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  1. Cougar kit all finished now. It's a nice kit, apart from one or two little niggles I thoroughly enjoyed building it. If like me you missed out on the Top Cat this is a good one to get. It's got a reasonable turn of speed with my brushed setup but I'll play around with the gearing and shock settings before I give it a real testing. Should fly with a brushless setup but I'm not a particularly proficient driver and I wanted to keep it roughly as I had it in the '90s.
  2. Completed my chassis build and electronics of my Schumacher Cougar Classic this afternoon, just the bodyshell to do. Not a bad build, went together quite nicely with just a couple of fiddly hiccups. Brought back memories as I run one of these back in ’92/93. I enjoyed it then and I’ll enjoy it again in my 70th year. I did apply a number of hop-ups, Pro transmission, alloy belt tensioner eccentrics, alloy battery posts, titanium turnbuckles, JC Racing spoked wheels and Schumacher mini-dart tyres. Body will be black/neon yellow so it will look exactly like mine was back in the day. Electronics is LRP 14T motor, Hobbywing 1060 esc, Savox SC-1252MG servo, Absima receiver and Centro 5000 2s 100c shorty. Not tried it in anger yet just set it up and tested.
  3. Yeah not far from you. Was down in your neck of the woods on the weekend. Sorry not really into bashing being more interested in vintage stuff so messing in empty car parks and local parks more to my taste. I do take my Gatekeeper to crawl on and around the rocks at Rest Bay, Porthcawl.
  4. Hi Everyone and greetings Got back into RC cars about 9 months ago after a 25 year lapse (!!!) and really enjoying rediscovering the joys. I still have the Associated RC10T with full RPM Ultramold chassis conversion that I used back in the day and was recently refurbished. Other cars I have are: Kyosho Tomahawk re-re, Hobao Hyper TT, Kyosho Fazer 2 with Calsonic Skyline R32 GTR body, Element Gatekeeper builders kit, Axial SCX24 Deadbolt - so it's been a busy few months. Also currently building the new Schumacher Cougar Classic - a car I also ran back in the day. That's all for now Nigel
  5. I used to run a Cougar for a while around 1992 and it was a great car. So it was a no-brainer for me to order this re-re as soon as it was announced. It arrived yesterday. The kit looks very good and appears to be great value for money at £199. I've started the build and it's going together nicely though nowhere near completion yet. I like the way the components required for each step in the manual are individually bagged so no sorting screws or cutting bits off trees. I have an LRP 14T brushed motor and speed controller ready to go into it similar to what I had in the original. It's going to be fun going back down memory lane.
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