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  1. is tomorrow a go? what type or terrain?
  2. Cool thank you, I'm busy the rest of the month but deffo pop down at some point, What time do you meet up?
  3. It's public access open 24/7 in Bacup as the weather wasn't good yesterday there were no mountain bikers, but it is a dedicated Mountain bike trials area but its huge
  4. Ahh would have been very noticeable then, I have one and fitted them last week as was sick of bending the stock ones, I have also changed the shocks, but may go back to the stock ones as it seems to pitch one side but not sure if it always did lol Its sure a lot of fun anyway
  5. What was the issue with the Treal sway bars? and did they fix them?
  6. Will need to see when I can next make it out, in all honestly im thinking it will be July as I've things on every weekend now in June. Yea, noway you could take the petrol one to the quarry, at first i was thinking its a no no for noise but might actually get away with the noise, but it would murder you trying to drag it up the 30% gradient hill, I almost collapsed ha That guy sold those ramps, I'll keep looking on market place but the price new isnt exactly too much, deffo need 2 bolted together with my aim
  7. Bit late now, but do you have a postcode or a google map view as to where to meet?
  8. haha messaged that guy, £10 steal lol
  9. Scoped out the quarry, i was out of breath by time i walked up the steep ass hill with the LMT lol wasn't intending on filming so when I did I din't bother to check my phone app to see what i was recording, mostly sky lol but heres a link you get to see a very small section of the place
  10. might check ebay, but they aren't expensive new really, nothing like the portable fold up ones £200+ and you need 2 for the width lol
  11. deffo, that and more, I wouldn't mind a couple, I'm going to scope out somewhere tomorrow, wont be takin the car with me but will get some pic's, it wouldn't be suitable for petrol or nitro but i have good hopes for it, Might also get a couple of rampage launch ramps and make something to join them side by side and raise them up a lilttle
  12. This will send it, if you can hit it straight on, needs to be twice as wide, but its costly materials that i didnt pay work for lol
  13. Just using the bank, I do have a ramp but i need my van back for transporting that, I hate putting my RC's in my boot, although I need a wider ramp too because i cant drive in a straight line and its not very wide lol
  14. Unfortunately no pic's, I wish i had before tyre blew out on the Senton was getting some nice air & barrel rolls mainly because i never land a landing lol was fun using the LMT but such a big space i was missing the speed of the senton
  15. setting off in about 15min, I rate i should be there for about 11.45ish
  16. Yeah, from google maps the car park off Long Lane
  17. 12 is good, its just over 30min drive for me without traffic so ill probably set off just gone 11, Meet in the car park, What car do you drive? i'll be in a silver bmw m2
  18. Anyone have any recommended bash spots, pref something off road MTB/BMX tracks etc, I'd rather not in a built up area?
  19. What time suits you on Thursday? Also if its busy with Jubilee stuff, do you have a backup?
  20. Unfortunately too late that for me today, was looking more around 11ish, In hindsight should have probably made plans on Friday evening for today, I wouldn't mind getting out maybe next Thurssday & Sunday being as its holidays, Not sure how busy this location will be then as its Jubilee holiday?
  21. Custom exhaust builder, So those loud ass cars annoying you every morning, your welcome 😉 lol
  22. Stolen from the dealership website but i did buy it so I should own the pic too lol
  23. Ok sweet, Deffo can't this weekend, but can't see a reason why not for the following Sunday
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