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  1. Hi anyone got base settings for my Picco P3TT just can’t get it running at all 🥲
  2. Hi brilliant read did you find out what the factory idle gap should be ? I can’t find it anywhere
  3. Hi interesting post enjoyed the read,I am running at Picco and have got her running ok my question is the mid range factory setting I cannot find any information anywhere does anyone have the setting or where to find it thanks in advance
  4. Good Morning,I have a MT-S Transmitter and i would likee to add another model to it....i will need to purchase another receiver....what options do i have ?can i use a cheap after market one as its only a indoor model.or do i need a Sanwa one ?sorry if its a numpty question
  5. Hi,Stripping out my race buggy clutch today...and thinking of replacing it...so to give me peace of mind for the season.jjust removed the clutch and its a Reds Tetra 32mm flywheel.what difference is there between the 32mm and the 34mm..?are they interchangable?can i fit a 34mm Answer Rc or another Reds 4 shoe clutch.or do i have to stick with the 32mm size.Buggy is a HB Racing D815
  6. Hey up Everyone, I have a H.P.I Trophy Buggy and would like to find a different style bodyshell.......I have heard that the Hot Bodies D819 shell my fit mine? Has anyone out there got a H.P.I trophy Buggy with an 'aftermarket' or other brand bodyshell fitted ? In anticipation Bennett Ironman
  7. Thanks everyone I am thinking of getting a 12v motorbike battery would that work ok ?
  8. Hi everyone, I got a sky RC heater and a 2s lipo but it doesn't power up the heater ? I thought you could use 2s on these ?
  9. Morning. What do we all use to power up our SkyRc engine heaters then ?
  10. Hi everyone Trophy 3.5 base settings anyone !!! I searched through the Nitro tread couldn't find the H.P.I F3.5 ? Assuming this is the correct engine for my trophy 3.5
  11. Morning Does anyone know if you can get a aftermarket 'pre painted' body for the HPI Trophy nitro buggy ? Regards
  12. Thinking of upgrading my steering servo ...what's everyone running in their buggies 🤷 20kg or 30kg Hit me folks
  13. Recently picked up a H.P.I Trophy 3.5 and I am digging my way through the ins and out of her...hoping to get it on the track next year....is there anything I need to do 'mod' wise ... anything weak that needs upgrading or changing out !!!....I am a total novice ...and taking in advice from folk....I am thinking diff oil set up 7000 front 10,000 mid and 5000 rear...going to be running on 'mini pins' as a standard set up and 25% Optifuel... anything else I need to adjust or change guys and gals Bennettironman
  14. Thanks much appreciated Schumacher Mini Pins silver ? With medium foam ?
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