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  1. Looks even better with a layer of dirt👍
  2. Made a shortie flatbed for the Element Enduro. About £4 worth of aluminium, a sheet of styrene and some dodgy fabrication skills. Really can’t decide what I want to do with this truck. Not 100% happy with it, but it definitely helps with approach/exit angle. Hoping it might look better after a couple of coats of matte black. Might add a roll bar too?
  3. Lol, it would take years for my Element Enduro to dish out that much abuse!
  4. I temporarily put in an old Savox too. Only 21kg, and annoyingly noisy, but reliable. So it wasn’t a problem with the Servo itself, just the servo saver? Only asking as I was considering buying that same servo to replace the burnt out one.
  5. Element Enduro. Stopped steering and servo was too hot to touch. Luckily I have a spare servo but it was bloody annoying.
  6. Carried it a mile and a half up a hill. Fried the servo after 15 mins. Carried it home again.
  7. Really nice to meet everyone and have a faces to put to names. Thanks @Nick for arranging this.
  8. Hope the weather is better at Penistone Hill than it is where I live. Raining at mo 🙁
  9. Nice looking rig. Looks better without the decals.
  10. They never stay shiny for long. Scratches and dents = "patina" 😆
  11. Made a a rear bumper for the Element Enduro. Just 3 lengths of aluminium bar cut to length, holes drilled, threads tapped, and all screwed together. Intended to complement the front bumper and protect the rear of the shell when it drops off obstacles. Suspect it won’t prove very durable and will just get hung up on stuff. Will test it on Sunday at the MSUK forum crawl about.
  12. Agreed. Really makes the car your own. 👍
  13. I bought some Mod Roc for my mini crawler course….. that I haven’t made yet 😂 https://www.modroc.com/tips-on-using-modroc-modrock-plaster-of-paris-bandage-for-modelling/
  14. Thanks. As I said in the Sca-1e thread 🤦‍♂️… decided to keep the decals for now at least. Still not sure about them, but I can take em off any time but wouldn’t be so easy to put them back.
  15. It’s not a Carisma, it’s an Element. Although I did make a similar one for my Stout a while back 😄👍
  16. Finished the bumper for the Element. Can’t braze or weld. £4 worth of aluminium tube and bar… bent, cut, drilled, tapped and screwed together. Quite pleased with the result.
  17. Yes, still not sure, but I can take them off anytime, while putting them back isn’t so easy., going to try and delete it from here and put it in “what did you do to your model today” which was where I meant to put it. 😂
  18. Looking forward to this although I might not make it for 10am. Which is a shame because I thought it’d be fun watching @Nick unbox his new crawler……. ….just before it starts. 🤣
  19. Day off so applying the decals (stickers!) on the Ranger Shell. But.. Now I’ve done one side I’m not sure how keen I am. 🤔 What do we think folks? With, or without? (As a side note, this could just be laziness because I hate this part of prepping a shell and can’t be arsed to do the other side 🤣)
  20. I’m bald, but apparently these are useful when applying decals 🤷‍♂️
  21. Lol, "too busy to be organised", I'm pinching that🤣 I know what you mean about "fenders", not sure when I started talking bloody American!
  22. Put the (now painted) inner fenders back on the Element. I had planned to swap the stock ESC for a hobbywing 1080 but didn’t get far with that, ran out of time ( have to work today☹️). Will do that tonight and should probably tidy up my workspace. I’m terrible for working in clutter.
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