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    F1,Motogp and most motorsport,motorbikes,rc cars.Jada Fire;o)
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    Quite a few but building a ERBE at the mo:)
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  1. Took the rally over the park with my boy.My god how dirty do these get under the body.This is after I shook most of the dirt out!
  2. To be honest I have only given it a quick run in the street with a 25t pinion but it was way to higher geared and got to hot and I am going to put an arrma 3s system in it but it handled nice and its very lite.Yes its a slash with telluride arms.
  3. Put a brushless motor and esc into my boys mega.Fingers crossed it hold up๐Ÿคž
  4. Fitted the chassis brace and rpm nerf bars.Also fitted a 25t pinion to see how it goes before it goes brushless but got way to hot.
  5. There is a 3rd party insurance.Cant remember what it's called now but it is ยฃ20 a year(or was).Its what you need to race at tracks but covers you everywhere else.
  6. martin34

    HPI WR8

    Very nice mate ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  7. Sorted out some of the parts I had stashed away for the rally.
  8. It came about a month ago but unboxed it today.
  9. Dug my sons old mega granite out and got it working.Thinking maybe a cheap brushless system for it๐Ÿค”
  10. Fitted the rocket fans to the dr8.Had to do some grinding on the sides to line the holes up on the heatsink.
  11. A couple of fans from banggood.
  12. With a bit of trimming you could easily fit one of these bodies
  13. Just the 6s electrics out of an arrma.With the supplied 18t pinion on 4s it drives and slides really well.
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