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  1. It worked well until I put it away. It's also waterproof 🤔
  2. Ello. I dug out the outlaw for the first time since last summer & the esc's dead. Any ideas why it'd die when not in use. It's a trackstar 120a brushless
  3. I gave up with the ftx drive shafts & fettled a traxxas summit one to fit. No problems since 😊
  4. Ello. Measure the battery tray, then get the highest mah battery that'll fit. I go to hobbyking for lipos. Worth a look 😊
  5. NOFX

    Msuk playing up?

    An inch in from the top right of my phone. I still can't get on msuk 😔
  6. NOFX

    Msuk playing up?

    Yeah. Been going on for a while.
  7. If I click on new posts,I just get taken to the msuk home page.. is it just me?
  8. I put a castle brushless combo in my summit. Excellent truck. I went through the drive shaft that goes from the gearbox to the rear diff regularly though
  9. I put a castle esc motor combo in mine. I used to break the drive shaft that goes between the gearbox & rear diff frequently. But it was worth it 😁
  10. Brilliant trucks. I made mine brushless & it could still get places dedicated crawlers couldn't 😊
  11. What's the wheelbase length.? Kamtec do some nice 1/16th bodies. They're pretty bombproof too.
  12. Aww. I wish there's was something like that local to me 😔. They used to hold an event at Eastnor Castle but it's not happened in a decade 😕
  13. Losi mlst2 . Absolutely dire. & ftx viper ,it's made of fine China 🙄
  14. . There's loads of cheap bikes on Facebook marketplace. We got a full suspension mtb for our little un for 15 quid 😁
  15. I got a stonking enduro ( 6 inches of travel at each end) for 350 quid off Facebook marketplace. Punk bikes also a good place to look.
  16. Anyone know where I can get a micro t clone from? All the sites I've found that say they've got them are scammers. Tia 😁
  17. Cheers mate. I'll try to find a micro t clone somewhere else 😔
  18. https://www.teknistore.com/en/rc-car/45846-jjrc-lt832-1-32-24g-2wd-racing-crawler-12km-h-rc-car.html. Has anyone used this company? I got scammed out of the cash for 3 of these by a different company & don't fancy throwing more cash away. Tia 😁
  19. I've got the outlaw. I've only broken a body post on it. I bought it brushed & stuck a brushless combo in.
  20. Got the associated mt28 running on a2s rx/esc. Top speed is mental. But acceleration is lacking. I might graft the rear end of the knackered microT onto it 🤔
  21. Got the servo reverse lead fitted . It's actually a bit too fast 🤣
  22. NOFX

    Micro t clones.

    Nope 😡. Our little un was more gutted than me. The company's disappeared too. 😕
  23. There's no reverse switch on the tx 😔. I've bought a servo reverse lead anyway. Hopefully that'll sort it out.
  24. I fitted an rx/esc combo in the associated mt28. The only problem is that the servo is running backwards. Can't reverse it from the the tx either 😔
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