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  1. Had a mess about with it today, the glow plug is new as is the fuel, Jumper was spot on, leaned it out a bit and runs just fine. Thanks all for your input and advice 👍
  2. Cheers I will take a look at the mixture 👍
  3. Hi, looking for some advice. I have a ACME Cyclone with a .18 Team Infinity Engine. I have all the carb setting set to default, the glow plug is new as is the fuel. The car has been in store for about 4 years and did run fine when stored. Now when I try and start it, it starts first pull but when I remover the Glow Starter the engine stalls. Don't want to start messing with carb settings yet until I know what might be the problem. If you guys and gals have any advice it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance Buck
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