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  1. I have bought myself one for my birthday but it's not until the end of June so it's put away until then.I have an arrma 3s system to put in it.
  2. I am still really enjoying mine.With a 16th pinion and these wheels and tyres it's a rocket on 4s.Its basically the only off road car I run now.Parts are super cheap and I agree that people are asking to much secondhand.I have seen some asking more than what I paid for my one new.
  3. Going to give these a try this morning
  4. A few bits for the rally yesterday
  5. Hi just a quick silly question.I think the traxxas esc comes with a male connector but I am not sure as I don't want to open the box until my birthday.The lipo I will use has an ec3 so need to order an adapter but just don't want to order the wrong one.Thanks.
  6. This.Been after one for a while and managed to find one in stock.Going away until my birthday and then I will fit an arrma 3s system I have laying around.
  7. Thanks very much for all the info mate.From what I have seen on videos I will need to upgrade to the slash slipper clutch and spur aswell as the stock rally ones melt very easily once brushless.
  8. Looks good mate👍.I ordered one today and I also have an arrma 3s system sitting around to go in it.Apart from the 30k diff oils and mip's is there anything else that is worth doing?
  9. Do you still own this?
  10. The diffs on mine were virtually empty when I got mine(brushless roller).I don't have a clue about diff oil weights on an on road car so I looked into what most use in the infraction/felony.I ended up with 100k/500k/100k.Very heavy weights but it poweslides perfectly in the car park but I would imagine the diff weights would be very different between brushless and nitro.
  11. Fitted the rear corally shocks to the dr8.
  12. Rear corally shocks for the dr8.
  13. Fitted one of the corally shocks to my dr8.
  14. They deffinatley look the part👍
  15. If I ever get another nitro it will be one of these.I love my electric one.The videos I have seen of the nitro ones are very impressive.
  16. When I have given them a run I will post up how they are👍
  17. I have just got some of the jetko buggy extreme ones for mine but not going to run them until my typhon ones are completely gone.
  18. Love my electric one and looking forward to seeing what you do with this👍.My stock tyres lasted one pack until bald.I put typhon 3s tyres on that I had laying around.6 packs on them so far and not much tread left but way better than stock ones.
  19. Good you found them👍.You will need to dremel off a little corner of the heatsink to stop it hitting the centre diff outdrive.
  20. Not sure how to do links but I got it from badtoutch breakers.Its in the kraton/outcast 6s section.
  21. Shock socks fitted and waiting to see what custom rc upgrades come out with for it.
  22. Had a bash with the dr8.Honestly for the money this thing is great.
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