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  1. So, back from the coast and time for some much needed repairs - my mate and RC mechanic immediately diagnosed the problem - saltwater ruined and corroded the stock combo esc and receiver, but everything else is all good - so we installed the Hobbywing 1080 ESC along with Flysky BS6 receiver to pair with the new GT5 Transmitter that arrived while I was away from China... And once all the cables are tidied up will also be adding this brilliant receiver cover that I discovered FTX produce for the Mauler design (maybe intended for the RGT version?) that obviously doesn't fit over the stock Mauler combo rx/esc but I spotted bundled as part of the standard battery/esc tray replacement set... https://www.makeitbuildit.co.uk/ftx-mauler-electronics-battery-trays-w-strap-set-10665 Perfect fit, looks good and more importantly will help better protect the RX and cable connections from future water and mud... Although I've learned my lesson and won't be running through sea water again!! 😅
  2. Holiday fun on the beach, until I think saltwater got into the motor, esc or one of the connections and now lost drive. Cleaned and lubricated but still no luck. Doh! .... Lucky I got new motor, esc and receiver to go in it when I get home...
  3. Thanks mate that's really useful! Of course there's so many options and a lot of it comes down to personal preference over time trying different combinations I just heard back from the really helpful Neil at Red Winches who said: "The 21T 550 Trailmaster sport is the ideal motor for your Mauler, I would go for the Trailmaster over the Crawlmaster as it will give more drag brake which you will find beneficial with the weight of the Mauler." So... Ordered TrailMaster 21T from Modelsport (Red Winches recommended as they were out of stock) so will look forward to putting it to the test!
  4. I want to be able to get some good strong slow crawling in, but also open up the throttle on the open beach with the family and bomb around a bit at speed - nothing crazy quick obviously, just have some fast fun with it occasionally... Appreciate there's always a compromise but trying to find that sweet spot for the mauler... How would you say both crawlmaster and trailmaster compare in terms of crawling v speed?
  5. Lol yeh saw that but decided not to spend twice just to avoid waiting a few days. Controller is guaranteed delivery by 8 June. Got my mate (and YouTube guides) to help me figure all this lot out for the 4WS setup at some point - might as well do it all at once! Then when the stock motor packs up I'll replace with a HH. I've asked Red Winches their UK stockist for some advice on whether 21T Trailmaster is the best choice... The Crawlmaster / Trailmaster range and turn/torque/speed variety etc is a little confusing!
  6. Thanks all. The Hobbywing 1080 and the ftx parts have now arrived for making it 4 wheel steer, just waiting for the flysky fs-gt5 transmitter/receiver to arrive from China via AliExpress... Also wondering whether to upgrade the stock 20T motor to a Holmes Hobbies Trailmaster 21T seeing as so many people rate it...
  7. Out and about getting the Mando Mauler's wheels wet for the first time..
  8. Thanks. I've got Hobbywing 1080 80A ESC and Flysky FS-GT5 transmitter/receiver on order so that's the next upgrade... 😁 Also ordering the bits needed to rebuild rear axle with front axle parts to give it All Wheel Steer...! Might nickname my Mauler "Trigger's Broom" 😂
  9. Looks superb. What wheels and tyres? I'm running as I am for now with stock esc/rx/motor/shocks/wheels/tyres but thinking about possible future upgrades and if I ever spot any deals/bargains ... Been looking at these Pro-line XL 2.2 G8 Super Swampers seem to have good reviews, anyone got experience with these? https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/pro-line-interco-tsl-sx-super-swamper-xl-22-g8-rock-terrain-truck-tires-387193 Also consensus from reading this and other forums seems to be Hobbywing 1080 80a ESC and maybe a Flysky GTC3 or a newer GT5 Transmitter/Reciever? Those with long term experience any thoughts? And lastly what about beadlock wheels, upgraded shocks and the motor - e.g keep the stock 20T or change it?
  10. It seems like such a solid and capable chassis that with good quality sensible upgrades should be a great all round crawler. Obviously if you have the money you can always buy bigger and better anything, but for a budget crawler with affordable parts and variety of upgrade and potential shell options it seems to be perfect base for the casual hobby driver ...
  11. Yeh so that's the exact battery I went for and it's superb simple upgrade for the price and fits perfectly in the chassis mount. Packs much more punch and run time now seems endless (the stock battery was poor all round). Also means I have enough juice to drive and run these new front bumper lights at same time... I did however have an external temp sensor error with the S65 charger that arrived so I sent it back and upgraded to the T100 which is much more capable and also can charge/balance/storage run two different batteries at same time so for just a few £ more it's much more future proof if I ever get more batteries/rigs... https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/skyrc-t100-dual-battery-lipo-balance-charger-444856
  12. Mando in the driving seat... Going to create storage or computer area on the passenger side... Or find a Grogu to join him!
  13. So... Khaki exterior paint job is done and added adapted Mandalorian decals to roof and sides (another coming for bonnet). Also added metal mesh to side windows and rear bed as well as some engine highlights and piece of an old toy to give it added detail. Driver tray has gone matt black and just working on Mando silver helmet design to dry... We also repositioned the power switch to the rear so it can be accessed without taking off body shell. New Voltz 5000 mAh LiPo on the way as well as SkyRC charger and awaiting arrival of Power HD 20kg servo too. Links below. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/voltz-5000mah-2s-74v-50c-hardcase-lipo-stick-battery-pack-442614 https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/skyrc-s65-ac-charger-65w-438918 + deans charge cable https://www.applianceelectronics.co.uk/viewproduct/18973/power-hd-lw-20mg-waterproof-servo--20kg--016sec-hd-lw-20mg
  14. Thanks. I didn't look at these before as thought they had to be 7.2V to work in the Mauler...? What charger do you use with them?
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