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  1. Nice, Thanks for taking the time.
  2. You can get the DR8 for £325 at the moment.
  3. Always are, Still a lot cheaper than pretty much anywhere else at the moment.
  4. It was 25% last time, Only 20% this time but Align-Trex are part of the eBay 20% off sale , And some of the deals are pretty good. FTX DR8 for £325, Hobao Hyper VT for £183, Hyper 21 Pullstart engine £75, Hyper 7 TQ2 with Mac 28 £297, And plenty of others.
  5. Absima,More like obscene.
  6. Yes it was,I love Hong Nor Stuff,Have two CRT'S,This one dose need a front gearbox case which may take some tracking down.
  7. Another buggy for the strip and clean table, Another bargain at £72 delivered.
  8. I'm also a bit confused with all the speed talk going on about this car, Not wishing to talk for everybody here, But I thought most of us were passed the 'Hey mister, How fast dose it go'. It's a truck for jumping, It's a truck for having fun with, But one of the main gripe's seems to be that it's not very fast in a straight line, Sorry but if the main complaint is that I can't hit that skate ramp at 55mph then you deserve every broken arm and bent chassis you get.
  9. Is it really that obvious from just an out the box inspection.
  10. I get the impression that whoever took on HPI are just trying to claw back as much money as they can with as little investment as possible. How you muck up the Savage re-release I will never know,That takes some doing, Knocking a couple hundred quid of the price would help,£650 is just silly,Even in these times of silly pricing that is extra silly.
  11. Sounds like the RB One is better quality than the Savage. Finished the strip down and clean last night, Had to order a motor mount to finish it off, But what a shame RB went under, Engines arguably the best in the world and this kit feels quality, Going by the chassis bottom it had been used a fair bit but everything is still tight on it, And it's a looker as well, Bargain £55.
  12. Need an engine mount for an RB ONE, So dose anyone know the distance between the holes on the Losi 8ight. I need 35cm centre to centre and an inline mount like below.
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