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  1. You want to swap the serrated nuts for nylock nuts, I lowered mine 1 hole but my partner's is still stock and both wheelie easily (mine on 2s hers on 3s)
  2. I'd swap the wheel nuts the serrated ones will only lock until the torque hits, I wouldn't worry about the rpm arms until you break the stock ones, we've got 2 and only had to do 1 arm and ours have bounced off fences, ankles and cartwheeled onto hard gravel
  3. It's either a acme/hsp/ ftx truck or one of the many eBay/ Amazon specials that use a hotch pitch array of parts, personally it would have to be almost free before I'd spend any time setting it up as for restoring it's really not worth the time and effort trying to get parts.
  4. That's a shame but from the pics I've seen of the breaks the grain structure of the shaft looks to have too much carbon or it's been over hardened (I work in the metallurgical testing and heat treatment industry) but until ours fail I can't have a good look
  5. yeah I've seen on the Facebook group some people have broken them, it depends how old the car is you could ask associated and see what they say
  6. The only place that stocks acme parts is nitrotek but even they don't have much stock I'd suggest trying eBay then selling the car, I have an Acme raptor truggy that I'm having to bin because I can't get certain parts because there's no stock left
  7. its the nominal voltage of the pack in a almost discharged state (3.7v/cell)
  8. were hopefully going to be popping up to pennistone to play with our mt10s so well probably pop over and say hello but it'll be closer to 11 for us due to public transport and walking up from haworth, those who don't know where it is there's 3 ways to get to that carpark pennistone hill depending if you're coming from haworth, stanbury or oxenhope, (a route came up on my maps but the last bit is a cart track up to the cricket club off a tight road that sould be avoided) if anyone wants any help I'm happy to post some street view directions for the best way
  9. check the spur for any bits of dirt, plastic or excess material as it sounds like youve either got a bit of damage on one tooth ir theres a bit of excess material or junk in the tooth
  10. welcome to the group, good choice with the mt10 its a very under rated truck me and my partner run them and its survived her going full beast mode (mines not been so lucky been captain sensible)
  11. I wanted one until I saw the price and specs, the 1/10 2/3s monster/ basher truck market is cornered with the arrmas and traxxas fill the top end, associated and corally have the mid ground, ftx fill the lower end and kyosho side in just above ftx because the competition is fierce, now if it was 4s-6s and 1/8th it could have rated a bit higher
  12. Ours are both stock weights, all I have done is top the diffs up as they were low, the shocks will get checked when I have the service kits and whilst fitting the rpm arms
  13. They are zd racing wheels and tires there's a couple of styles of rims but I have some on one of mine but they are slightly different rims
  14. I don't know the validity as I can't check but it was mentioned on the Mt8 Facebook group that the Mt8 one is a straight swap but I think it's going to be 1mod instead of 32dp, I'll be checking once we get them over here
  15. I don't think I'll be getting one, it's too expensive for a 3s car, an arrma vorteks is cheaper and more proven, heck for £10 more you'll get an mt8
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