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  1. About 6 months, The problem is the Fusion is a combined ESC/Motor and I don't want to be replacing it! 😂
  2. Hey there, I have a Hobbywing 1200kv fusion installed on my FTX Kanyon, It's amazing! I've ran it through deep water on many many occasions and has came out unscathed, (sometimes it has been fully submerged and has always been okay.) But today I ran through a small puddle and got home, washed it off and then it drip dry in the sun as I was busy.. About 15 minutes later I got back, plugged in a battery and realised something was wrong. First attempt, it just had a rapid beeping. Restarted it and then that was okay. I then tested the throttle and its okay, but reverse is seemingly stuck on full power, like on/off with no proportional control.. Servo is 100%, Radio as far as I believe is 100% as well.. What could this mean and how could I fix it? Is it even the motor/esc combo? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, If and when the time comes I'll be talking to everyone to get as much backup as possible haha.. I fly with EasyJet and so far they've been amazing so fingers crossed it's all good! Thank you so much for your help everyone and I'll let you know how it goes when I decide to do it! (and this is my first ever forum post as well so I'm glad at the quick responses I got 😄) Cheers again guys 👍
  4. Awh I was hoping to drag race down the cabin. 😢😝 So if the transmitter isn't an issue and shock oil isn't an issue, then it should just be the batteries right? You have said batteries rated up to 100wh are okay, If its a 3s 5000mah I'm taking with me that's 55.5wh (v x mAh / 1000 = wh) so realistically it's alright right? Sorry for asking so many questions, I've never flown with RC before and I don't want anything taken away obviously so I'm still a bit apprehensive. 😬 Thanks guys!
  5. Thanks for this.. I personally didn't think the transmitter would actually have been an issue! I don't think I was very clear with the shock oil haha, I meant the oil already in the shocks, not necessarily the bottle of oil.. Sorry! 😂
  6. Thanks for your answers guys, what about the shock oil? Do you know if this can cause any issues? I can't imagine it will but I'm not sure either! 😂
  7. Hey everyone, I've been in the Hobby for about 2 or so years now and love everything about it, I was wondering if I'd have any problems taking one of my cars away with me abroad on a plane. I've heard rumours that they are permitted but I wasn't 100% so maybe someone could just confirm that for me? (Realistically, I'd take the FTX Kanyon in a hand luggage with a 3s 5000mah LiPo battery) What sort of problems could I face if I did? Because I don't fancy losing a car I've put so much money into! 😅 Thanks guys!
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