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  1. Hello all brand new on here and apart from having RC’s as a kid have waited until my yiu gnome has shown interest - he is 7 and that time has come (yipeee). He has just bought this one and is super impressive but I’m wondering a few things if you can help: 1) what upgrades are best to purchase to improve it further when the time comes? 2) what parts are likely to break and need the ally upgrades? (He will only be driving it on light terrain , concrete with small pot holes, uneven grass. I will purchase these ahead of time 3) is there a way of making it quicker (he is already getting used too it) 4) no idea difference and benefit of BL v non BL (and do I need to worry about it?) 5) does a larger capacity battery just give you extra run time or speed as well? Kr and thanks Nick
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