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  1. What millions of years look like in one photo - Ireland
  2. @Fly In My Soup Great photos as always mate Those wheels actually really suit that!
  3. Hello & welcome to the forum
  4. Hello mate, welcome to the forum
  5. @billyb_imp That is very nicely packaged! Looks like an awesome bit of kit mate
  6. Hello mate, welcome to the forum
  7. @oodboo That looks amazing mate Always loved those Porsche shells
  8. Hello mate, welcome to the forum
  9. @BUDFORCE Yeah I've got one in my ZD truggy, they're excellent for the price. The servo in my Hyper was feeling quite weak the last time I used it. I tried adjusting it all but couldn't improve it so just going to replace it
  10. A gorgeous custom 1954 Mercedes Benz 300SL Speedster
  11. An all time favourite
  12. Got a 25kg servo to replace the standard one in my VSe. Should have loads more power.
  13. Bought another one of these Banggood servos, as the last one is working really well in my truggy. This one is for the Hyper VS.
  14. @steephill Ah nice one mate, the Fazers are great bikes 👍. Wow I can only dream of that sort of fuel economy... I'm lucky if I get 25mpg out of mine 😂
  15. @Bigjimknickers There you go mate 👍 Nice bikes those. My grandfather had one for a while and he said it was amazing for long journeys. No achy arms/legs or sore bums! Great wind protection too
  16. Thank you mate I am very tempted... I'll look in to how much it might cost as we enter the spring/summer season. Yes, they are indeed 😄 . In my eyes they're one of the best choices as a road bike. Plenty of comfort due to the 'sit up & beg' riding position along with the wide bars. Plenty of horses & torque from the 1997 Fireblade 919cc engine, enough to pull power wheelies in 3rd. But also sedate enough to pootle around town and not be in any sort of discomfort. Lastly, it's a Honda, so you never have to be concerned for reliability. Mine has 51,000 miles on her now, and mechanically she's still perfect 😁 The only thing it's not great at is long motorway journeys. But it does help to build very strong neck muscles 😛 What do you ride mate?
  17. @steephill I've always really liked the HRC livery as well. So much so that I have a plan to one day get my Hornet painted in that colour scheme. So mine is an older model, a 2003 Hornet 900, but I think it would look very nice with a paintjob/graphics kit like the bike below (a much more modern Hornet but similar shape) Interested to know what you guys think?
  18. Has anyone else seen the CBR1100R kits that they're now offering for the Honda Groms? I think they look kinda cool
  19. Deal of the day... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384728661940?hash=item59939d7fb4:g:wXwAAOSwy6th6LZl An HPI Baja for 5000 dollars anybody? Anybody? Anybody?
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