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  1. Rebuild the rear driveshafts of my traxxas rustler 4x4 so it has now pins and boots , in the process I found out that the wheel bearings had seized up and one of the diff bearings, it sounded a little squeaky the last time I run it, so I changed all the diff bearings, and center diff bearings and wheel bearings, the front of the car is still smooth so no need to replace the bearings there.
  2. Took the Hpi jumpshot mt for a ride, I like this car a lot and it drives great.
  3. maybe it is just this type of rc that struggles on loose surfaces with the tires just not wide enough to get the traction on a 2 wheel drive, I am thinking to try out some truck tires from my hpi jumpshot mt and see what it does, maybe then change the body and wheels , or sell it because I do not want to put a lot off money in it, and I have enough rc car that I like. I had a serpent sct 2 wheel drive, never had problems with traction but I only drove it on tarmac with the louise rocket tires, never on the beach, so I can not compare.
  4. Brought the Hot shot back to pieces, and put it in a nice warm bad to let it soak all the dirt of, I am going to rebuild the car and bring it back to stock form, it had the super hotshot suspension parts on it but I like the look of the original more.
  5. A lunchbox to still my hunger to buy. It is the pre assembled one, most off the times a prefer the kit version, but this one was on sale and 40 euro cheaper then the kit version, a bonus is that I do not have to paint the hard body, but I have to rebuild the thing put bearings in it and do some small upgrades.
  6. Last year a bought a losi 22s sct , I has a castle brushless motor 3800kv motor in it running on 2s, I do not know what it wrong with this thing ,it is all over the place, on tarmac, grass and on the beach, at first I tought it was the stock tires that where rubbish, so I bought new tires for it an put some thicker oil in the diff, but it still drives like a turd, gave it a spin on the beacht today, and tested it on grass, a little throttle and it goes sideways, even when Iam genty on the throttle and in a straight line it just spins out. I don't know ho to solve it, the diff works fine and is nothing wrong with it, I do not wan't to try out a bunch of tires and other stuff to make it better, maybe some one over here have a solution fot it. I run a lot of 2 wheels drive cars on the beach a lot of tamiya buggies, I have a brushless hpi jumpshot mt that drives great, and I had a serpent 2wd sct that I had no problems with grip, even a brushless madbull is easier to handle on the beach then the Losi, so to me it is a little strange that is runs that bad, when I watch movies on youtube it runs. good. I ask myself why I bought it, because I sold my serpent sct because of the parachute effect off the body, today with a little wind on the beach the car tries to fly away with a little speed, maybe it is just better to take my loss and sell it.
  7. Look at the duratrax bandito/louise rocket tires, very good tires for onroad, I had them on my serpent sct driving on dusty parking lots, and tarmac, the tires have a lot of grip an last a long time do not wear quick, and I just had to be gently on the trigger because of wheelies so no lack of grip. https://www.louiserc.eu/Pick-by-Car/ASSOCIATED/SC10/Louise-RC-SC-ROCKET-1-10-Short-Course-Tire-Set-Mounted-Soft-Black-Wheels-Asso-SC10-4X4-L-T3154SBAA/
  8. that is plausible, I run my cars also over the wet sand, and when I clean them I only brush of the sand, salt dries out rubber, but I never had a problem with tires and run most of the time on the beach, but this could be the case with those rubber boots.
  9. I clean them every run, maybe the boots do not like sand, I only drive the car on the beach, the driveshaft are fine but the boots have cracks in it and it looks like the rubber is dried out a bit, so I have to rebuild them or buy other driveshafs. Or maybe I remove the boots and make some clips or something to hold the pins in place, the new traxxas driveshaft do no have boots anymore.
  10. After almost a year doing nothing with my rc cars, today I took my rustler 4x4 out of a cartbox and run it on the beach, had a lot of fun. Really like the rustler, but I do not like the XO-1 driveshafts I put on it, the driveshaft self are great but the rubber boots are cracking everwhere and I need to replace them because the hold the driveshaft pins in place , only had about 16 battery packs trough the driveshafts, and new boots cost me about 40 euro, tekno driveshaft for the car are about 100 euro, I do not want to change the boots every 16 packs then it is going to be expensive, thinking about buying the tekno ones.
  11. I had the same problem on my rustler 4x4 after 3 battery packs I stripped the spur, and that with a correct mesh and slipper, I have the center diff with metal spur in it now and I have no more problems.
  12. Yes is does because the teeth are bigger, I am using an 54 tooth spur gear, but with the original motor it is better to use the 57 tooth one because you can not gear it low enough with the 54 tooth spur. The only thing you have to do is dill the hole in the spur a little bigger with a 5mm drill it just to tight but after drilling it fits like a glove and no more stripping gears. 57 tooth AR310405 54 tooth AR310404 slipper pads AR310584
  13. why do you guys not upgrade to a 32 pitch spur gear, I am running an arrma 32 pitch spur gear on mine with arrma slipper pads, work perfect
  14. They are expensive and I don't know how they are, I use the xo-01 driveshafts on mine and they are good, run more then 20 packs trough the car on 3s lipo with an big motor and they are fine, but you need the knuckles and rear hubs and 12mm hex to do the upgrade so that is expensive to, if I where you and you could find the tekno driveshaft you better of buying them they are cheaper then the traxxas ones and seem to be very good. I went for the xo-1 shaft because I made a mistake thought they sell in pairs so I bought one for the front and rear, when they arrived I noticed that they where sold as a single driveshaft if I new that I had bought the tekno ones.
  15. If you interested in a DC1, I am thing thinking of selling mine, it is the kit version with alloy wheels, hw 1080 esc, high torgue servo, 4 link suspension with servo mount on the axle, 27 turn brushed motor, the car has only run 2 times. I can sell it for £250, shipping is a bit high because I live in the netherlands but I can ship it for £23
  16. You need the rpm mount without it you can't mount the wheely bar from the 2wd versions. I know for sure that I post it in one here that you can use wheely bar with the rpm mount, but I think you did not noticed it. Here is an picture of mine with the rpm mount and 2 wd wheely bar
  17. you can use the wheely bar but you need the rpm wheely bar mount, I have the bleu one on mine from the 2wd, here is the link for the rmp mount https://www.eurorc.com/product/24164?currency=EUR&cc=EUR
  18. I bought the jumpshot flux mt v2 a month ago or so, but there are enough parts for it find, integy have almost every part in alloy, and in the uk wheelspin an modelsport has parts for it, I live in the netherlands and even there I can find parts for it local and enough on ebay, so I think you do have to worry if you buy a jumpshot, other Hpi models is maybe a different story I don't know.
  19. Dancing rider, hopup parts for it and for other cars, some lipo's for the dancing rider and some tires.
  20. I think the outlaw is not going to last very long on 4s, but maybe it surprices me
  21. Put an new servo saver on the HPI jumpshot, the stock one was rubbish, it was allready sloppy when it was new but after a little crash it was to much, the wheels won't stayed centered anymore, so I used a tamiya high torque servo saver with an alloy servo horn it is much better now, tried a kimbrough that I had as a spare but that one does not fit.
  22. It seems like they discontinued the rock rey, I hope they still sell spares for them, but for now I still can find a lot of parts or aftermarket parts for the car.
  23. I have the rock rey kit version, but they do not sell them anymore I was lucky that the kit version popped up on a german website for €250, but I really like the car. It is a very tough car, run about 30 packs trough it now and not broke a thing and nothing is worn so it is very durable, running a castle 1415 2400kv motor on 3s But you have to do some necessary upgrades to run it on 3s without breaking the drivetrain, you have to buy an alloy front bulkhead the plastic stock one has to much flex and then the ring and pinion gear can skip, the same goes for the third member buy an alloy one or you ring and pinion gear skip and get stripped. And you have to do a bigger bolt mod on the diffs, the bolts on the diffs are to thin and just snap of, I have bought the exotek alloy diff cups they have thicker bolts in them but you have to drill the holes of the ring gears and spur to fit the thicker bolts, but that was an easy job with a little ball mill that I used, you can also use the stock diff cups and use thicker and longer bolts from traxxas, or gpm makes also alloy diff cups, there is a lot info to find on other forums. Spent about 100€ on the upgrades other then these the car is stock.
  24. That is a lot of weight for the little 3652 motor, poor little thing, lucky motor you released it from suffering😁
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