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  1. Check the motor pinion is meshing correctly - there's a section in the manual about it I think.
  2. I use blue threadlock on the wheel nuts - seems to help (having stripped a hex before!) What's the benefit of venting the tyres? Do you just make a small hole in the sidewall somewhere?
  3. So how did it go? Improvement over the standard set-up?
  4. So, went to the FoS for the weekend and had a great time. Spotted the TRAXXAS stand with a netted cage for the demo runs of all the off-road stuff. Asked if I could have a go and was very quickly told no, demo only. You could try the crawlers on a small course but that was it. The 'pro's' were good to be fair, launching up a vertical ramp, bouncing of a canvas roof and coming back down for a (very hard) wheels first landing - they do seem to be tough models!
  5. Wow, that looks bombproof! I was thinking more along the lines of clear tape for the outside of the body 😉 Helitape Bike Protection Tape by 3M ™ – Trailvision - Mountain & Road Bike Bearings
  6. @Spunkymunky88 - I've not bothered with the mesh cover and not had any issues. @Buggy Malone - I used Gorilla duct tape to reinforce the body holes and other key points. also used helicopter tape (MTB frame protection) on the outside of the shell on the key places it will slide on when mid-crash.
  7. Could soon destroy the lawn and the flower beds if those got let loose 😉
  8. The MT10 is my first RC for years so can't really comment in comparison to others. However, I have bounced it off a good few jumps/trees etc and it has stayed in one piece. Brilliant fun I must admit.
  9. Kind of fancy getting some cheap on-road wheels/tyres for the Rival just for fun and to see how it handles. They will have a much smaller diameter than the off-road tyres so I wonder if it will overrev and/or overheat the motor or will it just find it's natural limit and be ok? Anyone tried this?
  10. So, swapping the Badlands to the front (and using the wider hub option) has turned the MT10 back into the drifting, donuting, powersliding monster I prefer. Just so much fun and spraying dust and dirt in all directions. Still impressed with how smooth the suspension is as well after the shock upgrade 🙂
  11. Can't really offer any advice as this is my first RC model as well. Can only suggest going through the instructions in the user manual for setting up the radio/receiver etc? Failing that post something in the general RC section as there will be people there with far more expertise.
  12. Been a bit quiet in here for a while so... Had no issues with loose wheel nuts since using Loctite so that's good. Had to buy a pair of Proline Badlands as the MT10 wheels/tyres were out of stock after stripping a hex in one of the wheels. They are really grippy ( were spraying me with sand when I ran the truck!) but have made it it a bit understeery. Have swapped then to the front and used the wider hubs to give more clearance - hoping to get back the power slide hooligan it was when using all four MT10 tyres. Also fitted the Associated alloy shock upgrade and it is really smooth on landing jumps etc. Will report back on the handing after the wheel swop round. If anyone has a spare standard MT10 wheel going spare please let me know 🙂
  13. If you use the blue one it's designed to come undone again with a socket - not a permanent seal - cheap too. Thread Lock GP Blue Industrial Grade, 10g (farnell.com)
  14. Have you tried using threadlock on the wheel nuts? I have put it on mine but not had a chance to actually run the thing yet unfortunately.
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