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  1. Might be best to keep it in the correct section, but seems the forum is a little quiet lately, where are you based, in case i can get to a meet
  2. Looks stunning mate, proper job, when is maiden run?
  3. I got this about 6 months back and love it but the cooling fan is not kicking in, the fan works and a chap has told me its a temp sensor on the board not talking to the fan, might be an easy fix for a person in the know its an X250 with 8g ram I5 5300 CPU and 240g SSD hard drive, a mark on the screen bezel see pic near left hinge comes with win 10 and will be restored to factory . This is a fast and lovely laptop for browsing the web and works perfect for every day use just dont ask it to do processor intensive stuff as it will get hot, battery gives around 5 hours and comes with genuine lenovo power adaptor screen size is 12.5 inch price includes econ shipping to regular UK address paypal fee paid please price is £65 shipped would be ideal for the workshop to browse the web will fixing modding the rc cars
  4. After lots of help from @tomr and i do mean lots of help here is first run with the modified Texan, longer wheelbase, upright shocks wider wheels, it runs a whole lot better
  5. The Strada RX brushless is on the list, my mate wants me to get one so i can sell him it cheap when i get bored with it lol 😅
  6. What lipo are you wanting?, you could try Aliexpress also Banggood are shipping to UK and fairly quick and people seem to get decent deals on Amazon
  7. I see Raz Shifren and Kev Talbot are going to UK ROSSA
  8. found a new chassis for sale, might just do the build, got a brushless motor and servo so just need an esc and body "Edit"oops not in stock
  9. Thanks for suggestion but not after a slash mate
  10. I will be in the market for a Rally/touring car sub £200 but dont really want a Tamiya needs to be 1/10th or larger, let me know if you have something i could use
  11. Bringing up a bit of an old thread, is the maverick RX brushless worth getting
  12. Toes can hurt, send the truck back. Sounds like it's not fit for purpose, even an Ftx will last longer
  13. Not really rc but a part of what we use, a new to me laptop and first website i log onto is MSUK i can think about editing video files again
  14. These are nice if you like tidler crawlers but not my thing, Carisma announced a new model and we all hoped for a nice scale 1/10, so no sale from me
  15. I had range issue`s on my flysky FSI6x aircraft radio in the Dragon 1200 plane, i have taped over the antenna ends with thick clear tape, kept getting low RSSI at like 50 m out changed the set up and now good for over 1k
  16. Yes it will lesson the range
  17. Carisma scale adventure  are to announce 1 maybe 2 new models 5pm tomorrow looking at the press think it might be a new MSA and a new SCA-1e, wonder what it will be

    1. Jack Reacher

      Jack Reacher

      Okay seems its a red MSA pajero and a black MSA Brat, no sale from me 1/12th is to small for my use

  18. Finished modding the Texan for now, so shocks mounted upright, made a pair of chassis brace`s, longer links taking wheelbase to 310mm, removed fake exhaust, mounted spare tyre low down , cut a drive shaft down in length to get 4WD with longer wheelbase still got Alloy rear axle to fit at some point cheap set of black deep dish wheels, looking forward to trying it out
  19. Okay we are about done for now, managed to dremel an old drive shaft to fit the rear so its now 4WD, re did the shock mounts and managed to drop the back end down about 7mm, so its about as good as it gets on ride height, also took of the chrome fake exhaust, less to break on the trails 😄 future plans............... still want to repaint the cab in flat black for a "moody look" with bits of black rubbed to let little bits of grey to peek through, a kinda weathered look, tempted to do a home made interior with a cowboy driver figure, also i am thinking of re doing the lighting, putting warm white LED in the main lights and taking the ruddy turn signal lights out and making them into spot lights, or amber running lights the lights run of the RX and go out on full throttle so thinking a re wire to hook them up to balance plug on lipo
  20. I was buying Floureon brand NIMH packs from ebay about £19 for 3500mah, they have been superb
  21. not sure if i fitted the long links correct, i put the "kink" end at front
  22. @tomr it ended up at 310mm wheelbase so darn close to the magic 313, will work on it again tomrrow and sort ride height out and maybe redo chassis brace
  23. As promised i have done the chassis and shock mod to my Texan, still needs fine tuning and need to order a cvd prop shaft for the rear so for now its front wheel drive the rear ride height is out of kilter so need to play about with that, i made up a brass chassis brace but already re thinking that, for a tidier look using M3 threaded stud and brass tube (got the bits) A Huge and i really do mean huge thanks to @tomr for the push to do this and lots of other help mate your a true star
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