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  1. Still available, price remains static taking into consideration what i've spent/added on it.
  2. Added up what I'd spent on extras for the TRX of a hobby I don't even hobby!!! lol It was a good idea when I got it!
  3. No worries, tbh not bothered if it sells or not as such a nice item to have due to the quality plus added plenty of extras to it. The Bronco does look good plus you'd be best going for that to get the warranty 🙂 It just stays far too clean lol
  4. Nope no offers, considering prices of others on sale feels like I'm giving this away considering it's practically as new condition.
  5. Bumped. .. no change in price & still available
  6. Any interest or am I flogging a dead horse lol
  7. Right, this is back for sale again now things are returning to as near normal as they can. Price remains the same at £450 and also collection only from Wirral. Any questions please ask. 🙂
  8. Price dropped to £175 Collection(Wirral)
  9. Now dropped to £55 collection only (Wirral)
  10. FTX Zorro 4WD RTR 1:10 EP Trophy Truck - FTX5556B. (no longer listed on ebay) Used but in good condition with metal u/js on rear driveshaft from gearbox. For some reason the receivers missing the lower part of the case but works fine, No batteries or charger are included in the sale. XT60 Battery connection. Body has no obvious cracks but has got marks from the front wheels. No returns due to the nature of the hobby. £75 Collection only thanks
  11. Another listing if of interest to anyone, again collection only (Merseyside) FTX Zorro 4WD RTR 1:10 EP Trophy Truck - FTX5556B | eBay
  12. Listed for brother but any questions please ask. Note it is collection only (Merseyside). Hope the link works and allowed 🙂 Carisma SCA-1E RC Crawler with FTX Fury bodyshell | eBay Modified SCA-1E with 3rd channel remote lights and remote wormdrive winch, bumper and body lights work independently on the same channel. The winch works of a car type immobilizer fob. You can see in the pics the winch gearbox is the silver case and the two boxes either side house the winch receiver and light electrics to keep them splash proof. Radio is a core 3 channel steerwheel and it has a 20kg servo and Hobbywing 1060 ESC (Its missing the ESC jumper for drive type, so is forward/reverse only) . Tires are after market 118mm diameter. It has the Carisma metal steering hubs and link bar fitted. The body has not been used but the chassis has so expect some scratches etc. This is for cash and collection only and no returns due to the nature of the hobby. Pics on ebay ad.
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