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  1. I now have the dynamite .28 bout to start breaking in this engine
  2. Update ppl.. who wants to meet up for some rc fun!
  3. Chase

    Meet ups

    Definitely should always make time for yourself at some point. I literally just finished fitting in my new engine
  4. Chase

    Meet ups

    Tell me about it i got 2 kids always taking up time but now i need to get bk out
  5. Anything happening about meet up? Im from west london but i drive would b some good fun ?
  6. Chase

    Meet ups

    Im from ealing .... im always going tk bmx tracks these days better when you have ppl who like the same hobby. Where abouts do you go
  7. Bout to take her out today
  8. Hi people just looking for some nice spots really trying to get more into my revo. Took a break for a while now im back at it again since summer is coming lol any one want to meet up, take the cars out get in contact just a friendly guy looking for ppl with same interests as me
  9. Chase

    Meet ups

    Hi new to rc got myself a revo anyone want to meet up im in the west london area i drive so can always find a destination near by
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