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  1. I like that the chassie got big holes. Less stones will sit there and destroy driveline and things. Like the Body Shell also. Is it a Lambo ? Nice color / paint also I miss the Nitro sound. Have only been driving BL cars lately. I got many nitro cars left in great shape. Street cars, and Buggies. also couple Monsters. Will buy some nitro and drive them also next summer. The sound is so special The 2speed nitrocars are nice, i have one 2 speed Kyosho GT2 long version 1/8 in very good shape,, i have drive it only 10-12 times, The stock wheels sucks in my GT2, they are very slippery, .. I believe your stock wheels are slippery too. They are also old today ? You really should buy new 17mm hex GRPs, i will have GRP S3 or S4 next year in my GT2 I have also brand new performance O.S motor 3.5cc and exhaust system that will make it faster, 1hp+ more than stock 🙂 Just need buy the Option 2 speed gears, they are alot stronger, these handle stronger motors great in GT2 . My friend had them in his GT2 and better motor. It was bulletproof. The only Problem is Stock 2speed Gears. The Option 2 speed gears are great. About the GRP wheels: They are very great, have them in my Limitless 8s , i love them, many love these wheels, great tyres, They are ready glued, just mount on and enjoy. You should try them too. 100% grip and controll., 100mph+ no problems, they are belted real race wheels, cheap also They are very CHEAP !!! too , Professional racing wheels made in Italy. Many use them in Competition or Bashing. 17MM hex for 1/8 and 1/7 street cars. Also fun in 1/8 buggies at asphalt summertimes These makes all rigs look very good. Awaible in different colors of wheels. silver wheels, black, white, and yellow. I love the black ones many different tyres in softness. Rain S1/S2 , and dry asphalt. s3 / SOFT, s4 SOFT/MEDIUM, , s5/ MEDIUM s7 / Hard, and slicks also Mounted on one 1/7 Limitless
  2. Cheap This can be intresting for Drifting outside if it is light in weight 1/8 compared to Arrma Infraction 1/7 that is one heavy rig. Then 4s drifting will be fun with this HPI outside i believe. 4s lipos are cheap also., 17mm hexm then there is also cheap spare wheels like GRP S7 hard rubber ones, they are nice for drifting and good looking wheels also. This 1/8 must be atleast 1000g lighter than the 1/7 Infraction ? Something to next summer maybe, if it is light in weight. The Heavy 1/7 infractions burns tyres too fast when drifting because the heavy weight. They are more high speed cars with 6s. I believe this 1/8 HPI can be very fun Outside Drifter Any total weight Info ? compared to 1/7 infraction that is heavy one. The black looks hardcore. If i buy this,,i will buy the Blue one, Because this Body Color is highly wisible at black asphalt, The blue one will be Most Easy to see of them all, , i believe this color will be More easy to control because of the high visibly for nice drifts i believe `?
  3. This body looks great. Hope they make this PRO DR10 Roller with this body also, like the other DR10s i Have 5700 and 7700 motors and 120a esc over to this, and 15kg servo, also couple Receivers extra to my radio And alot 2s Lipos 5000mah brand new ones, got them cheap , i did buy many of them only for half price 60c rated
  4. Finally one good 1/8 Buggy Roller, *ready build* Just throw what electrics you want. Great for those who got extra ESC and Motor left over also. This is a must have for me. I dont like build cars / kits. I love Rollers . This looks great. Alot better than the RTR Typhon in Many ways. I will buy one before Christmas 100% I have 20kg servo and 4268 motor already for this, and extra Futaba receiver, need just buy one 150a ESC like MAX8 This is happy news 4 me. Been waiting for a good 1/8 new Roller Buggy. The Hobao is so old. I really believe this will be great one. My Local hobby shop carries also alot Arrma parts and Cars in stock. This is great for they who hate build kits from scratch like me.
  5. Hi Sorry 4 late answer. I have been very busy with alot things. I have also start Bodybuilding again. Here is the info about my camera It is one Crosstour Action Camera Model CT9500 4k wifi 40m waterproof Cheap with alot options in stock box About 50 bucks only.
  6. That was amazing , nice done from KEV. He is kind and real. I like Kev alot.
  7. Sand Paddle tyres offcourse must be the best. I will try my 1/8 buggy paddles, with 17mm hex converters What will be the second best ? Something that looks almost like real tyre ?
  8. This is the same chassie that Ecto Trail Truck . have ? More info. size and so on: Features: Stealth X Transmission Aluminum Track Bar Mount Shock Mount Inserts Rear Anti-Roll Bar Reedy Power 5-slot 14-turn brushed 550 crawler motor Water Resistant Reedy Power ESC Trailing Arm Rear Suspension Behind-the-axle (BTA) steering Aluminum steering plates Integrated servo winch mount Threaded aluminum shock bodies CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo) Universal front drive axles Stamped steel frame rails Aluminum motor plate Optimized ball cups for more fluid axle articulation Telescopic driveshafts front and rear Extruded aluminum driveshaft splines One-piece rear axle design Splined front axle with adjustable caster Machined input pinion gear Metal ring gear Machined steel top shaft Heavy duty 5mm diameter steel links Metal ball bearings included 12mm Hex Adjustable front track bar Licensed 1.9"x4.65" General Grabber X3 tires Specifications: Scale: 1/10 Power Source: Electric Length: 462mm (18.19in) Width: 236 (9.29in) Wheelbase: 325mm (12.8in) Needed to Complete: (1) Battery Pack with T-Style Connector (1) Charger (Compatible with battery) (4) AA Batteries for Transmitter
  9. The Big Truck / real truck build looks very very well done . Hope they dont have big problems in future. Kev.s Friend are one expert mekanic i believe. Did he work with repairing real cars before or do him still do it ? Both Boat videos are fun. If you like to Laugh. Watch them second time LOL Yes we wish Kev and his Mates all the best in future. Claire is the one that Film/ camera thing everything ? She do great job too.
  10. Im so impressed about that video, also his friends, How did they get all work so good ? Kev and his friend must be SMART GUYS,. And all KEV ordered is well done also. Very impressive
  11. 'denim' is a need to crawlers that look old, and other old look cars I will self order some sticker end of this week
  12. Kevin is Amazing yes I really like the 8s boat video , the new boat video. And the Real Monstertruck building video 1/1 MT . Im impressed how they can build one real MT so nice without experience before. Many other RC videos are great too. KEV and his friends are Awsome
  13. I will give you just two great ideas 🙂


    1 use some figure that looks like you self do.

    If you are blonde, and have green eyes,  and are fat for example

    try find figure that is blonde, with green eyes, or paint the eyes green, and one fat one also



    Your movie hero or other hero


    If your movie hero is TOM cruise then you buy one tom cruise figure just 🙂



    These 2 options are cool.


    the first one is coolest becaus its you in scale look,  driving the rc car then, not others, like tom cruise  LOL


    100% real scale driving is

    have one real looking rig,  and one figure in there inside that looks like you almost 🙂


    90%  real

    is  100% real looking rig

    other driver in there





    My tip is go 100% real HAHAHHAA



    Me self need find one fat blonde figure with blue eyes LOL   to be 100% scale  , me and the car


    1. Jack Reacher

      Jack Reacher

      my post here was meant as a joke

  14. if you like to drive outside then buy one with closed maingear at motor pinion, to avoid stones come in and destroy the main gear Tamiya TT02 HPI RS4 Creators edition is cool, you buy wheels , , body, and combo self, the chassie is roller, Then just buy 1/10 rally wheels and rally body And one cheap simple 540 brushless combo, waterproof that is about 3000kv and 2s lipo like 5000mah There is alot cheap 2.4 radios , like dumbo 4ch and 10kg servos waterproof ones so you can drive in rain and snow also, rallycars are fun in snow and rain too i will self buy HPI crators edition and make one rally Lancia car of it This will take long time before i do it. Sorry i will buy everything and begin build it beginning next year I have too many other projekts going on already
  15. Hi topic says most I want climb at my gravelpit very high sand places there very loose sand some are 20m in height and they are like 45degrees , i want come all up to top now i only come like 3-4 meters max with stock Losi Night crawler stock wheels and some other no brand crawler wheels I need buy something good now Any ideas ? Size 2.2 they must be very good at loose sand , and be able climb in it 10-20m up at 45 degrees I will use them to couple crawlers, one of them is rock crawler LOSI NIGHT CRAWLER
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