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  1. Yes maybe, il try heating it for longer and see the outcome, iv just fixed the pull start so hopefully fingers crossed it doesn’t break on me again! thanks for the feedback
  2. @froggy8I don’t have one but I used a hairdryer to get the same outcome, my main concern is that when the engine stalls the pull start retracts so hard and powerful it either breaks or nearly takes my fingers off!
  3. Hi everyone, I have been given a old thunder tiger ST, it’s been gathering dust in the garage for over 5 years. things I have done: I have replaced the glow plug and brought a new igniter and fully charged it. I have brought new nitro fuel. I have reset the low, high and idle speed to factory default settings. I have given it a good clean. I have replaced the fuel tubes and check the fuel tank it seems to be air tight. 1st - I am having issues trying to keep the car idling without stalling. When the engine stalls it seems to retract to the pull start really hard! Like I know it’s supposed to retract but it’s pulling back so hard that it’s actually snapped the pull start plastic/cord a couple times? this can’t be normal? im sort of getting stuck at this point as I’m running rich to break the engine in but the pull start seems to be giving me a lot of bother. I have replaced the pull start 3 times now and iv brought a super strong nylon cord that should be impossible to snap but the plastic snapped instead. 2: when I did successfully get it idling for a short time I tried putting a little acceleration and the car wanted to accelerate but was sort of rocking back and forth on the spot. so I checked the clutch pads and they seemed to be okay if anyone could point me in the right direction as I’m a novice at this I have watch a fair few YouTube videos but not quite sure where to start. I can supply pictures if anyone needs any more info would be much appreciated!! thanks Cody
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