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  1. Yes it would be nice if they did the s version as roller and drop the price by £150
  2. The price falls in between an arrma kraton at £619. Vorza truggy £579 for the standard and £689 for the s version presuming the s is the exb version just with electrics so actually isn't to bad.
  3. Nice to see hpi coming back with some new models looking forward seeing this it looks awesome.
  4. Has anyone got any more information on the new Vorza truggy its on modelsport website as a pre order but nothing anywhere else. It's not even on hpi website.
  5. Not me I say buy 2 just in case the 1st one sinks😁
  6. Happy you took the plunge the 3s arrma's are great fun. One of the lads we go out with has a vorteks just highly modified.
  7. I've got a b6 charger (clone) and the values are off compared to my multi meter, but I've also got 3 lipo checkers and those also read different voltages to one another. There are some videos on YouTube on how to calibrate the charger I've never bothered with the b6 but my other chargers I calibrate to my multi meter. What batteries are you charging (lipo's)
  8. If I'm reading reading this correct say for example a battery is 10v on a multi meter when you start charging the display says 11.5v, if so my turning charger does the same I think it's the volts it's putting in to charge.
  9. Yes 15 mins of runtime from a 5000mah pack 3s or a 6sx2 car, standard arrma Esc has the lvc pre set just run them until it kicks in, haven't got a 6s typhon but I've got the 6s kraton great fun for jumping and bashing but I also enjoy the 3s arrma's just as much it all depends on how much space you have to drive. We find around our track 6s is no faster than 3s.
  10. I've gone the other way started with cars then bought a helicopter, I enjoy both but find the helicopter more challenging to control and as you say the weather plays a big part in how often you fly. I've gotten into the cars big style mainly arrma started with a 3s typhon great starter car and very tough and hpi all brushless there is 5 of us that meet up to "bash" for me 50% of the hobby is upgrading/repairing. The Sunday morning bashing is my escape from "real life" just as a side note I would enjoy a nitro but you are very limited In where you can use them with the noise we couldn't use nitro at 8 on a Sunday morning were we drive We go out in all weather I quite enjoy the mud and the cleaning after!!! I
  11. A few of my mates go to the local skateparks not sure if that's your thing?
  12. Don't think you'll need a fan in this weather😁
  13. I've just had a look at mine its the same design as the Vorza the fan fits inside a shroud then there's a cover over it that holds the wires. I would just bolt a fan to the top of the heat sink and double side tape the Esc down, if you need some images let me know.
  14. I've got the trophy flux will give you some dimensions on the fan and case ,I'm at work at the moment but will have a look when I get home, if I remember right the fan doesn't bolt to the Esc it just fits inside the case.
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