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  1. Does a cyclone have a center diff u can oil fill? What front & rear diff oil combos have u found to be good & how does it behave
  2. Acme Cyclone. WHAT A CAR! Iv put aluminium lower arms Different weight oil in front & rear diffs & shocks. The sh18 engine was crap if fried it instantly (first nitro) I put a Vertex 18 THE PULL START EATERS. No it has a rota & is reliable as hell. Had it 4yrs & there's little play on suspension parts
  3. Hi can anyone help please Vertex vx 0.18 DEFAULT SETTINGS NEEDED
  4. ByYeah the few symptoms u described happen my revs fluctuate. Wen rolling to stop revs do a big drop to wot I think is a good low idle. Fule consumption is better. I have had over heat cut outs last few days in hot weather with shell on but as standard I read the car over heats. I had thought of opening one of them filters & putting a electric fan inside & connecting to the throttle servo for power so the fan would suck at different revs similar the throttle. (if it worked) it's probably more complex connection than. Is it? I really think it would be overkill super lean, damaging & a bitch to tune
  5. My YouTube link for the video Here is the video of my air filter. The car is on plastic drift tyres watch how quick it gets into 2nd gear See pictures for how I made it. I got the air filter from wish, others had put them on there nitro's. More searching I found that they are for scooters mopeds & RB innovations sell the same thing for crazy money, I made it for £3. Yesterday I had a speed bash on road tyres, best my car has run. I videoed it u can hear it hit 2nd gear & it's flying. Today I made my new air filter, ****.... it revs 40% higher I reckon. I was on drift tyres & the speeds I was getting up to on hard plastic tyres was unbelievable. 2nd gear is there in half the time. I was concerned at the time how fast it will be on my slick road tyres. Words come to mind like. Runway. Frightening, crash barriers, expensive I will be adding the video
  6. Im new to nitro & a modifier. This thread will be for the cyclone pro. all things cyclone upgrade & modifications, I think the Cyclone & hsp 94122 are the same. The main components. Drive train, suspension, differentials, & more. Let's try to prove this so we get the same parts with no + % £$€.See pic. notice the similarities. Look at that upper front suspension arm. I think it's the same car well all the major components.
  7. I posted a link for my FlySky GT3C it arrived Wednesday. Don't think buy one fast u won't find cheaper in the UK. I can also help u increase the range on ur original remote
  8. I just bought a FlySky GT3C for £33 posted. My advice is. Take my link & buy one fast. It transformed my nitro car. The range is insane I turn around when I almost can't see it. it has I built in failsafe & u can ad 10 different models or settings setups. Go buy one from here, he is the cheapest in the UK I had the more expensive Orange on for the price most charge for the silver, but does take the **** in posting it, it took a week to arrive. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flysky-FSGT3C-3CH-2-4G-Remote-Control-Radio-Transmitter-Receiver-For-RC-Car-Boat-/292709914462?txnId=1682185772019
  9. Hi I think Iv the same problem on my brand new acme cyclone. There's a washer/gasket & fule pisses out on priming & even worse wen u put my finger on exhaust to stop engine. I don't know anything about them. This is my first nitro
  10. I'm new to nitro & love modifications I need advice Air filter/carb mods.... What filter type? Induction/forced? Super charger Transmitter upgrades? What other brand name parts are Compatible? Suspension modifications.... Has anyone used different parts made suspension higher? Sent from my LDN-L01 using Tapatalk
  11. I just bought a cyclone Pro from nitro tec for £147 u can't go wrong Sent from my LDN-L01 using Tapatalk
  12. darrenmunkley

    Acme cyclone Pro nitro rc

    Anyone know other compatible brand parts? I refuse to give them bastards at nitrotek any more of my money, you can't even fone them for questions ANYWAY look at the pic my cyclone & a HSP 94122 take a good look at it, I think they are the same chassis with minor differences. Look a upper front suspension arms. They are identical who else has found another brand that parts are identical to the cyclone
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