looks proper cool, bet it shifts with that brushless motor in there.
  22. I tore up the old deck from the garden and built a table out of it. I'm planning on making a table top course for my scx24. Table is about 3m x 1.4m so fairly big. This will live outside so obstacles will mostly be made of any wood that I have lying round. Anyone else built a table top course? I'm looking for inspiration from obstacles.
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