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  1. hey folks, am I going to be more successful if I sell it for spares?
  2. Any questions folks, just let me know! Would it help to have a video of the truck? bim bum bump!
  3. ARRMA NOTORIOUS 6S V5 1/8 4WD BLX STUNT TRUCK. EUR 600 inclusive of shipping to UK with tracking and insurance. The item is for sale on eBay as well. Full description: https://www.arrma-rc.com/en/product/1-8-notorious-6s-v5-4wd-blx-stunt-truck-with-spektrum-firma-rtr-black/ARA8611V5T1.html Selling my Arrma Notorious 6S, used for about 4 months during pandemic, now I do not have time for it anymore. The price is low because I need the money for other hobbies, there are no hidden gremlins with the car or anything else. I purchased this from TAMICO on 29.03.2021, the original invoice is still available for warranty. Everything is working out of the box, no issues with overheating or anything else. Review the pictures for full detail of what's included, the highlights are: 3 LiPo Batteries (2x3S + 1x6S) all fully working, used about 15 times. Protective Velcro Net Brand new GPM shocks Additional new shell, extra strong, unused, with stickers Spare Spektrum Servo Several EXB parts, including rear limited slip differential Plenty of parts upgraded to aluminium Extra set of wheels Plenty of spare parts ( I cannot list them all) Plenty of extra high quality screws Regular maintenance carried out on all parts Contact me if you are interested in the truck alone or the spares alone, I can change the listing accordingly. I am happy to sell the spare parts that are still sealed separately, contact me. Contact me if you want a video of the truck or a test of the LiPos.
  4. Wow, I would never imagine I was going to receive this much feedback! I think my mind is made up now, thank you all. I'll go with the Big Rock, less complexity and risks
  5. thanks! Will work on this scenario. I was fearing the same.
  6. Hi all, would it be at all feasible in your opinion to buy a Kraton EXB roller and temporarily install the components from a cheap donor car just to get it going? And progressively update what's required? I cannot find the diameter of the EXB pinion, to figure out if it would fit on the motor shaft. Here the specs of the donor parts: ESC: Hobbywing SC8 RTR 25 kg metal servo Dumbo RC X6 Gyro receiver Motor: KV: 4370 Watts: 550 Max Voltage: 2S Max Current: 46A Max RPM: 50,000 Length: 50mm Outer Diameter (w/fins): 35.8mm Weight: 168g Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm Turns: 9T Rotor (Pole): 2-pole Stator Length: 25mm (motor supports 3s) New 3S Battery I would purchase separately.
  7. Finally we got the the bottom of the issue. I have the RTR ESC, which means just the basic 5 settings. If you buy the boxed more expensive "WP" version, you get the whole 12 settings plus PC connection. On a different topic, can someone please point me in the right direction to understand how to fully get 180 degree turn from my ESC? Do I need to configure the DUMBRC X6G or something else? Thank you!
  8. I sure will, I will share all the knowledge I can on the SC8.
  9. Ok, I sent them an email and I will call them here https://www.hobbywing.com/group_buy.php on Monday. Finger crossed
  10. Damn! I was fearing the same, but why are those settings on the card then? And why are there YT videos with people accessing settings > 5? I suppose I will try to call them on Monday, finger crossed
  11. Thank you Tony, I checked the manual and multiple forums, I can access settings 1 to 5 no problem, but I cannot access the advanced ones from 6 to 12. When I cycle through the settings using either the card, it goes from 5 back to 1. When I use the SET button, it beeps 5 times, and than beeps 1 to tell me that it's back to setting 1. Is there something I am missing? Does it help if I record a video of it?
  12. I just got tje ESC with its programming card, REV 2.0 I cannot access the advanced settings, neither from the card of from the ESC "set" button, any idea why? Thank you!
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