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  1. @Ag100 That looks fantastic mate! Quality job
  2. That's the best Hoonicorn look-a-like RC i've seen so far. I guess because it's a licensed product unlike the Banggood copies. When the brushless version comes out this will be very tempting...
  3. My black mog, Toby
  4. I think you're right. He really does want to build that UDR...
  5. 48 Cylinder Kawasaki 'Meet the Whitelock Tinker Toy; a 48-cylinder motorcycle which was created by Hertfordshire Superbike Centre in the UK. Based on the 2 stroke Kawasaki triples, the Tinker Toy has 48 cylinders and a capacity of a massive 4200cc. It consists of 16 Kawasaki KH250 3-cylinder engines arranged in six banks of eight and is completely road-legal'
  6. Hello mate, welcome to the forum
  7. Extreme attention to detail on that model. It really looks the part. Awesome
  8. @stupar That looks awesome mate! Reminds me a bit of the buggy from Mad Max
  9. @Nick R This thread is 5 years old bud, and the OP hasn't been online for 4 years, so I think it's unlikely.
  10. Impressive cover of Hotel California by a group of dudes in Sri Lanka
  11. My dad on his P&M Kawasaki at Mallory Park for the VMCC Festival of 1000 bikes
  12. A Tamiya Hornet Miniature Cheers @Jayce
  13. Hello mate, welcome to the forum Yes, I imagine that when the red light is on the battery is charging, and when it turns green it's at full capacity 👍
  14. Hello mate, welcome to the forum
  15. Ayrton Senna with his JPS Tamiya Hotshot in 1986
  16. Hello mate, i'll take the Hornet. I've sent you a PM
  17. Hello mate, welcome to the forum
  18. Hello mate, welcome to the forum
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