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  1. Hi folks after some mn96 tyres for a project (not an mn) as they are smaller than the ones used on all the other mn's. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the feedback AJ. Appreciate it. Can you not see the pics? or did you fix it?
  3. Tried inserting directly, hopefully that works, thanks for the help folks
  4. Hi Folks, I was going to put this on ebay when the next £1 listing rolled around (hence the semi arty pics) but thought i would post here first Got this locally to try out crawling with my daughter but as were building up a WPL C34KM this is just too capable and i think would just take the fun out of it for both of us so ill opt for another WPL 🙂 As I say got this local to me, was a bit mucky but otherwise running fine. gave it a clean up and ran a single pack through it before coming to the above conclusion. Chassis and wheels/tyres are in good nick, tyres work very well indeed. Body is good, has some scrapes and a crack at the rear, its not perfect but i think its not bad at all. cant see anything rusty so dont think its seen water and it ran lovely. It did come with a nimh which in my hurry to get this running i chopped the connectors off to make an adapter to deans (included) So the electronics are all as sock (tamiya plug) but adapter is there to run deans. ESC has jumper selectable for lipo use. includes what is shown, truck, Tx, so just needs your battery and your away. I dont use nimh but i have one and a slow charger (or 3) lurking in a box that you can have if you want a full RTR. just charging that up now to make sure its all good. I did read the reviews all saying the stock servo was weak and it is, it works fine and i dont think there is anything wrong with it at all but if i was keeping it id certainly be fitting a higher torque servo. Also happy to do a whatsap walkaround/running demo or send you a vid £140 (includes paypal fees) + postage
  5. Jay_85

    HPI Crawler King

  6. Got a box full of part worn schumacher rally blocks. sorex and foams if you want some just send me a pm. Thanks
  7. Hiya folks. Ive got a new emb-dt sat on the shelf waiting for me to get to. but also got a box full of schumacher rally blocks (part worn) pm me if you want some.
  8. Yeh i found the link a few pages back and thought id shre it on sale in case anyone is in the market as its on sale
  9. Thanks ag. Just a heads up the leopard 2838 is 15% on the sweedish website. https://www.kullagergrossisten.se/product/borstlos-motor--4-pol--5160v--1-14-1-16--3-17mm-axel--leopard
  10. Hi folks. Happy new year to you all. Ive been looking at the lc line up for ages and its time for a new toy 🙂 ive got 3 GTBs and a gt10dt modded to take a 2845. Plus 1/10s etc. They are all great but fancy im a big fan of the mini sized cars and so want one of these also. I only run off, road rough grass and in the woods. I havnt settled on which model to go for yet but would like to know a couple of things if you can please? How does the lwb mid vs rear motor layout compare handling wise. And how does the 2938 tenshock, 2850 lc motor and 2845 racestar type compare? I have the 2845 as my reference but is it worth waiting for the 2850 kits to come back in stock or go for the tenshock? Im realy looking for torque. My 2845 is 4370kv i think and its plenty fast enough and has good torque/punch. So would i notice an improvement with a 2850 lc or tenshock? Thanks all.
  11. 2 years on ive got this sussed. Either carisma GTB or lc racing EMB hub shafts + some matching sized bearings + '82829BL 1/16 Scale RC Nitro Car Wheels and Tyres Complete x 4 HSP Black Plastic' and using the matching 9mm hexs gets you a setup you can buy wheels and tyres for. The wheels will even take the stock carisma tyres. You can also fit GTB 12mm wheel hexs and use a std wheel. The smallest m-chassis tyres are only marginally too big. M chassis foams can be turned down to the correct od. Hope this helps someone.
  12. Hi bud. Thank you. Sorry i should of said in the origonal post i was looking for a lwb version. No matter im happy to convert it if the price is right. How much were you looking for? Cheers
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