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  1. The ones in the pics have used kraton arms.When I did mine I just used kraton hubs and mx28's.
  2. Put a 3s in this and got to say it flys.
  3. Put a 3s in it today and got to say this little thing is impressive.
  4. It's strange as mine haven't come loose yet and I am using the original nuts and not using loctite but I have read so many people have a problem with the nuts coming loose.
  5. £21:99 on amazon but I don't own one so I can't comment on the quality.
  6. All back together but it's going to be to hot this weekend to take it out and try it.
  7. Got the mt10 back together with all 3 diffs filled to what they say in the manual but still not sure if 3k is to light in the rear.
  8. I am trying stock which is 60k/100k/3k but 3k seems very light to me but I will give it a go.
  9. Doing the diff fluids and found dirt inside the rear diff case.
  10. Thanks its going in my boys granite and if ok I will get one for my mt10 👍
  11. I have heard good and bad things about zeee but for £33 I thought I would give one a go and some shock socks.
  12. Opened the diffs on the mt10 to find them empty.I am not really surprised tho.
  13. I am only running 2s and want just a little more speed.Do you think adding a couple of teeth to the pinion will cause overheating?
  14. What weight diff oils do you recommend?
  15. No loose wheel nuts yet but really need to strip it down and do the diffs.
  16. Fitted a heatsink and fan to the mt10
  17. Well I took it out for a run on 2s with my boy and his granite.The mt10 deffinatley handles better than the granite and doesn't grip roll no way near as easily.The tyres are terribly balanced as I have seen many say that on YouTube.Stock diff fluid is 60k/100k/3k.I am thinking of going 60k/300k/30k.3k in the rear seems very light to me.
  18. Yes you put holes in the tyre and block the holes in the wheel.I think it's ment to stop them ballooning as much but my reason is it let's the dirt and water out of the tyre rather than it being stuck in there.
  19. I love nitro but I am old and lazy now so I just run electric.
  20. Mine will be on 2s as my boys granite is a mega with a brushless conversion on 2s so I want them to be around the same speed.Sorry I read your post wrong and thought you said I want serated nuts.I will look out some nylock ones.
  21. The wheel nuts on mine are serated already but they weren't done up very tight.Just vented the tyres and lowered the wheelie bar a notch so we will see how it goes.
  22. Done the brake hack and going to vent the tyres later before taking it over the park for a test tomorrow oh and I checked the wheel nuts as I have read quite a few stripping hexes straight out of the box and the rear nuts were prity loose.
  23. An mt10 to racee against my boys granite.Going to do the esc brake hack first tho.
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