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  1. Thanks @Nick and all the gold members and staff😁
  2. 🤔 could i have something that will crawl to a bash spot, be an mt platform have air suspension that will lower for road use, oh and be able to fly home at the end of the day.😁
  3. shaunm


    It's normal on a brushless setup to double push for reverse, first push is brake then second push is reverse.
  4. Maiden run done😁 very happy few little tweeks usual rtr checks and good to go.
  5. Thanks @Nick all the staff and gold members, its just arrived looking forward to giving it a run!!!!
  6. I did do the mod! But you will need a bec to drop the voltage on a 2s lipo I also fitted an on off push button switch with lipo low voltage cut put built in if I remember, you will need to open out the front of the battery tray plastic in the fron of the base to fit it all in, honestly if I were to do it again I wouldn't bother just get rechargeable aa or get a fly sky gt3c it has a lipo pre fitted.
  7. Does the dx5 rugged have multiple model memory? Can't see it on the specs.
  8. AZ jab yesterday feeling crap today😒

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    2. Jens



      Am I the only one without any problems after the jab???

      Got mine a week ago and no effects.

      Wife and daddy were also fine.

    3. shaunm


      Think it's 50 50 luck of the draw I know about the same amount of people who've been ill as haven't!!

    4. babylon


      Man up, 😉

      I had mine couple weeks ago, Did wake up with headache the next morning, But I had 4 Gins that night, So not sure if it was the Jab or them. 

  9. Getting to the coast need to hear the sea, being able to use the motorhome again when I want, landrover shows!!!!!
  10. Erm there's also a socket out if place😱
  11. Coach trimmer for last 35 years
  12. shaunm

    Lego fanatics

    Nice and happy birthday!!
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