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  1. Lopes3d

    Dbxl parts

    As in title I’m after a gas tank, plastic battery tray, and a set of 5t shocks (believe they fit a dbxl please correct if I’m wrong). Set of 5t wheels.
  2. Any owners still active on here I’ve just got myself a nice little project (waiting for it to arrive)
  3. Lopes3d

    Hpi vorza flux

    As above and after much reading I’m after a hpi vorza flux. If anyone has one for sale let me know preferably with transmitter+charger+batteries as been out of this for a while don’t have any anymore
  4. Hi, I’m not too far away in Reading but not too sure of any decent locations
  5. Anyone from Reading or in and around, willing to travel for a decent site
  6. Went for this https://www.rcmodelz.co.uk/rc-cars/electric-rc-cars/traxxas/traxxas-slash-1-10-2wd-rtr-short-course-truck-blue.html But I’ll just bash till either bored of power or parts begin to break
  7. Thanks for the info, based on the above put an order in for a 2wd slash. I’ll just run it how it is and upgrade as things begin to break
  8. Cheers, so the xl5 is the brushed one? This will be my first electric car, have previously had a few 1/5 scale petrol ones
  9. Hi looking into getting a slash 2wd for some bashing can’t seem to find too much info on the two in question above can anyone share any light on the differences between the 2
  10. Hi guys, as in title after a traxxas slash 2wd for some bashing. If anyone’s got one that’s up for sale give me a shout
  11. Align 150x with align a10 transmitter and powerpal lipo charger. Bought during lockdown but too advanced for my skill, did have a heavy landing and ripped tail motor and bent tail boom. Have since replaced both of these, but have not used since. Has 4 lipos and standard tools few spares as pictured such as lipos blades etc. Would recommend having it set up by someone who knows what there doing or at a shop. looking for £250 collected from Reading. Or can post at buyers cost
  12. Anyone had any experience with the above. All installed can’t seem to calibrate the transmitter within the sim
  13. Ah right so a 330mah just set at 0.3A. Cheers👍🏽
  14. Thanks for the replies Mack took your advice on the second one. From what I’ve made out this should work 1 in the balance board, banana plugs in. Also what amp should these be charged at, not use to these as been on petrol cars for a while
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