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  1. Slag banks in barrow is a good place for rock crawling, and bashing up the top end iv never had a problem up there, also the beaches on walney can be a good spot for rock crawling if you dont mind cleaning the sand/salt off after each visit
  2. Okay so this is a project i have wanted to-do for some time now, there's a bit of background as to why i want to star this project, Right back when i was a youngster, my dad made an RC Forklift Truck, i must of been about 3 it was Electric and had a 3 stage mast, Rack and pinion steering, it had lead as its Counter balance weight and it could Easy lift two breeze blocks 2ft in the air using motors and m6-all thread (I think it was M6) (He made this from scrap bits of metal from an old job he had back then) The sad part is he left it at the house we lived in all them years ago due to it being so heavy he has no photos of it as that would of helped me a bit although they may of been black and white Now that's the background over with this might sound strange asking for help when my dad made one many years ago, and believe me i have asked and asked him to help me build one, he always says no.... So i would like some help with designing the mast either chains or screw threads to do the lifting (I Cannot Afford Hydraulics) - im still looking for work and on the shameful job seekers... Any plans people know of or advice on motors etc (are all welcomed) (I will need as much help as i can get on this - im not really an expert engineer) (im a mechanic) Thanks to anyone who reads this and can offer some help (I know forklifts arnt everyones Cuppa Tea)
  3. Goinging to Revive this thread, i just got a 1 year old yama 30cc Limited edition 1/5th its only been used once when it was bought and its in mint condition it got all metal upgrades, one problem im having is that the black fuel pipe is building pressure up when the prime pump is pressed 3-4times but the prime pump isnt filling with fuel and the second clear pipe has no fuel in, if someones got one of these buggys dose the black pipe go to the rear of the carb or the frunt? any pics you can put up might help, (Hard to find clear photos online)
  4. so today i dug out an old buggy i used to mess about with a long time ago....Well i say this but about 8 years ago agah (See pics below) I think its a HSP.... not sure on the exact model but im thinks a Hsp anyways, i have alot todo Most parts are needing replacment, as links and joints are warn out... (Too be continued)
  5. damn, no need to say sorry, its my fault!, pm me if you decide to sell any other stuff, and i will see if it suits my needs
  6. heres a photo of my defender at the local slagbanks, good place for rock crawling
  7. well heres an update on my defender she went from this Too this over night (the pick-up bed and rear cab i 3d printed along with the hood vents and door handles and window frames) heres the proline Jeep rubicon body shell that i painted! not the best but it will doo.
  8. !OMG i cant belive i have just seen this! i would of bought it off you as well!!
  9. Well i replaced the ESC with a hobbywing 1080 esc and its not let me down since, i now have a winch and a few cosmetic stuff fitted, Iv just got a Proline Jeep Rubicon body today and i have been painting it most of the day but now im trying to find a set of bumpers that fit nice and any other tips (if anyone has the proline jeep rubicon fitted) Let me know what tips you can give as to making it look propper ?
  10. Hey there so i bought a baja prime 2WD buggy on friday and it arrived tuesday, after i put the jumper onto the 3s position on the esc and i have been useing it on 3s lipo since, all is fine but im wanting more speed, i would like to change the motor instead of the gears.. it says on the internet that the WP-1040 esc is rated at 40amp and a burst current of 180amp, i was thinking of sticking a 15T brushed motor one of them £8.99 ones but im not to sure if the ESC will handle such a motor any pointers Welcome im not that knowledgable on brushed motors, and cant afford brushless for the time being, plus it was only £100 so id rather stick to brushed motors for this. Cheers guys!!!
  11. cheers Gaz i have sent them a message will see if i get a reply tomorrow.
  12. Hey there First thanks for reading.. So today i was at my freinds house got ready togo home walking driving the Trx-4 defender and i plugged my battery into my ESC as normal and the ESC went up in smoke and Stunk, (unplugged the battery straight away!!!) whats the chances of Traxxas sending out a replacment part? (i have changed the Connector to an XT30 the day i got it.) I bought my TRX-4 on (07/09/2018) Any help or advice appreciated
  13. Hiya after getting my Trx-4 and loving it, im now after a nice sized Rc Buggy my Budget is £100 i have looked on ebay, banggood, gear best, but they all look like cheap 2 second toys New or used is okay, collection isnt possible as i dont drive, (I know this is a long shot as you get what you pay for)
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