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  1. Are you saying you brought some off a different seller and they are the same size as the ones this guy sent you??
  2. This is weird as the front and back arms are different in design as well as length so I doubt you have the front ones. The vantage rear arms are very similar in design but doesn’t have the whole of the hinge pin covered, according to the drawings although I don’t have a carnage so I don’t really know. I would recommend just putting in the part number ftx6321 into google and comparing what you have to that! https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/365910
  3. So had a incident with the vantage, was hooning it at full throttle and decided it would be a good idea to slam the anchors on and the front dived and dug in the ground sending it about 10 feet in the air! I think I may have made this thing too quick!! Anyway snapped the front chassis clean off, she looked a sorry state crumpled on the floor ☹️ so now she has a shiny new aluminium front end and new bumper so I can just smash the main chassis to bits! perhaps just be a bit easier when breaking from full whack!
  4. This is my fly sky tx that has only had a handful of uses, I have had real problems with it having limited range and glitching, brought another rx as I thought it would fix it but it was the same. I read that they have problems with interference from electronics so perhaps it was where it was located in the tight bay of my teckno 410, anyway I only want a £10 for postage as someone might have more luck with it than me! It is basically in new condition. I haven’t got the box but I do have instructions. Dm me if you fancy giving it a go!
  5. Small pair of needle nosed pliers, use mine for all sorts
  6. Not sure how changing the spur will be possible with the slipper clutch setup on the vantage as the clutch pads sit in recesses in the spur, other spurs will just be flat so the slipper clutch pads won’t sit right. You can get steel versions, I have this and run it with a 27t steel pinion and have had no issues since I fitted it. unless of course they make 32 or 48 dp spurs with the machined bit for the slipper!
  7. Spent a good amount of time modifying and then setting some lovely decals on my new rear wing 😀 only to take it out and this happen in the first 5 mins! ☹️ back to the drawing board!
  8. Looks like a sensible option, I am not sensible, I got sick of the front bumper breaking so I just cut that bit of the chassis off and have no bumper!!! I did upgrade the shocks to big bore ones that are much tougher than the plastic stock ones tho!
  9. Hmmm, white one was more brittle than a twig!!! One flip and this is how it looked!! the black version lasted ages and was very durable. Must be made of completely different plastic! Probably best to avoid this one!
  10. Talking of wings… mine finally gave up the ghost again, it does get punished. So I got the white version, it is a HSP racing one. Think it looks cool with the pro-line wheels 😃
  11. The rc world is your oyster!!
  12. I got a generic wing off eBay, as the vandal wing was out of stock at the time. Looked cool but did require quite a bit of modification, so grab a vandal one if you can
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