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  1. sunny

    castle bec

    As per title I'm after a castle BEC 10 amp 6s if anyone has for sale please.
  2. thanks for the pics, yours seems to be running 4 link with no pan hard
  3. of you get a chance can you please post a pic of your top front links I'm sure the previous owner has put mine on wrong way or done something as axle is not sitting centred
  4. Can anyone confirm if these run a chassis mounted servo with 3 link front and pan hard bar please, I bought a FTX Geo which looks very similar but runs 4 link front with pan hard and chassis mounted servo which is strange
  5. its not sitting right as the front axle sits too far to right, if you look at truck with body on the front left tyre is flush with wheels arch but front right sticks out quite a bit
  6. I just bought an FTX Outlaw Geo it has 4 link suspension and a pan hard bar. Normally trucks have a 3 link front suspension if using pan hard and servo on chassis set up Has anyone else got this truck and if so are you using as is or removing one of the top front links.
  7. personally I would go with a bigger motor and an esc that is 80 amps or more
  8. As per title I'm after a HW 10BL120 esc if anyone selling please.
  9. Hi guys does anyone know if the outcast 4s chassis is same as the Granite 3s etc?
  10. What diff and shock fluids are people running? I picked up one of these used for a decent price but before taking it out want to give it a service and check everything is tight and fluids are ok.
  11. there are different motor mounts for 23t or 17t pinions so you will need specific one. As for pinion gear you will need to find a 48dp pinion with 5mm bore but I'm not sure where from as most 48dp pinion have 3.17mm bore.
  12. Hi guys, I have an old HPI vapor Pro and I need to set some parameters like drag brake etc. I have the castle link both usb and field card but the software does not recognise this esc. Has anyone got an older version of castle link like 3.30 or something so I can try please. I have looked for ages on Google and Firefox but it only takes you to latest castle link k download that won't work with my esc.
  13. Hi guys just wondering if this HPI esc is a rebranded castle and if so which one please and can it be programmed with Castle Link http://www.hpiracing.com/en/part/106767
  14. as per title after a battery cover for HPI TF11 transmitter or even a complete faulty one so I can use the battery cover.
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