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  1. New restoration guys full rebuild. Just to put new servos in and shes ready to go .turned out ok I think lol this this its frighteningly fast and powerful
  2. Theres no diff in the centre just the spear gear and the front and back has proper diffs but there a lot smaller than your average 1/8 scale buggy or mt diff and I find there of a very low quality and oil just just leeks out so a bit of grease is perfect.
  3. These things are animals. Crazzy power and top end .the purple heatsink hpi one in this picture its brand new never seen fuel and i think i might keep it that way guys not too many left
  4. So done some work on an engine for a fellow nitro head from the nitrogang Facebook page and it gas turn out amazing guys i live for this .
  5. Here she is boys brand spanking new and in all her glory. Iam in too minds weather or not to run her 🤔. She is a beauty 😍
  6. So my v1 savage k4.6 moter is showing signs of loss of compression so doing some resizeing
  7. U mean the k4.6 i did a while back? Yes bro it is still going good but change it for this .the 3 needle carb is a massive pain in the ass so iam going to source a different carb but it fire right up and had great compression still 😁
  8. U have riped her up bro thing is a monster. Having break issues ffs need a new gearbox case the threds on the break disks screws are done .keep comeing louse and louseing the breaks and when the 2 speed kicks in not a good combination 😕
  9. Got myself a mint x4.6 v1 for my savage x and its looking awesome. Tgat good i dont even wana drive it case i mess it up 😁😁 what say u guys
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