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  1. Have a Mini Z? Or another small scale RC car 1/28 scale? Come along and join us in Milton Keynes for our club race nights. These are held every 2 weeks on a Thursday. We have 2 tracks laid out, we run a lap timer system and do have new transponders available to purchase from us. Entry is £6 on the door for the whole evening! This includes access to all electrical points you need. We do have refreshments available on site also. Wheelchair accessible and toilets are on site. This is an all weather club as we run in doors. Look forward to seeing you there https://www.facebook.com/groups/708535233599717/?ref=share
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/708535233599717/?ref=share MK group
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/708535233599717/?ref=share Found this place to run Mini Z and other small scale stuff. Based in Milton Keynes
  4. Finally somewhere in Milton Keynes to use Mini Z or Same size



  5. I didn't really want to add anymore weight to the front as I already have a fair bit of frontal weight but I did look at them just for the fittings 😂
  6. My trx4 has developed alot of play in the front wheels, I believe this is down to the poor bushes on top and bottom of the hub Does anyone know where I can just buy new better ones from? Or what upgrades I can use?
  7. Selling my arrma Vendetta Has the original box, instructions and other wing. The tyres are well used but does still grip. The body shell is damaged due to it sitting so low and I didn't raise until it was too late Crcu chassis brace CRCU titanium skid plate for awesome sparks. Has original radio gear, will include a 3s lipo so can be used straight away Ideally collection from Milton Keynes or I am willing to post. Car £279. Plus £15 postage Either cash or PayPal. You cover fees
  8. As title After arrma slipper clutch from 3s range. Doesn't need spur gear just need the main components
  9. Does anyone know if the slipper assembly from vendetta will fit into the Big rock? ARA311110 I know they use same chassis etc, just not sure as to wether the slipper assembly will fit. I'd replace the spur with a big rock one so I shouldn't think it would be an issue just wanted to know If anyone has an idea if it fits before I order
  10. Black Friday special at £150 from wheelspin
  11. Went with the 2200kv max8. Black friday so couldnt resist
  12. this place just isnt as good as it used to be....

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    2. turok007


      Nick  can we do build threads  as im sure it was stopped a while ago

    3. Nick


      Were they? :lol: I have nothing against build threads. Go nuts!

    4. turok007


      Ok i will start one cheers

  13. Need a V5 Typhon diff, mines blown out the casing on 6s
  14. Hi all, Looking to upgrade my ESC and Motor in my arrma typhon. Current motor is the Abisma 2100Kv Motor and ESC is the SC8-RTR Im thinking about going for the Hobbywing Max 8 Combo but unsure what one to get MAX8 ESC 4268-2600kV Motor or MAX8 with 2200kv Motor or MAX8 ESC 4268-2600kV My general use will be bashing, occasion speed runs nothing too heavy. Any help will be greatly appreciated. My current esc will only do 4S but motor will do 6s, so might aswell do them both
  15. Off out soon to big RC winter bash

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    2. Stormbringer


      Quite a few cars n trucks there :good:

    3. Bajadre


      awesome turn out for a winter bash that !! gloves and thermos at the ready need to get one more in before end of year me thinks 🙂


    4. Yrkoon


      yay so many cars 😄

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