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  1. I saw your post about almost losing a boot in the mud , then spotted someone in the background struggling in the mud and did wonder if i had just spotted a forum member
  2. Whilst checking out MS i found this amusing little description in the Mogrich specs... Scale interior features Through the windows, the magnificent instrument panel and cabin interior can be viewed. Canopy cab, foreskin seat Create mod in gtr as mini RC car crawler Rc rock crawler 4x4 offroad waterproof I think (hope) something got a little messed up in translation , otherwise that's just horrific
  3. You'll want the 1080 brushed crawler esc mate , otherwise all good πŸ‘
  4. Finally got my hands on one of these now they're back in stock. Had a 1080 quicrun sitting waiting so now there are no more excuses. Guess i better figure out the program card and how to set it all up. Every day is a school day.
  5. If you can't wait for the slow boat from china , look whats back in stock πŸ‘ https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/ftx-mauler-optional-receiver-for-seperate-esc-use-not-2-in1--422676
  6. Trunkle


    Interested to know if anyone has tried this yet. Spotted the portal axles for the Hi rock on MS the other night and don't want to spend the money on the chance they might fit. Although i could just buy a Hi rock as well....
  7. The Injora beadlock weights came today, reminding me that i had forgotten to order new tires. Some nice new Hyrax predators in 1.0 would be nice if i can find anywhere with them in stock
  8. You just change the position of the link on the esc/receiver unit for lipo and you're good to go. I bought my Mauler from Modelsport and opted for the lipo package and that is what was supplied, i bought a spare as well. I use this charger for my batteries https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/skyrc-t100-dual-battery-lipo-balance-charger-444856
  9. I use these, plenty run time and more power than the supplied unit https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/core-rc-4000mahr-74v-3060c-2s-lipo-388538
  10. Ran it , crashed it , had fun. WL toys A989B, ridiculous performance for the money
  11. -That looks incredibly fast just sat there. Never had a nitro myself how do they drive compared to the electric equivalent?
  12. Injora stuff is quality for the price, i have a bunch of their stuff on my scx24 and zero complaints. In fact i just got a set of their beadlocks in 1.0" with about 3000 screws. Easy build. Surprisingly easy. I can't vouch for their complete rc's but the parts are good and robust and very well finished too. Edited for too much rum spelling...
  13. New beadlocks and tires came today along with many teeny tiny screws. Send help
  14. Thats an amazing collection , and a dedicated storage place as well! I'm relegated to a cupboard in the utility room where everything only just fits. No idea where this next wltoys buggy is going but thats a problem for another day. Gonna show the Mrs those pics, let her know my intentions for the future.
  15. Thanks , me too. One step forward , two back and all that
  16. Got some +4mm drive shafts fitted today, then got them unfitted too. All is well in a straight line but on full lock something on the front shafts are catching and its internal where the dog bones connect. They allowed me to fit my brass steering hubs with the brass wheel weights and still secure the wheels, so they're off too unfortunately. I have noticed the standard shafts have a small chamfer at the end of the slots where the cheapo ones i have do not. The slot itself may also be a fraction wider on the standards ones but the fit is smooth. I'll match the shaft drive ends at work on monday but until then they're off.
  17. A set of scx24 +4mm drive shafts came today. Since fitted and removed again, they're not quite right on the front.
  18. Today i decided to finally approach the dreaded fiddly motor change on my scx24. It all went better than expected , might even say smoothly and the results (so far) are great! it now runs much more quietly with a ton more low speed modulation. I've yet to test it on my local beachfront concrete/sandstone course the council have unknowingly provided but so far so good! Old parts are pictured also , I've kept them in case i total something , not because the wife says i'm a squirrel
  19. Today i took delivery of a Hobbywing 1080 quicrun crawler esc and a skyrcT100 charger. Soon i hope to take delivery of the leads required to connect my batteries to it as i forgot to add them to my initial orderπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  20. Wow! Knocked it out the park again mate, this seems to be a habit of yours!
  21. Took the Mauler down to the shore today, weather was lovely and it hadn't had a decent run yet. It performed pretty well , going to have to swap out that esc and rx/tx though. I don't like how fierce the brake comes on, its gonna strip the gears and i can't find anywhere with the upgraded parts in stock. Good excuse to get some new stuff, and a spare battery or two
  22. Managed to make my cheapo shocks work to an acceptable degree. I had to deliberately make them sloppy with loads of plays around the shaft. They'll do until I get something better and they don't perform any better or worse than the standard items. I've heard good things about the Carisma shocks so will probably end up ordering more stuff. Again. Then I'll need shock oil. I know nothing about shock oil. Down another rabbit hole i go...
  23. Thanks! its an ongoing process , you know the type. Buy some bits , see more bits , buy more bits , repeat until skint
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